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/pgt/ - Pedo General Thread Anonymous 09/20/2019 21:12:40 No. 21800 locked [AUTOSAGE]
Open file 123.68 KB, 1187x1781
Open file 135.72 KB, 640x800
Open file 494.70 KB, 1080x1080
Smells like loli sprit Edition

> No CP
> Friendly Discussion
> Occasional Autism
> No Spam
> Wiping is not mandatory

Thread Song:

Previous Thread:
stay jealous

Ultra gay.
Thank goodness, a new thread.
A no pedo cock edition hopefully?
poast loli cock
My kind of thread! Is it you, DRG?
Open file 1.92 MB, 711x400
Open file 190.04 KB, 1080x1350
>Thread Song
>28 years ago
Where did my life go? :/
>smells like teen spirit

This video reminds me of a funny webm. It's the one with the little boys playing basketball in the gym, with the camera zooming in on them in slow-motion sweating and then switching to the janitor watching through the window getting all hot and bothered. Does anyone have it?
That's funny
loli powa.webm
Open file 1.69 MB, 426x426
>wish dat boy was me
Open file 88.76 KB, 600x899
Yup, I remember seeing that video played many times back then...
Open file 199.48 KB, 1080x1350
Not even close tbh
I'd let her beat the crap out of me. I think I'd enjoy being pummeled by a loli.

If you were a pedo at 10, yes.
Open file 224.43 KB, 1000x1504

You can stop projecting any time you want.
Open file 232.69 KB, 1000x1504

It wasn't a question.
Open file 2.89 MB, 1328x720
>a foot massage? a foot massage aint nothin...
Open file 214.79 KB, 1000x1504

Haven't seen that movie in years.

I dont even know which movie that scene from lol.
Open file 314.62 KB, 1000x1504

City of Lost Children. Early 90s I think? Not sure of the year, but it's been around for awhile.
Open file 129.99 KB, 640x640
Teen Spirit is the first music video I remember watching on Mtv, you know, when they actually played music
Open file 240.94 KB, 1000x1504

I figured the filenames and the name plastered in each image up in the corner would give away the name of this caramel goddess. I've been wrong before though.
Open file 228.06 KB, 1000x1504

we Childhumantrafficking.Garden now
This reminds me of that old idea where two pedos marry and adopt a loli.
There is no shortage of struggling single mothers.
The poorer they are the moar lieky they are to look the other way at least.
Anyways, I don't think you'll find any pedomoms here
Makes me think, wat is a pedomom?
A woman who lewds her own son or daughter?
A woman who whores out her own daughter?
A woman who is a mom but lewds others kids (her kids frens)?
I only ask those three options because that guy clearly just wants to fug or catch some ips.
I mean, just because somebody is a pedo, doesn't mean they are predators, but how can a mom be a pedo?
Honest question
>how can a mom be a pedo?

Same way a father can be a pedo, it just happens. It's a little easier for pedomoms to go unnoticed though, the ability to literally install your life into someone else's at the drop of a hat really helps.
He also said he would hook up with a pedo dad.
So... a father who is willing to whore out his own daughter?
I'd liek to think that it's don't but it's do exist out there
What movie is that?
God Ron Perlman is a creepy jew.
Open file 207.13 KB, 1000x1504

City of Lost Children.
when life gives you lemons...

he's turned being born an ugly creepy looking fucker into a long and very profitable career playing ugly creepy looking fucker character roles as an actor tbh
u jelly?
I wish my 1st grade teacher was a pedomom in the aspect that she was a mom/milf and she was my teacher.
She tutored me a lot at her own house and I wish I had memories of her sucking my lil weenie or sitting on my face pr some shit.
It all did happened in my dreams but sadly, I was never "raped" by a hot teacher irl
So... Let's say I date a pedomom who has one daughter (the only way I would ever date a mother, sorry), seeing as how I appretiate beauty of all ages and would love to have a mother-daughter threesom with a twentysomething and her single digit horny daughter.
I came close once, might share story later but damn.
I could prob merry that
>> 21852
>I could prob merry that
Once my parents die and recieve a nice inheritance.
Until then I am nothing but a sonbasket.
To be honest, Iwould just rather groom a poor loli into my ideal bride but I can't do that again.
I had my chance I groomed her gud but chose to stay in my room, smonk dude weed lmao, drink and live a lief without responsibilities while browsing IBs
I mean, can you really blame me?
I'm not very responsible
Back in 2014 I felt really bad for this homeless woman I saw. She had a qt daughter. Bought them some food and offered to drive them to a shelter. Ended up giving her a deal where I gave her a fair bit amount of money for a handjob with the stipulation I wanted her daughter to watch. She agreed and I drove to an empty parking lot and started getting my handjob. After a while she stopped stroking me but I was fine. The daughter watching kept me hard and rigid that I started stroking myself. Offered a bit more to see her in her underwear. She agreed. I was nearing the point of no return so I thought, 'Fuck it' since the Mom was just hanging back and looking so I figured she was into this or didn't care. So I grabbed the little girl around her hips and started slipping her panties down. As soon as I did that the Mother started screaming and got all of her shit and her child and jumped out my truck so fucking fast. Bitch left her food that I bought them. I hauled ass out of there for fear she was going to scream for the cops.

