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Request Thread Anonymous 06/17/2019 05:47:29 No. 223 sticky [AUTOSAGE]
Open file 120.65 KB, 767x897
Post source/requests in this thread

Please note that requesting illegal material is against site rules
Edited last time on 07/10/2019 05:23:21.
Open file 1.08 MB, 1824x2736

Your presentation is brilliant. We should launch an ethical research group that could think about this subject and publish its results .... Too bad we aren't friends :(
Anyone have the video of two girls where one of them moaning "you're fucking us"?
when trichan will back
Open file 129.65 KB, 500x808
Thanks for this well documented text.

Two remarks though:

>In the Middle Ages, when the life expectancy was still significantly lower, the puberty began later than today and adolescents in the age range 12-18 years were set up for marriage.
It applies to antiquity too. Romans used to have a low age of marriage for females (typical age was 14-15, and minimal age was usually 12).
And there was no minimum age to get engaged.

>Japan where the age limit in some places is 13 years (the same applies in Spain)
AoC was 12yo in Spain for decades. Even Franco had no problem with that, it was only in the recent years that some cucked Spanish government had to rise the AoC to 16 due to "international" pressure.
Open file 516.97 KB, 2043x1242
I want this girl :) Links, sets would be greatly appreciated.
What is (fuck) with you? Don't you want to look? Everything on the first page will not fit. I published all sets: search
Open file 12.83 KB, 337x208

And that is the namefag known as "Strangelove"---lol.

bigger version
HK, long time fan of your set posts here. I see from cozy you are from Eastern Europe? Would you consider translating some little girl videos from Youtube from your language to English?

I'm sure many of us would love to be able to know what the lgs in those are saying for once. You already do a lot for us by posting many nice sets, but you are the only one I know of that could translate some videos for us. Would you consider it?
anyone got more of >>806
Could someone please post the set or link of this incredible young lady?

Open file 27.53 KB, 320x480
Has anyone got bigger versions of these Saaya Irie pics, especially the pink bikini pics 094-119?

I extracted them from a DVD and they're all small.

Password: <<<123456789>>>

Or could someone use the Gigapixel embiggener on them?

358gb torrent of all her known candydoll vids and pics.Subscribe to a logless VPN outside the spying eyes zone that has zero logs and a kill switch, or don't even think of downloading it.

To clarify that - her files are 11.7gb. The big ass torrent is other girls, so if you only need Laura just deselect the rest.
Open file 1.93 MB, 1350x1920
Man that pic is fucking ancient. I have an AI upscale of it if anyone's interested. I believe she's 11 in the pic.

Thanks. Could you upscale the pics in >>12127 ?
Open file 5.55 MB, 2850x3381
Thank you for this wonderful set
/r/ that upskirt gif of Allisson Lozz from SOS Mission Impossible
wonderfully pedo.

I have that with sound, video could be better though. I think these may have only been distributed in Japan and no one bothered sharing them much.
Valensiya Laura.webm
Open file 17.13 MB, 640x360
Do you happen to have this one in better quality?
I've requested more Tea all over Cutie Garden but no one seem to know about more sets. It's a shame, because she makes a pedophile happy. At least this pedo. I love this set. : )

I'm afraid not. There's a guy on 8chan who has the actual Japanese DVD's and blurays, I'd say they're your best bet. If it's anywhere, it'll be on them.
Snakeboy probably is still sitting on those 7 lost videos being pissed off over me stealing his Rapid Points.
Open file 298.63 KB, 1504x1000
Somebody please!!!
cutegirl 2692233.jpg
Open file 357.08 KB, 1180x1920
Anyone have more of this girl? I've seen a couple of pics from this set before but this is the only one I have.
Open file 1.88 MB, 1920x1080
Open file 105.54 KB, 1920x1080
Anyone has these videos? Please link to these vids if possible...!!
Laura 4ever.webm
Open file 7.02 MB, 960x540
That's me. I think those videos were just web edition extras from Candydoll's site back when it was online, because they seem to be short demo clips. I've never seen them in dvd/blurays quality anyway.
I think the same. It's impossible not to hit such a video for the time since it was shot
Open file 46.32 KB, 800x450
does anyone have this video?
It's on
Where. Also, is there anything good on that site? I can't seem to find anything
Does anybody has Sweet Lexie sets, specifically looking for the blue micro bikini set. Thank you
Open file 152.38 KB, 970x1455
Someone has to have this set PLEASE!!!
Anyone have her sets
Christmas comes but once a year, Emmie will make you come far more often than that!

pw EmmieXmas
Does anyone know the new address?
Miss Alli Sets?

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