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/pgt/ - International Pedo General Thread Anonymous 11/10/2019 16:52:46 No. 39575 locked [AUTOSAGE]
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Around The World Edition

> Cute Little Girls
> No CP
> Friendly Discussion
> No Spam
> Occasional Autism

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Well in my case it wasn't. I hold no ill thoughts toward a lg that grows up, only those that then become massive irredeemable whores who fuck every nigger they see. Which is, of course, all of them.
>That's because she's a nigger.
boys are lovely
Fair enough, shitpost away.

Protip: they can't be fucking niggers if they are busy with your boycunny instead.

Save an LG today, do one for the pedo team, and offer yourself as sacrificial boy meat.
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Do you know how many niggers there are? There's at least 5 niggers to every cute girl, and every one of those cute girls over the age of ten has fucked every nigger on the entire planet.
Open file 99.63 KB, 1080x1080
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Open file 154.42 KB, 1080x1080
Here's a fun thing I just remembered. There was a girl in my highschool class who was a child/teen model. In our first year of highschool she dissapeared for a while which we later found out was because she was in rehab for alcoholism. I'm almost certain those things are related.
i don't think you know what 'fun' means.
What is "irony".
I just singed the tips of my left eyelashes.
Oh, wait, no I didn't. I think my eyelashes are tolerant towards flames.
Fuck yea, I has a new superpower.
*burns to dearh in 2hrs*
Seem like you got a lot of work to do. Better stock up on lube.
>Feels bad being mentally ill.
You definitely aren't mentally ill <3
Society wants you to believe that, because modern society is too coward and morally on a too high horse to just gas the people they project their hatred (or redirected self-hate) on. They want to drive us into suicide instead, so they don't have to feel like Nazis despite actually being something even worse than that.

There are studies that show that up to over 80% of adult males are sexually attracted to lolis, in the 50s (when people made witch-hunts for gays but didn't care about pedos as much as today), up 21% of people interviewed admitted finding little girls attractive. (there were sources on such given in some recent pgt by another anon).
Also it should be clear that at least hebephilia should be natural because mating with a female that just hit puberty should ensure the longest time of having a fertile mate and should therefore lead to the most offspring which should make hebephilia the choice of evolution.

Also, I have once read about stone-age-societies which have not reached the size to call it "a people" but the biggest sub-group of that (don't know english term for that) in a book about anthropology were the males always chose females of even pre-pubescent age that could not have offspring yet, to not only ensure the longest possible child-baring-time of the female partner, but also that no one else could have yet made her pregnant, so the upper end of pedophilia should also be an evolutionary natural thing.

Also it was quite normal for people having pre-pubescent brides in the ancient past.

All those concubines of popes were pre-pubescent (mostly aged 14 which was usually still pre at the time) to not get them pregnant, because that would have caused them trouble.

Mary, the mother of Jesus did not have a period before being fucked by God, that is part of the purity thing, so she just hit puberty in the exact moment that happened so Josef took her as bride at a point of time when she was pre-pubescent which made Josef a pedo.

Also, kids used to hit puberty later in the past, if someone fucked a 14-y-o or even a 16-yo in the past which would be legal in many countries even today, those 14 or 16 yo of those times would have looked like an 8 or 10 yo looks today, so it should be expected that males find those attractive.

Unfortunately I don't have any infos of that kind to cheer up the nepios here, but I'm sure that even that is normal and not a mental illness.

also there are even evolutionary benefits of having gays (as uncles) in a group of people, and there were many historical cultures about BL-stuff, so that definitely is no mental illness either
>did not have a period before being fucked by God
so if God had not made her pregnant at that point of time, she would have had her first period then

sorry for the term "God fucked", if there are Christians here and are offended, I wanted to make keep the sentence simple.

>which made Josef a pedo
and God at least a hebe, but since he chose her, before that point in time, the Christian God obviously is pedo too
What's going on here
2019-11-13 03.52[...].jpg
Open file 99.87 KB, 1066x1332
Can you fuck off and go be a degenerate someone else
Open file 168.64 KB, 1080x1348
Which connection error?