My only interaction with a LG that wasn't a family friend or related to me. And those interactions were 15+ years ago and this interaction was 5 years ago. It really sucks as you get older because there is rarely any opportunity to taste and play with LGs unless you are a Father and get to touch your own daughter.
Watched Rambo today. Pretty good. I mean, the plot is indeed quite weak but all in all the movie is not that bad. I don't understand why it got review bombed so badly. The only reason I can deduce for that is the fact that it's a movie that deals with classic, masculine themes, and that nowadays is a big no no.
its because Rambo didn't come out as trans and promote veganism.
I don't believe your story.
yea you're definitely a fukkin horrible creep
i would have called you a horrible person but you're not a person
unironically kys tbqh
Also, it's been a while since I got some popcorn whilst going to the movies. Paying top cash for transgenic corn with some artificially-butter-flavored oil, with one whole fucking litter of sugary water, all to a 1500% markup, literal ink cartridge tier. Good goy """""""""food"""""".

What a fucking disgrace and disrespect to one's body and one's wallet. Reminded me of how decadent it all is and why zoomers avoid this shit like the plague.

I needed that reminder.
Open file 101.68 KB, 960x1280
Sofia umrilova :3
I'm going to see Frozen 2 in theaters. Probably going to jack off in the theater as well surrounded by tons of qts dressed up showing off their goods. I can't wait.
Also, if you're reading this, and by any chance of fate had invented the paper straw, or had anything to do with its push into the market, please sit on a overreving chainsaw.



How the fuck have americans not started a civil war over this. Don't even get me started on the unholy task of having a milkshake with them things, you give the P O W E R S U C C your feels like imploding and nothing fucking comes out, until it collapses anyway, and you're shit out of luck.

You better be good at rimjobs because that's the only way you can get some milkshake out of that cup.
please don't do any of that

or at least don't get caught
watching movies at your battlestation
-can pause or rewind the movie on demand
-you don't have to sit with strange normalniggers and have them interrupt the movie with laughing or talking
-you don't risk getting shot or catching diseases
-you don't enrich the hollywood elite
-you don't enrich the greedy theater owner with their 1500% markup on everything
-you can have whatever food and drink you want at home
Top LOL.
I have yet to encounter a paper straw, but your description makes me glad of that fact.
That's sad
Hello, anti narrative builder. How much are they paying you for this gig?
Also, whats with all of these bicycle ifood, rappi and ubereats delivery boys?

Fucking things swarming the streets. If you shake your hands overtly aggressively, 50/50 change of hitting one of them, and I haven't even left the garage yet. I mean, what the fuck are you doing in my garage. Absolutely insufferable fagggots.

Almost ran over one of them today, fucking cunts think they can just waltz in and out of wherever they want because "muh smaller guy get prioriteeee"

Nah, fuck you. The food arrives cold anyways.
The globalists want to abolish private vehicle ownership, all this delivery business these past few years is prepping the bull for it.
I hate how right you are.
I mean I don't mind abolishing private vehicles that are supposed to be only for the rich IF we get an equal piece of the pie in return of public transportation satisfaction. And by that I mean the grope trains like they have in Japan where if I see a schoolgirl hopping onto the train it is her fault that she got onto the grope train and easily understood that means she wants to be groped and molested. If seen groping and molesting said schoolgirl it is customary for all the other passengers to look away and pretend nothing is happening.

