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/pgt/ Pedo General Thread Anonymous 11/15/2019 12:33:13 No. 41100 locked [AUTOSAGE]
Open file 68.81 KB, 800x600
Open file 75.74 KB, 728x800
Open file 58.23 KB, 776x600
Lil Sleeper Edition

> No CP
> Friendly Discussion
> No Spam
> No Hate Speeches
> No /pol/
> General Autism

Thread song:

Previous thread:
Edited last time on 11/16/2019 23:08:40.
Hurtcore niggers are the worst tbh.
>Lux_Leak 1.mp4
>Peter Scully
What's wrong with Australians?
Give me a case of Redbull, a bottle of Viagra, and 24 hours alone with those hurtcore assholes so we can make a very special episode of "Prison Love"
people actually get off to this sick shit
I am personally in favor of a quick execution and subsequent disposal of their body like actual trash. I get the hatred and desire for revenge but honestly, them being alive is so disgusting it'd be nice to just get it over with.
how did you get something like that ... someone was randomly wondering what it would be like to be a cop of sorts who had to describe those kinds of videos, BOOM, you had a screenshot on hand.
Open file 291.35 KB, 525x973
I understand your desire to take out the trash but I believe they should be made to suffer as they have made others suffer.
Open file 558.98 KB, 1024x768
ende Juli 019.JPG
Open file 145.87 KB, 1200x1600
Open file 64.96 KB, 980x350
>as they have made others suffer.
As most people truly believe. Death would be too good of a sentence, for they won't feel a thing, and they probably want suicide anyway. The only punishment is keeping them alive.
Ladies and gentleman I am done for the night, I wish you all a good day. I'm off to dream of Pedo Fantasy land where the little girls are hornier than you are.
That particular instance of sick fuckery is fairly widely documented so I wouldn't be surprised to find out such information about it from an internal police perspective around. I can't speak to that with any certainty either though as I have never actually wanted to know any of the details and have actively avoided seeing shit like that describing it.
Maybe, but you know the tragedy is it will never be enough to actually repay the trauma they inflict. And to them it will never be appreciated for what justice it is, for their sick minds rarely would believe themselves to be deserving of it and would rationalize it away in any way that it could be done so that they were a victim. Compared to the mindset of a confused innocent that has no idea why monsters like that exist, and yet has to deal with them? There is no suffering they can experience commensurate with that, and that's why I personally think it's just better to remove them from existence entirely. I would not mourn them suffering in turn, but I want to have as little in common with them as possible and thus I shy away from that sort of retribution. It would be too good for them, but there is no way to ever make it what they deserve.
Good night, little girl dreams are the best.
There are thousands of free US federal court documents like that saved from the RECAP addon ( for You can also pay 10 cents per page on pacer, there are a few new cases everyday. it's a shitty system though.

I have thousands of documents about cybercrime of all kind because I'm interested in how they were identified.
>That particular instance of sick fuckery is fairly widely documented
Yeah, the description is an excerpt from Daisy's Destruction, there are videos on youtube with millions of views about it that leads to a lot of normies looking for it because it's the "worst video on the internet". Pretty weird.
for the last time, there is no such thing as these so-called 'normies'
.... some just handle life differently and pretend to condemn us because they hate the person that they themselves are.

Everyone is strange in their own ways, there is no normal
Open file 95.71 KB, 612x855
It's wake and bake time.
Yeah I knew what it was from the filename.
>'child lover'
>hates children being hurt
It's all right there for people that look. To be fair to most people, maybe their morbid curiosity exceeds their revulsion if only enough to look into it. But honestly it's probably just your typical retards that love spectacle at any cost. And god knows they do pedophiles no favors by conflating us with hurtcore niggers and rapists routinely, so I shouldn't really try to be fair to them even though I am. You know if you follow their fucking retarded logic of everything that ever happened leading up to CP production (for instance, CP that is like just solo nude presenting or something) - they're responsible for hurtcore by giving these niggers more attention and 'creating demand.'
>It's wake and bake time.
Good afternoon - this is the kind of shit we're dealing with, be on the lookout

Same shit, different day. ;3
Open file 11.78 KB, 430x225
yep... but I think we got'em
>of everything that ever happened leading up to CP production
I meant to say 'for'
Open file 112.25 KB, 700x450
I honestly can't follow a lot of what you said.
First, some of my 'morbid curiosity' (which is natural in most people) has led me to view some stuff I didn't approve of and actually made me raging mad. But after that in your post, I'm lost, about 'typical retards' and not doing paedos any favours, then 'solo nude presenting' being responsible for h###core by giving attention....
I'm lost. I'd like to agree if possible.
Open file 164.40 KB, 1280x960
Open file 347.28 KB, 640x670
Open file 199.35 KB, 819x1023

> It's wake and bake time.