We don't have a public repo but the code is basically the same as on the LynxChan git. I've just added some error handling to fix the constant crashes
whom are you talking too?
>14 or 16 year olds that look like 8 or 10 year olds
>prepubescent wives commonplace relatively speaking
Definitive proof the world has gotten worse.
Why can't I go back
what the hell?
a captcha for every post?
you guy sure as hell know how to most effectively kill an imageboard tho.
Open file 1.00 MB, 750x1125
that's because of all the fucking growth hormones our cattle has been getting pumped up with for a few decades, also those nasty hormone like things in plastics like bisphenol A that makes shotas have tiny dicks and makes lolis have monster vaginas, it's a nightmare

>flood detected
how long do I have to wait between 2 posts? an hour?

you guys sure as hell know how to completely kill an imageboard to death
>kill an imageboard
Are you new? This is a fairly common practice to deal with spam.
Open file 210.63 KB, 1080x1350
what happened to the posts between 40115-40136?
are we being spammed and moderated so quickly i can't even see it, because the page refreshes slower than this happening?
wtf is going on here?
Open file 1.53 MB, 1430x1080
>This is a fairly common practice to deal with spam.
I was afraid that this was a new "improvement" of the site that is meant to be permanent.

I hope it's not permanent tho.
Open file 125.40 KB, 1024x639
What do you mean?
The lgs are cute. :)
And for the U.S., the sexual undertone is quite edgy.
I found it on a site where antis are flipping out over it..

Or did you mean my mistakes/reposting.
I am bad at that.
Open file 212.85 KB, 1080x1350
Puberty is just awful, why can't we delay it forever?
Yeah, there was some spam

It's not permanent
What was the last movie you watched? Looking for something to watch
Open file 1.67 MB, 2835x4252
>up to 21%
The researchers noted that the real number is probably higher due to the stigma/under-reporting.
And even that was before things got really bad. So I'm sure we see even more-repressed numbers now.
JoJo Rabbit
I saw that and didn't really like it, felt like discount wes anderson and I don't really like him either (moonrise kingdom excepted)
All healthy males are hebes, all based chads are pedos.
coping with.jpg
Open file 634.90 KB, 1280x696
>moonrise kingdom excepted
Because of the panty shots?
Why doesn't anyone make movies about hot toddlers? I thought Hollywood was supposed to be full of pedos.
>nothing gay about naked sauna hugs :p
this tbh
Open file 195.38 KB, 1024x1365
this captcha is super annoyance
>wrong or expired
>reload button does nothing
>have to reload whole page
not poundable
headband is poundable
lil weird to be poundable
POUNDABLE (also, moar)
Open file 106.75 KB, 1080x1271
Looks like cp...smh

It's gone for now, you're free to not shit post
please don't ban the only guy posting toddlers please tbh
YouTube is too extreme for cutie garden
>>40166 is a proud supporter of adblock
What was it? It's age gated and I don't want to sign in.
Open file 139.93 KB, 1080x1151
Child internal paralysis, they use a rod to measure the tightness of the anus by sliding it in and out then cut the anus open and stitch the muscle back to be tighter

I think :/
Open file 41.89 KB, 767x512
Open file 107.58 KB, 1280x853
Open file 718.38 KB, 1600x1067
Open file 350.05 KB, 1280x851
Open file 264.88 KB, 1280x853
Want to give this little girl a bath, a glass of milk, and a bedtime story.
This is a form of gymnastics and should be an Junior Olympic sport. This girl has talent.
1.67 MB, 2835x4252
Highly Poundable! Me and her will be back after a coouple o' rounds of the 'ol stretch and fill.
>Unfortunately I don't have any infos of that kind to cheer up the nepios here, but I'm sure that even that is normal and not a mental illness.
Feels Natural to me.
Extremely Fucking Poundable!!! I think I just came a little.Holy fuck I want to fill her holes and glaze her little body. If I could take a cute little girl like this to bed with me every nite I'd drain my balls inside her and sleep like the dead for 8 hours.
Open file 96.86 KB, 1024x683
Open file 77.25 KB, 1024x683
>Looks like cp...smh
Open file 184.03 KB, 1024x1365


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