In such a scenario I would call that the ideal world. And if this actually did happen I'd quit my job and hang out near train stations 24/7.
Avoid them like the plague. Be ready to go apex chad and buy yourself your own set of aluminum straws ($15), with brushy and all, or get ready to say goodbye.
This is another anti narrative-building post. You can tell from his posting style.
Anyways, i'm fuming right now. MAD.

I need me some alisas to calm down.
2016-06-21 11.55[...].jpg
Open file 171.96 KB, 1024x1024
Too pretty for this world.
Pls no be mad at us.
Autism is encouraged and I has plenty of that.
Pls chill, bruh
She died :0
2016-02-23 06.00[...].jpg
Open file 103.10 KB, 1080x1350
Don't fuck around like that, mate.
I'm not mad at my bros. Only at uberniggers. And jews. And myself.
>Don't fuck around like that, mate

I was honestly asking. Saying "too beautiful for this world" is a thing you say when women or girls die.
Open file 48.15 KB, 1080x1312
Ah, ok. Communication is a bitch. We cool.
2018-02-06 14.14[...].jpg
Open file 139.16 KB, 1080x1350
Damn, it's been a while since I had a good ol' alifap.

I feel it bros. Blood redistribution is beginning, into the heart, and the bepis.

Oh yeah, this gon' be good.
Then again, what a retarded thing to say. Of course it would go through the heart.

I'm not one of those lesser beings with incomplete circulatory and digestive systems.
You're not funny anymore, anti. Reported.
2016-10-29 12.42[...].jpg
Open file 123.22 KB, 1080x1349
2016-10-31 03.37[...].jpg
Open file 132.76 KB, 1080x1080
2016-11-03 04.54[...].jpg
Open file 87.97 KB, 1080x1080
Open file 52.67 KB, 600x893
I might even add...a mom who facilitates men to be pedos.

quote from somewhere
>As a Pediatric RN for many years, I want to add that women are as involved in child sexual abuse as men, in my humble opinion. Reason: women are sexually abused at a higher rate than men (BUT don't get me wrong--boys ARE sexually abused much more than is acknowledged), and unfortunately kids who are sexually abused have a higher chance of going on to be abusers themselves.
>What I've seen in the hospital time and time again are women who look the other way when their "boyfriends" sexually abuse their (the woman's) child. They enable the man to abuse, even if they themselves (the woman) don't do hands-on abuse.
>But I believe women do plenty of hands-on abuse themselves.
I used to fap at least pnce a day but just recently started to take anti-anxiety meds and my labito was of kill.
I used to fap once a night and then I started these anti-anxiety pills.
Those anti-anxiety pills tookaway my labitobut i fapped 3 tiems yesterday.
3 fucking tiem I came yesterday
>and unfortunately kids who are sexually abused have a higher chance of going on to be abusers themselves.
This is a myth
She already lost any credit she would have had by saying that dumbass statement.

eat any of it?
2016-11-25 09.53[...].jpg
Open file 171.69 KB, 1080x1080


2 times a day for a good eighteen years for me, nowdays more like a morning fap, then maybe a night one occasionally.

Looking at Alisa and doing a good fap like this to beautiful girl really makes you contemplate the absurdity of life. Time is unforgiving.
2016-12-12 11.51[...].jpg
Open file 124.60 KB, 1080x1349
Got a bit triggered at anon over there, but in reality she is dying. Well.
2016-12-22 08.55[...].jpg
Open file 158.05 KB, 1080x1349
2016-12-25 05.24[...].jpg
Open file 188.86 KB, 1080x1349
The statistics are all rigged. It's impossible to know how many are abused because so much voluntary contact is labelled as abuse.
2017-01-07 16.42[...].jpg
Open file 221.54 KB, 1080x1349
2017-01-03 06.03[...].jpg
Open file 240.50 KB, 1080x1080
So, yeah. I feel you man.
how could you abandon that in favor of Zhenya?
trading a beautiful Aryan girl for a Jewish gypsy.
Zhenya is a kike mutt, wtf is wrong with you?
2016-04-20 17.06[...].jpg
Open file 95.16 KB, 1080x1099
You're entry level. There's more to a female than looks.

Once you get to see ZhenyaOS running you'd understand the cause.
2016-04-20 17.06[...].jpg
Open file 95.16 KB, 1080x1099
You're entry level. There's more to a female than looks.