Well...., bless your lil' wakey brakey heart.
Open file 94.35 KB, 1920x1080

> wakey brakey heart *

* wakey bakey heart.
Fucked up my own lame cultural referance---lol.
See what durgs will do to your mind kids?
Open file 117.93 KB, 960x311
Roo, you cheeky little bugger - where have you been!
adult female.png
Open file 254.65 KB, 819x789

> durgs *

Ehhhh...., fuck it...., I give up.
loli goddess 30.jpg
Open file 40.23 KB, 600x600
I'm sorry I'm kind of stroking out over hurtcore niggers at the moment, I should probably just shut up and rant about antipedos later. You're way off base on what I meant, but I realize it's basically illegible so that's my fault. Here is a cute girl.
Open file 163.40 KB, 1200x800
>illegible so that's my fault. Here is a cute girl.
right, that's what I was saying, that I was rather lost... but cute girls works
Open file 755.71 KB, 800x1200

> you cheeky little bugger - where have you been!

I have been busy buggering...., in a cheeky fashion.
This one is so much nicer, this shouldn't even be remotely illegal. Imagine being some random anti and thinking all CP is the same, or that this should be punished (both CP of it or the act itself) in a fashion remotely similar to sadistic torture porn or raping and torturing children. She's literally kissing the little girl's ass, and that's what little girls deserve. NOW I'll shut up.
Open file 297.50 KB, 1920x850
Open file 2.11 MB, 2203x2937
Haven't seen you in ages. A couple of threads ago one mentioned your name saying you fled due to the spam. Then you casually show up like you've not been gone. Classic Roo, lol.

I think I follow now, but either way that IS cp, so not sure what to say there
Open file 141.71 KB, 750x1200
Open file 156.99 KB, 1020x1200
Open file 148.77 KB, 1023x1200
And how's Kanga?
Oh it is CP, I'm just saying laws are bullshit pretty much. Lolis deserve immense amounts of love, loving lolis should be legal, harming lolis in any way should result in death.
Open file 146.06 KB, 1080x1350

> you fled

I didn't "flee"...., I've just been busy doing dome writing/arranging shit & getting in the right "head space" in preparation for a live, jazz fusion, gig/performance that some friends of mine & I do once or twice a year just for fun at a NYC jazz club.
It happened last night.


She's on the West Coast doing some of her voice work stuff until Thursday.
Gonna be a week of carryout food & irresponsible behavior for me---lol.
Let me tell you a story. I have spoke often of old neighbours going through a custody battle. Both the father and mother of these children are married to someone else now. I was talking to children services because they wanted to interview me about that family. The step-mother was taking pics of the girls' vaginas being all red, then taking the pictures to the doctor to ask if the step-father was molesting them. Normal people would take the actual child to the doctor... The doctor's office gave the photos to NSPCC for investigation, but since there was no adult in the photos, they were deemed legal. But the agent in my house was awfully upset, saying 'when can we arrest her' but law enforcement told the social worker that unless the pictures showed how the 'red' got there or depicted her opening as the focal point, or had an adult in them, they're not illegal.

The described video had all of the above things. However, in both scenarios: the videos described & my old neighbours - the children will be scarred for life by these traumatic events. This I think you're failing to see. It's not exactly 'love'. One is Münchhausen by Proxy, the other is just perversion.
Edited last time on 11/17/2019 15:10:42.
Open file 190.55 KB, 1270x2000
Banho de Manguei[...].JPG
Open file 306.89 KB, 1600x1200
No worries. People tend to make up their own stories when members disappear like that. I understand though.

