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Allow nudity now. Anonymous 06/24/2019 00:36:48 No. 98
Mods NEED to allow nudity, we running short on sites now. All the users want it anyway and the people do the talking.

Agreed. Nothing wrong with tasteful, natural, nudity.
Fuck mods for removing the innocent GIF for literally NO reason, get real. Nobody wants to use this site if it doesn't allow innocent nudity. Either allow or close this site down because it's useless otherwise and that's FACT not opinion.

>"Both nipples and butts are ok with no visible genitalia showing (excluding child models) but questionable images will be removed at moderation's discretion."
>>439 a stupid rule that no one on here agrees with let nudity be shown, there's nothing wrong with genitals you damn puritans.
Open file 500.64 KB, 728x1436

Agreed. Nothing wrong with nudity.
That clusterfuck place used to have lots of naturist material but it's gone now. There are too many antis who want to shutitdown and the hosts are strict now.
catalog mode.jpg
Open file 52.32 KB, 451x438
>>104 Naturalist thread is still on ccluster, you just have to go to catalog mode and dial back a few pages

it's gone now. any others?
>>253 Sorry but I still see it there man, it's the "Beach Girl" thread listed in the catalog mode, at bottom of this page

Nudity+ is great, but the site would last longer if that was on a .onion. Slow, I know.

Well organized directories could be shared on a .onion with rsync instead of https. People could download the whole thing while sleeping.
> People could download the whole thing while sleeping.
Your computer should always be encrypted and shut down while you're sleeping or away.
Please No?

Can't there be at least one site that is dedicated to just liking pictures of cute little girls without pornography, i mean they already shut these places down without it.

we don't need one more reason to get shut down.
I agree. 100% NN and legal is best.
I just checked 8channel. Yesterday it was up, today it's been seized. Oddly enough there had apparently been nude and HC stuff posted recently and even after being immediately removed....gone.
Are they going after porn or do they think anyone who likes forums is a mass shooter?
Open file 476.94 KB, 1609x1007
Back in a few hours...under new management?
If this is a joke I'm not laughing.
If it's no longer legal to talk or even think about certain things, what's next?
its a pretty funny joke when you realise nothing is known about the admin and he has no contact email
First they went after the dark web, and I did nothing because I didn't use TOR or dark web.
Then they went after the trichans, and I did nothing because I didn't go to rape/scat sites.
Now it appears that they're trying to paint all NN collecting girl lovers who believe in free speech as serial child rapist mass shooter Nazis, and I'm fukkin pissed!
that screenshot being passed around showing the "hidden source" is a fake shoop.
the page source did not say that 12 hours ago when somebody first posted that pic, the source never said that and the source does not say that now. you can easily go check it out for yourself.
there is so much fucking disinformation flying around about this 8channel situation it's ridiculous. here are some actual facts and timeline:
1. over a period of 4 days a number of boards on the 8channel site have XSS attacks, malware domain redirects and IP loggers inserted inserted into them (because the admin/owner clearly does not know what he's doing)
2. 8channel site goes completely down and is totally inaccessible for about 2 hours starting at around 23:30 UTC on 10/31
3. at around 01:30 UTC on 11/1 site becomes accessible again, but only at that "seizure" index page with all other subdirectories, pages, boards and media no longer existing as if the entire site has been purged
4. threads immediately spring up on spacechan/b with 8channel users and BO's freaking out. said threads are full of shoops of shit like that pic and bullshit other "proofs" posted by random anons claiming to be "in the know"
5. someone posting with the 8channel owner/admin's trip shows up saying that the seizure is, in fact, real but also says he can't talk about it and won't give any further information
6. a few other people show up in that same thread and start tripfag posting claiming responsibility and that they are part of an anti discord group of "hackers" who took the site down "because pedos and nazis". they start posting screenshots of their IRC and discord chats where they are supposedly planning the attack as "proofs" and saying that that they are coming after all of the pedo and pol oriented chans
8. 8channel site is still in the state described in #3 above more than 14 hours later

i do not believe that this was some halloween "joke" by the 8channel owner/admin and i also do not believe that this was an actual LEA seizure.
based on the recent history described in #1 above, i am inclined to believe that the place got fatally hacked and the owner/admin has said fuck it and thrown in the towel.
Open file 664.61 KB, 1082x773
8channel wasn't seized. it's literally the seized image from with the 8channel logo pasted over the logo (same agenices, same legal reason). And it's on the same host, when LEA seize a site, they move the domain to their own host.
do you even into reading?
>the place got fatally hacked and the owner/admin has said fuck it and thrown in the towel
>they are coming after all of the pedo and pol oriented chans ... i also do not believe that this was an actual LEA seizure.

As long as sites like CG stick around or at least keep popping back up after they're taken down all is well. But is LE taking any action against forums? If so are they more concerned with the politics or the little girl images?
Where there is free speech and NN there is liberty and prosperity.
Wherever free speech and NN are banned there is tyranny and suffering.

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