Once you get to see ZhenyaOS running you'd understand the cause.
has nothing to do with looks.
a Jew is a Jew and will always be a Jew.
2019-09-15 08.18[...].jpg
Open file 126.69 KB, 1080x1350
Think of it like this. The height of the male orgasm is about 3-6 seconds. But a day has 24 hours, or 86400 seconds, give or take.

Once you came in her, what are you going to do with the other 86394 seconds?

Zhenya is a girl you want to spend your life with.
2016-12-27 03.55[...].jpg
Open file 212.25 KB, 1080x1080
Anyways gentlemen, I must now seek refuge in the dreamscape.

Boa noite.
Open file 620.10 KB, 596x740
Yeah, but why would defend an ugly, blue-pilled kike like Ron Perlman though
>and unfortunately kids who are sexually abused have a higher chance of going on to be abusers themselves.

My son's mother thought that one day I would for sure rape our son because I was abused when I was young. It's really hard to listen to the one person you're supposed to be able to trust tell you that you're a raping monster who can't control their libido. I don't think she ever really believed me about being abused, but she was more than willing to believe the most negative thing she could imagine about me. Funny how that works.

I've told one other woman I dated about being abused and she didn't believe me. My own mother refuses to believe it too. I've wanted to kill myself for a long while because I feel like I'm meant to suffer and I'm tired. I just want it to end. Spending time with my son helps, he's keeping my feet on the ground. If I'm still here when he graduates from school it'll be a miracle.
Thank you. <3

>MongoError: pool destroyed
what? >_<
That's just a psychiatrist cliche. They are lame pretentious people with no imagination, who think they know something they don't. It's that old Sigmund Freund theory. It's out of date.
i got that too

pool's closed?
That's pretty sad the mother would do that.


I wish I had cuddles like that in my life.
Open file 154.55 KB, 1080x1080
There are numerous studies like this showing that abuse victims are in fact more likely to become abusers themselves
Are you saying they're all wrong? Based on some actual facts or just your feelings?
Hey Eliza I always said I loved the Tideland movie, how come you thought noone here liked that one
I guess I was wrong. I just remembered talking to a bunch of people about it and being the only one liking it. Now that I think about it, the conversations might've been about The Reflectin Skin instead. Not really sure anymore
>numerous studies

How exactly do they study pedos and abusers when it's illegal? They haven't even been able to do proper research on marijuana until recently due to it's illegal nature.

I wouldn't trust any data from volunteers of such types of studies, that's like all those people who go on interviews for talk shows and youtube, those type of people aren't right in the head to begin with. Normal sane people don't like spotlights or being a guinea pig.
Open file 228.66 KB, 1080x1350
it's hard to enjoy cuties when your not really in the mood
Open file 144.90 KB, 1080x1080
super cute photo of Vitalia
Open file 94.46 KB, 1080x1080
hmm, moms really get away with alot

imagine if this was a dad instead
Open file 225.25 KB, 1080x1222
That particular study found that 12% of the child abuse victims they studied had later been convicted of child abuse. I'd assume a minority of abusers actually get caught so the percentage seems quite high to me
Open file 184.11 KB, 1080x1221
how do they know it was the abuse that made them commit abuse

maybe it was all the traumatic research done on them when they were little

(not even joking)
relax it's just innocent wedding photography, that insta page is small so they are probably trying a little too hard to get followers lol
I always found it extremely heartbreaking that rape victims are forced to go into the hospital to get raped again by doctors and nurses who must officially examine them. Then they get raped even more by the psycologists and psychiatrists, only to get prescribed medication with raping side effects.

Oh I left out the part where they get raped by the police and detectives.
Open file 274.60 KB, 1080x1249
Open file 113.55 KB, 1080x1350
Open file 107.12 KB, 1080x1345
Can't believe pedos on this board are having a difficult time finding the child prostitute section of insta.

For me I just use the explore page :P
Open file 112.92 KB, 1080x1080
Open file 133.42 KB, 1080x810
Open file 141.10 KB, 1080x1350
what's she doing with her hand?
Open file 218.81 KB, 1080x1281
Open file 166.73 KB, 1080x1350
Open file 308.38 KB, 1080x1350
Open file 120.83 KB, 1080x1350
They're not claiming to know why exactly it happens. The study just found that victims are more likely to become abusers later

Yeah. An lg I know was abused a few years ago and talking to the police about it was a very unpleasant experience for her. I realize they need to find out what really happened but I wish they were more supportive of the victims
Open file 271.70 KB, 960x1200
Now I know not to post a dad tongue kissing his daughter, cause Eliza will freak out lol
Open file 91.54 KB, 1080x1080
Open file 120.16 KB, 1080x1350
Open file 81.51 KB, 1080x1080
Is this ok to post? It might be a sexual orgy, I'm not sure.