So you get to live the bachelor life for a bit, eh... :)
Forgot a funny bit: The social worker on my couch discussing how sick she thinks the step-mothers actions are for trying to frame an innocent man for molesting two girls, but how she is the one taking nude photos, expressing how appalled she is by them, said 'yea, I can't believe these can be legal, just look' and she started to open her case binder, I started to get up to take a peek, but then stopped, we both had a pretty awkward look on our faces... I probably shouldn't be looking at naked children that are not my own, lol... especially with a social worker who specialises in children services
Edited last time on 11/17/2019 15:11:19.
loving lolis is legal
Open file 263.64 KB, 1080x1350
Thread needs more elephants.


> the bachelor life

Not my favorite life, tbh.
I'm really bad at taking proper care of myself...., or so I am often told.
>Münchhausen by Proxy
second time in my life heard of it

>It's not exactly 'love'
this, million times
if you love a little girl you do everything that's best for her, not your dick
April 2012 024.JPG
Open file 116.17 KB, 1067x1600
Open file 135.91 KB, 899x1348
Open file 419.99 KB, 600x800
>I'm really bad at taking proper care of myself
Not my favourite way to live either, but you get used to it. At least you know she's coming back though.

The step-mother of those kids was said to have MBP due to the fact she was MAD when doctors told her that the lg's were NOT molested. Usually people are relieved.

>not your dick
Thank you... or in the case described, spreading and licking certain areas. That's not the best way to grow up, and those memories will haunt that girl all her life.
I'm not really speaking of how things are legally right now, just that I think the law should be different. If non-hurtcore CP was legal and adult-child sex and relationships or what I meant by "loving lolis" was also legal, the trauma of police involvement in this matter would probably not have happened. Depending on whether or not you meant the girl was being "molested" in the sense of actually molested (undesired contact) or merely having sexual play with the step-father in some capacity (which he would not come forward about of course in this current legal status quo.) Assuming actual molestation and undesired contact, or put simply - rape - that falls under "harming lolis" and that's when police should get involved and cart the fucker off to be tried and punished if found to have done so - much like any other rapist. And if the whole thing was in the mother's head or she was just trying to fuck him over for custody, then she is also abusing that child for her own gain and is a piece of shit.

As for this video description >>41667
I mean you could say it's perverted, but I would disagree if you mean perverted because of the sexual contact itself, the perverted part to me is the fact the girl was asleep in the video mentioned. But I don't know what the woman and girl's relationship or familiarity with one another was like outside of that text snippet. It could be that they had none, it could be that they had regular mutually enjoyable sexual play. If it was the former I'd say it would be wrong to film and essentially rape, if it's the latter I would say it is fine bar the legal issues that would arise in the current status quo of pedophilia being illegal to practice and CP being likewise illegal.
Not sexually loving them.
Sex is fun and little girls enjoy being pleasured whether society will admit it to itself or not. Rapists still rape, prohibiting child love only prohibits positive relationships because rapists will just kill her to cover their tracks.
>you will never be her guitar

>she appears to be asleep
pretending to be sleep, terrified, helpless more likely
You're missing a lot of what I said. In the case I described, the step-father was not guilty of such. The step-mother was trying to frame him in attempts to win the father custody.

Your "loving loli" approach is still harm - due to the fact it will traumatize her even if not hurting her physically.
As I go on to say in >>41684 I disapprove of the contact taking place with her asleep or if it was a situation where the girl was awake and unhappy about it.
I specifically laid it out as a possibility that what you say in this post is what was happening, and then say it is bad that the girl is being used by the mother like that, and that it is abusive she is. Sex isn't traumatizing, being told you were traumatized by sex is traumatizing. Rape is traumatizing. My "loving loli" approach is neither of those things.
The actual mother and father weren't doing any of this. The mother's husband (step-dad) was alleged by the father's wife (step-mom) who was doing only god knows what to make their vaginas red, but nobody had any proof to arrest the right party.

>Sex isn't traumatizing
If you're 4 years old and have something jammed inside of you whilst being filmed for millions of others to view over and over again - you wouldn't feel violated?
Remember, you're 4 years old, you have no idea what sex is, and you grow up with the lifestyle of thinking this is okay and possibly act out on others. Is that the best way to raise your children?

> her guitar

It's a ukelele...., for some reason, that I don't really understand, ukelele's became extremely popular with little girls in the past couple of years.
I think it may have something to do with that Grace VanderWaal girl, tbh.

He is talking loving them with your pepe.

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