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/pgt/ Pedo General Thread Anonymous 11/17/2019 15:38:51 No. 41692 locked [AUTOSAGE]
A (1).jpg
Open file 57.92 KB, 1024x710
A (2).jpg
Open file 121.20 KB, 947x768
A (3).jpg
Open file 161.37 KB, 768x768
A (4).jpg
Open file 60.50 KB, 1024x682
Artistic Edition

> No CP
> Friendly Discussion
> No Spam
> No Hate Speeches
> Banned individuals: Nano; Strata
> Autism Acceptable

THREAD SONG [uploaded]

Previous thread:
Fuck, I'm starting tp blackout
From my time here I've noticed that it's common to be called attention whore, or anything ending in -fag. Don't take it personally, it's part of the meme I think.
Is that actual nano tho? Last I saw, he was about get all his boards deleted from being inactive from loging in for a week.
Open file 202.78 KB, 461x670
In case my message was read before the edit, I had just read this:
and I believe it as well...
And Eliza seems to know the Anon, even warned me before that that wasn't the person I read who wanted to 'deny service'.
Plus it's stupid of me to bring it up. I'm just super tired, and haven't been here in a couple of days now, not due to a lack of trying, then soon will be flying further than I've been, across an ocean and won't be home till next month. Idk if my phone will work there, but it could.
Edited last time on 11/21/2019 03:18:52.
Open file 35.45 KB, 425x310
he still lurks as an anon... he was there earlier today... but after his shenanigans, his boards were taken anyway.
I suppose.

This isn't refreshing so I say something then I see more posts.. the counter is at the bottom tho.. eyes crossing, perhaps time for sleep
If you need an adotional server to setup the reverse proxy I can fund it for a while, I have a lot dispoable money. An alternative non-cloudflare domain would be nice for those who don't want to use cloudfare as a MITM. As long as the reverse proxy is encrypted to the actual server IP
nano has still been posting pn 8channel the entire time tho including today
he's just been completely ignoring his BO responsibilities and letting them go to shit requiring the global mods to clean up after him
that's what he ALWAYS does with his boards tbqh
so tired, that I couldn't type my name right (sometimes after going to 'manage boards' the name is blank)

Nite everyone! I'm glad I had this visit be it short, I'm home

I am paranoid about cloudflare myself, but I trust the administration
but this >>42193 having been said, Strata lives on 6channel pretty much full time now
8channel *
oh nvm, looks like his /hebe/ is cleaned, so he didn't login quick enough
>Don't think he bothered to yet. The admin has giving him a warning and didn't delete them yet.
I saw, and he did. But the new board owner of their version of /cozy/ deleted the thread. He was able to change, edit, delete, meaning he was logged in.
What happened to that lesser known chan populated by /tv/ regulars? Don't want to name it (not waifuist)
Open file 57.06 KB, 993x943
Oh, and one more thing that may be important for some

...okay, now it's pleasant dreams for me
Open file 51.09 KB, 826x937
It says it was created by you, wtf kawaii-kun
He's trying to introduce some chaos to the environment
the (you)'s on 8channell are all fucked up, just like they used to be here on this site in the beginning before Eloza fixed them with his own code workaround
basically the native default (you)'s in lynxchan don't work worth shit and you end up getting (you)'s for all kinds of random posts
It's happened before and all have been due to bomb threats through their email.
pedo cocks
We live in a society.
here is a (you) for you too
Open file 129.16 KB, 1080x1350
Open file 147.90 KB, 1080x1350
Open file 153.37 KB, 1080x1350
people bad
Open file 76.03 KB, 1080x1350
Thank God for Instagram
Open file 91.46 KB, 1080x1101
Open file 249.76 KB, 1080x1175
Life is a 24/7 rave

Still damn spooky
blame strangelove
Open file 61.48 KB, 920x920
I thought bump limit was 400
But nah

Open file 213.63 KB, 1080x1080
I'm gonna say the "P" word
Open file 245.43 KB, 1080x1350
btw Trump's granddaughter got a pretty weird chihuahua

Thanks for the offer. I'll look into it today
Open file 228.10 KB, 1080x1350
That's part of the Pro plan which we don't have atm
I've been thinking about this.. If we assume the attacker is autistic enough to keep DDoSing us indefinitely the reverse proxy is not going to be of any use, right? I guess we could set up similar blocking that we have on CF but won't the attacker still be able to take out the Nginx?
Open file 2.81 MB, 1954x1288

Without Russian moms instagram is nothing.
I just noticed that, but no way that was by me... and no way even if I did that it could say the (you) on it.
I don't understand.
At first the /cozy/ was Nano and it was a thread you seen.

But I did notice that when the current BO added that purple css, the you's changed.

I feel like crawling deep inside a hole now, posting that screenshot that had a (you) tho it wasn't me. I did report it, and I see it's gone now, but Nano replied to the thread. He just won't stop, it seems this Mel is learning that.
Open file 301.98 KB, 1536x2048
Surprised nano has`nt showed up there by now. There`s time I guess.
P7080122 by patrias.jpg
Open file 420.75 KB, 1024x768
P7080123 by patrias.jpg
Open file 465.76 KB, 1024x768
P7080126 by patrias.jpg
Open file 478.46 KB, 768x1024
P7080131 by patrias.jpg
Open file 460.42 KB, 1024x768
P7080137 by patrias.jpg
Open file 396.43 KB, 1024x768
I see now... but I still hope that anna doesn't think it was me for real. I wouldn't have stupidly posted that screenshot had I realised.

I'm looking there now, but it's not showing any (you)'s for some reason. I wonder how they get fixed. And I sure learned a lesson, double check for the (you) before screengrabbing.
2019-11-20 08.53[...].jpg
Open file 317.63 KB, 1080x1350
i'm just a bit concerned whats the intention of Mel for claiming it rather then leaving it as an empty board, what the agenda?

is Ox

just teasing :p

>whats the intention of Mel

he indicated in the 8channel/meta, when he was asking to claim it instead of it being deleted, that he was a long time lurker and anon poster here at CG and it inspired him to "want a cozy place of my own"
it's hard to say for sure, but the guy has seemed to be a legit nice guy so far and without malicious intention even if he is also lacking in experience as a BO apparently
is there no statute of limitations?
california has no statute of limitations on rape
So what let it drop. That drama is well past it`s sell by date now.
After browsing cozy threads for an hour or two, candydoll models now look old and reddit /r/legalteens look like they rose out of the ocean after many millenia to come back to do modeling
The more you get into pedo, the smaller you like them. I can't get into nepio though.

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