My explore page is hot today, kinda reminds me of youtube at it's peak, we all know what happens when sites reach their peak.
>1st pic
I thought that was a mushroom cloud at first

>that bellybutton
I've never been with a grill who has an outie

She's trying to push in her outie
yes mushroom cloud, isn't that what it is? I thought so too

figured she was an apocolyptic loli
>MongoError: pool destroyed

why site go down?
Do you guys get the error trying to post or just loading the page? I haven't seen it myself
This was in my explore, not sure what it's about but I'm wondering why facebook knows I talk about eyebrows in the pgt

probably an instagram keylogger picking up how many times I type the word eyebrow
Pasito a pasito, suave suavecito
Nos vamos pegando poquito a poquito
Cuando tú me besas con esa destreza
Veo que eres malicia con delicadeza
holy crap russian girls put 30 pounds of stuff into their schoolbags lol
sweet girl
>all those apples
A-are those bribes?
I don't know lol
Open file 2.77 MB, 3008x2000
Open file 2.95 MB, 3008x2000
Good day everyone
Open file 2.81 MB, 3008x2000
Open file 2.10 MB, 3008x2000
Open file 3.00 MB, 3008x2000
Open file 2.08 MB, 3008x2000
Open file 2.66 MB, 3008x2000
part 2
>first pic
that's a misleading thumbnail, looked as if she removed her panties and was holding them in the air lol
Open file 552.46 KB, 1600x1200
Open file 505.05 KB, 1600x1200
I just noticed
> Wiping is not mandatory
>that's a misleading thumbnail
Looks correct on my end. Hmm, try leaving the thread and coming back. They're not small, like under 1MB so maybe that is why.
twas reading the action I missed:
>>I mean, just because somebody is a pedo, doesn't mean they are predators, but how can a mom be a pedo?
>Honest question
I've seen more than you know, and not just on the internet. Women are more 'sick' than men, but people naturally assume men are the world's perverts. I'm not exactly young, I've seen a lot. I know, women can be pedos more commonly than anyone realises. Pedomom/pedomum it doesn't matter if they have their own kids or not, it's something bred in.
Open file 548.08 KB, 3008x2000
Open file 300.53 KB, 2048x1365
I had a neighbour trying to win custody of her girls back. When court was coming up, and we were sure she would win (had to clear up a lot about the girls' step-dad which got her girls given to their real father in the first place) She said 'If I have my girls here all day, I'm afraid of what I might do' she told me in confidence. Maybe it is because she was molested at a young age, maybe that's what makes one a 'pedomum' ...but seeing people question it tells me how ignorant the world really is, that there's no hope for this world. Men definitely aren't the only creatures who think lil ones are yummy.
>that's a misleading thumbnail
>Looks correct on my end. Hmm, try leaving the thread and coming back. They're not small, like under 1MB so maybe that is why.

I must admit, got a little too pissed last night, can't see straight so I thought you were saying that it wasn't loading correctly damn soberness
>Looks correct on my end
He was joking

>I'm not exactly young, I've seen a lot
Sames, but I've never met a pedomom
Sorry, did't notice this before poasenings this >>21959
Anyways, don't let anybody get to you.
Just do your thing.
You're good
>He was joking
Sure, let's go with that. Lol

>Sames, but I've never met a pedomom
I'm starting to think that all females are pedo. They just have a way of hiding it easier, and the whole world believes that a female kindergarten teacher would never touch her students, or a mother would never touch her own child. Courts believe it, and have for generations, but I know the fucking truth as I've seen too much, been through too much
this is somewhat proof, she says it is for the routine, but you know this fat dance teacher just wants to see that fit soft skin and she knows damn well it will tease the audience
I'm just too pedo to care. There just isn't as much point to life without girls.
Open file 118.30 KB, 640x640
I know I'm screaming into the void when I say this but there is way moar to lief than cunny.
Don't put pussy on a pedostool
Open file 159.41 KB, 1080x1350

> Don't put pussy on a pedostool

Thank you for just giving me my 1st thing in the morning out-loud-laugh.
Haven't even had my morning caffiene yet & your clever wordplay there really tickled my funnybone.
Bravo...., well memed.
>> 21965
Good mornin' Mr. Roo
>that's a misleading thumbnail, looked as if she removed her panties and was holding them in the air lol

Got some leftover drunkenness ranting done. Drank some Vitamin Water and Red Bull, now good2go!

