Global Rules

General threads are reserved to /cozy/ with misc threads such as 'sauce etc' belonging to /lg/, threads that don't fit on either board will be moved.

Do not upload or request child pornography.

No pictures from sets with nudity even if that particular picture is NN.

No visible genitalia is allowed. Both nipples and butts in a non-commercial, non-sexual context are ok. Commercial in this context means NN, for profit nude modeling such as Pure Nudism etc. Mainstream modeling like topless fashion pictures will generally be allowed.

Pornography or other obscene files may be spoilered or deleted, depending on the level of obscenity.

No spamming, excessive trolling or personal attacks. No gore or extreme /rekted/ material.

Pointless bump posts and offtopic may be deleted at mods' discretion.

No doxing - Do not post private information about people, such as home addresses. Do not post real names, links to social media etc. of people who have modeled under a pseudonym, been victims of abuse etc.

Any comment which advocates or defends molestation, rape, killing, or violence against children may be edited or deleted.

Links to NN sets are allowed if no nudity is shown. Links which require you to view an ad or serve a paywall are not allowed. Threads of the same theme may be deleted.

Post requests in the dedicated Request Thread.