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NS Candy truckpuller 11/17/2019 11:26:01 No. 8916
Open file 423.71 KB, 1824x2736
Open file 417.97 KB, 1824x2736
Open file 417.87 KB, 2736x1824
I want candy...anybody got more of this little beauty? also RIP NewStar they were always my favorite with amazing and beautiful little creatures. Not much left now...
Open file 13.50 KB, 225x300
yes I find her very cute (and very sexy) but then I find NS Catalina ugly as sin and other's love her so I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...
and I cannot get any of the Candy sets to download...must be just me
Something wrong with the .7z

cannot unpack
I've used the EZ.7z program
and RAR and Unarchiver
nothing works

I am actually someone who likes Candy so....any ideas
not just you tp
Open file 481.73 KB, 1216x1824
I agree with you Truckpuller completely, which is why I wrote that I do not want to offend anyone and apologized. Tastes are not discussed. As for your problem with downloading and unpacking Candy, I also failed. So I left the computer, took my daughter's tablet, and Android 8.1 did what the laptop couldn't do. If you can't make it, I'll make it available to you
Sorry, I forgot to write about the probable cause. The browser on the computer did not save the file numbering but the symbols (DHARFR) and could not be unpacked. Chrome in the tablet wrote this order (123456) and unpacked with the archiver
no can do...I want Candy too so please help. also please try to make them smaller and maybe 5 at a time instead of single files
Can't move any of these three packages? If I had super fast internet, I would repack them to you, and upload will take forever. But what is not done for online friends. LTE would take an hour to do this
A question u collect destiny (charity) sets?
Open file 719.13 KB, 1824x2736

Thanks HK..that worked great !
Can you post the sets of 453 - 502

Thank you
Open file 692.94 KB, 1824x2736

I downloaded the 1st and 3rd package and these numbers are not there>>10419
I'm sorry I misunderstood. I will repack them all
many thanks HK for doing these is appreciated. I have been busy with Lesya and Annie sets.
Open file 197.22 KB, 1920x1080
Lol, really. What technologies are you guys using. Those are simple split archives. Created with 7-Zip and tested with 7-Zip and WinRAR. I can't help you if you can't tell a failed from a good download apart. I already chose 250MB files instead of 1GB, in anticipation of failed downloads over Tor.
This is not a good start.

Like with Lacy II I like her skinnynes and I also don't like Catalina :-) Catalina always tries so hard to look "sexy". Which gives her a "used" charisma of a cheap brand.

I have them all. Including all from and :-)

...anyway, as I was going through my yet uncategorised videos I found a Candy IV video. I believe it is the only video of her. As with most of it is blurry, boring and awkward. Only for completionist:

many thanks for upload. I had no problem with downloading or unpacking. Out of curiosity, I did the same on a tablet and a regular telephone. I hope I'm not screwed in, because re-uploading is a lot of work. Thanks again and keep up the good work
I collect destiny (charity) and I have until set 397, then I can't get the following sets. I also collect the sets of abby-lexie-gabrielle-jenna ...
Many txs for the excellents posts.
newstar should feed his girls better. some of them are too skinny. give them something to eat besides plastic carrots!
thanks HK
Open file 721.10 KB, 1824x2736
Thenks.I waited impatiently for the next one
None of this works at all. May as well delete this post so people don't waste time! Thanks for trying.
Even when they download none of them open! Don't waste your time on these! This whole post should be deleted.

people, they are part files, pass worked, read bread and get the right program or app, make sure all segments are numbered and located within the same directory or folder and then goon all you want
"Before using the medicine, read the leaflet or contact your doctor or pharmacist." That's all I have to say
Is this for PC only?
I've tried on 3 different units
All Mac based so hence my question

mind you..I AM an idiot
Open file 7.09 KB, 100x100
On Android, the app unpacked it
wow excellent !! Could you then upload destiny sets (if it's not too much trouble)? From already thank you very much ...
Open file 196.18 KB, 1696x2544
A lot of sets Destiny is in my previous treds. Download what is, write what is not .. the basic principle of such a board is not duplicate links. By sharing the same set several times, someone will consider me an idiot.
sorry I did not see (and I can not find the post of destiny that you say you have already uploaded) ....
Open file 245.99 KB, 1024x1536
There are two series of her photos, and the sets are quite different. You mean her
Ah, ok. No the other destiny (sister of paris and jenna). Regards and many txs 4 answer so fast
I have until set 397 of destiny...
If you uploaded one poor photo, it would be easier to help you
Open file 926.79 KB, 1536x1536
This destiny model
This is the set 397 last í have
Newstar 2004-2016~01.png
Open file 7.96 MB, 1914x2871
I'm sorry I don't have. But now I know what it is. I will let you know when I find it
ok thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience ...
Open file 629.97 KB, 2736x1824
I am downloading from jenna's 144chan sets, but the server where it was uploaded is very slow in free mode ...
friend in 144chan / nonude rama there are complete sets of newstar, (in case you need to complete some) the bad thing is that they are uploaded to the mountfile server and in the free version it is veeery sloooowwww. If you know any premium account cracker you can take advantage. Cheers !!!!
If you were downloading Krissy 2, throw this previev of the first five sets from this page. I don't know if I have her collection from the beginning. I will be grateful
Hi friend. Sorry for the delay.
given that you have incomplete krissy 2?
she begins on set 123 until 312 where she begins to exchange with krissy 3.
I mean the photos of the first 5 sets, because something does not match what you say
Open file 548.81 KB, 1536x1536
Open file 553.61 KB, 1536x1536
Open file 641.02 KB, 1536x1536
Open file 862.21 KB, 1536x1536
Open file 660.93 KB, 1536x1536
The 5 first sets of krissy 2
Open file 395.39 KB, 1068x1608
Well, something didn't play here. Your Krissy is No. 3. This is Krissy 2. And why are these photos so weird?
I guess they look strange because I took a picture of the TV screen because I have the sets on a portable hard drive if that's what you mean ...
Open file 969.18 KB, 2000x3000
Damn, I would like that too.

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