Yes, rather misleading, I know. Her dress is so damn short I thought perhaps the mods would remove it for nudity thinking the same thing, holding her knickers in the air
> moar to lief than cunny.
> Don't put pussy on a pedostool
Damn straight
Sort of related to my previous topic: Fuck those evil hoes
Open file 117.89 KB, 816x1368
I see today`s Google Doodle is Celebrating the Pretzel. Guess not what I was hoping for.
Open file 191.50 KB, 1024x768
So puffy, such mound
Open file 162.06 KB, 1280x716
Open file 127.36 KB, 1280x716
Great clip. That banned episode is the only one can't find in HD ><

Abby is so based. She sees through the social bullshit, knows what people like- and knows why they like it. I'm still on Season 1, but there's so many revealing conversations. Very stimulating show :)

>triple post sry
Open file 1005.04 KB, 1429x2267
Had to share this: Is anyone here fans of JoJo Siwa?
I wish i spoke Russian ;_;
We already told you, there are no pedomoms here!
Fuck Off!

i wanna cum on her face
Open file 185.28 KB, 1080x1350
Weird that he hasn't been busted yet. He has zero opsec. A couple minutes on Google was enough to find his home address. I guess LEA in Peru don't care
Open file 87.90 KB, 334x334
I'd like them both to dominate me with their feet with the daughter riding my dick and the mother smothering me with her pretty feet.

I'd love to do that.

Looking for a very open-minded girl or woman to be my girlfriend

Teenage Anglo Male, single, without children looking for a hot bird to cum over here and become my peng ting and hold hands on road. Gays and Trannys fuck off. I'm looking for a serious relationship. Contact me here I don't have any social media lol and not posting my phone number like a prick.
Sorry, nao I just look liek an asshole.
Anyways, wat was his goal?
To catch ips?
To actually meet a pedomom/dad?
That's some dark shit
Open file 250.03 KB, 958x1109
Places where I wanna put my face:
Open file 70.99 KB, 1080x1080
Looks more like some autist loner to me. He's on Youtube, Facebook, Flickr etc. Several year old accounts on all. Pretty sure it's a real person
What other good shows are there for girllover pedos besides Dance Moms? I wish Toddlers and Tiaras was still made.
That girl was way too lewd.
Open file 109.01 KB, 1024x585
In other not pedo related Roo-News, that nobody here likely cares about:
"Beetlejuice" was fucking awesome last night!!!
In addition to being entertaining & funny as shit, plus, the musical score/songs which was brilliant, I was truly amazed by the "stagecraft" involved in the production...., meaning the lighting, sets, stunts & especially the special effects.
The producers apparently enlisted the aid of a number of top-tier international, professional illusionists/magicians in order to pull some of that stuff off.
I have been amazed lately at how some of those effects are being achieved in a live theatre environment for some of these newer, big-budget Broadway productions...., almost rivaling what you might see on screen in an effects-heavy major Hollywood film.
Truly amazing!
Anyway...., even though I know it is not very likely to happen...., if any of you guys happen to find yourselves in NYC & get a chance to see this show, it is well worth the effort involved to do so.
Video related...., again:
We got the free tickets because Kanga is good friens with Leslie Kritzer...., the person singing "Day-O" in this video clip.)

> INB4 Roo is gay.
I like 'Gypsy Kids' but the boys in it make it not worth watching. ....then there's anything Disney. As for pageant shows, there's [country] Got Talent for just about any nation. YouTube has many good clips, I particularly like Ukraines Got Talent how they have no shame foe how they dress their lg's
Neat! Sounds awesome😀
theater is gay shit, made by LGBTQXYZ+ globohomo faggots and Roo is most definitely gay tbh
At least he can make monies off of his creations and shit
nigga are u gay or what?

btw I've made an arrangement I'm not going to be homeless.
Uh, huh
Open file 163.34 KB, 1080x1350

Yeah...., that guy is a real piece of work, isn't he?
In addition to being annoying as shit, he also has to be the dumbest fucker to ever connect to the internet...., regardless of his motivations or endgame.
>defending a confirmed homosexual
more like Gay-O
Open file 186.08 KB, 1080x1350

> are u gay

Yeah sure, I'm gay...., "most definitely".

> I've made an arrangement

Go on...., elaborate in detail.
Open file 406.58 KB, 1024x1024

> The absence of culture is a virtue.

People on imageboards unironinally believe this.
Sad state of affairs, tbqh.
fuh you meat head.
Open file 231.83 KB, 1583x2048
Beetlejuice was a good movie, now I'm in the mood for watching that again.
Open file 250.02 KB, 1280x850
My retarded girlfriend told me that she loves me, and she seems to love all the lewd lil girls that I'm showing her :)
Open file 163.45 KB, 1280x850
It's fun making friends with all sorts of ppl
I thought things were going to be worse but I've smoothed things over.

Have you ever had something stuck deep into your fingernail and your fingernail come off.
Open file 170.92 KB, 1080x1350

> Pic.

How can this possibly be a good idea?
That lil' girl is going to get eaten!


Wow, Anon...., you sure got me good then.
How will I ever recover?
There's been a few issues since switching over to the new FBI datacenter. But it's mostly running okay again now.
Committ suicide. It is my best advice.
Open file 203.38 KB, 1280x960
When you start emailing the moms and dads of girls you follow it no longer feels like being a predator stalker, your more like part of the family :)
Open file 69.36 KB, 1080x1349

> I've smoothed things over.

If actually true, that's a good thing.

> fingernail come off.

Had it happen randomly with my big toenail a couple years ago...., it sucked, tbh.


> t. butthusrt CP poster
Open file 94.42 KB, 640x663
Open file 171.50 KB, 1080x1345
Open file 195.83 KB, 1080x1345

You still need to watch "Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy", like I told you to do a long time ago.
I'm tellin' ya'...., you will really like it because the humor is right up your alley.
Just sayin'.


You are the boldest pedo I've ever met, tbh.
That's been my experience. It's also my experience that they rarely question your motives or act like you might be a pervert. Usually they just accept and talk to you as a regular participant on their account, site, or vlog. Nobody ever called me a pedo except a couple times when I was talking to the girl only. But never when the parent was involved too.

As nobody missed me while I spent my time on /lg/ rather than here ....but the irony of it os that it's been a chill day, yet coming to the thread that's supposed to be Comfy, Cozy & Chill it's seems to be the opposite. Everyone fighting, calling each other fags and pedos.
I'm still fucking locked down to this prison island though.

I see you're having fun now you know how to format correctly, where/how did you find this place btw.
is only 1 anon talking to himself kek
Indeed, you noticed, thank you.
How did I find this place? Good question. Hard to remember. Let's see: I was bored, did a reverse search on an image I saw on imgsrc and found a similar board with 'cluster' in the url I believe. I couldn't believe my eyes, content I actually wanted and a way I could converse (unlike imgsrc) so decided to actually join the people for when I've seen image boards in the past I just lurked, didn't really follow conversations; and this is the first I've seen in years other than one that keeps going down
Same. I got called a pedo once by a girl who for some reason was positive about my age (she was wrong, I'm not sure how she arrived at the age she claimed I was) She also made up some other lies, before hitting the report button. Probably a calculated move on her part which seemed to have worked well. They must teach this stuff in school.

I think that was the ONLY time I've been called a pedo, not counting some random trolls.

A couple times I was called a creep, but I might of been acting a lil creepy so that was fair. Even the most normalist non-pedos act like creeps occasionally, nobody is perfect.

And that was all by the kids, parents have never said anything to me, just the occasional block.

Quite true.


> Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Trailer related.
If I post the film for you somewhere convenient, will you watch it?
Open file 96.05 KB, 1080x1080
>calling each other fags and pedos

I don't really have a problem with being called either of those lol
Open file 87.83 KB, 1080x1080
aww ty
>calling each other fags and pedos

>I don't really have a problem with being called either of those lol

I suppose it just isn't in my nature. Plus the irony of this being called a chill place when at times it's the opposite.

To change subject, as i promised some on other threads, if I don't end up out tonight, I'm going to get working on upping Cherish sets later in this evening. That's only if you all cherish Cherish as well.
my friends always tried to get me to watch Star Wars with them too, so finally I said ok and sat down with them to watch it, after a few minutes I just got up and went home lol
you know when your with your family at an outdoor summer BBQ and your all drunk as fuck and then a fight breaks out and then Aunt Rose who is 400 pounds gets knocked into the pool by accident and everyone stops fighting to laugh

well that is the kind of COZY this place is :)
Open file 133.95 KB, 1080x1349

> Star Wars

It is not in any way similar to some Star Wars science fiction shit.
It is pure comedy & satire...., good comedy & satire at that.
Did you even look at the movie trailer I just posted?

Your Aunt Rose is 400 lbs???
I mentioned Star Wars cause that is the exact feeling I got from that trailer, I have a hard time watching movies with "movie action" and "movie music"

everyones Aunt Rose is 400 pounds, your telling me you don't have an Aunt Rose
you must atleast have an Uncle Mark who is 400 pounds
Open file 6.75 KB, 115x169
If only they would invite us to watch a loli movie instead of Star Wars and capeshit, that would be a lot more enjoyable! At least for us.

I'm sure a lot of us would rather watch no-budget movies with little girls in them, than the normie capeshit most people favor nowadays.
that thumbnail wont go bigger and I'm clicking it a million times like an idiot lol
Most of the cummunity here including myself migrated from former boards; here's a summmary

Pre-2014: 4chan
2014-2016: 8chan
2016: Librechan
2017: Girltime
2018: Lolifox
2019: Cutie Garden

You're a fast learner.
Open file 98.74 KB, 1080x1345

> I have a hard time

Okay...., I give up.
You're missing out on a genuinely good laugh, though...., satirizing all of society in a sophisticated way can be fun.


Literally everyone in my family, other than Kanga & the Roo-ettes, is dead.


Pre-4chan: Something Awful
Pre-Something Awful: Usenet
Pre-Usenet: IRC
Pre-IRC: Dialup ProdigyOnline Sekrit Pedo Groups
Pre-ProdigyOnline: Dialup DOS-Based BBS's

You newfag---lol.
Looks like it was just a thumbnail. There was no full size image.

If only we had the freedom to have some pedo pals over and we could enjoy doing a real time commentary on some of these loli movies. I'm sure we would have a lot to say about them.
Open file 107.07 KB, 1080x1350

I kinda always wanted to have/host a live streaming "Pedo Movie Night", with real-time chat, for us to screen & comment on those semi-mainstream, pedo-related films that we all like.
There is no really secure way to do it, though...., unfortunately.
You can borrow my family, but I don't actually have BBQ parties and have no clue who's still alive or not so you'd have to hunt them down.
some streaming sites with chatrooms work over tor (or they used to, haven't used one in awhile)
Open file 108.17 KB, 1080x1350

The chat part is easy-peezy.
But doing the video livestream securely...., even over Tor...., not so much.
The person originating the video livestream will always be at risk, using any currently available technology.
Plus...., Tor tends to be shit for any video other than short clips in general, especially for a livestream.
Open file 174.46 KB, 1080x1349
The waifuists have movie nights like every week. I guess they aren't too concerned with security over there though

I personally don't really understand the concept. I hate people that talk during movies in the cinema. Dunno why I'd want the same experience at home tbh. Maybe it'd work with some mindless action movie but I don't watch movies like that anyway
>>22047 used to be nice, you upload the video file and it streams it to your personal unlisted chatroom

of course security settings all need to be at their lowest for it to work, I don't even know if that place is still up, and a full length movie might be out of the question
Eliza reading the pgt:

"Dammit everyone shut-up I'm trying to look at the pictures!"
Open file 196.83 KB, 1080x1304
Open file 223.64 KB, 1080x1347

> waifuists have movie nights like every week.

What do they watch...., "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"?
The Color Purple

I'm a bad cat lol
would be better without those ugly boots
Want to spread her legs and eat her pussy. Don't you?

I used to always call that movie:
"The Colored People"
until Kanga got mad at me about it---lol.
brokeback mountain
My mom used to get mad at me for making fun of anything Oprah, now my mom is more into Whoopie
Open file 246.62 KB, 1080x1349

Cowboys fucking each other is not gay, tbh.
Open file 980.10 KB, 2838x1953
I wonder if my mom is actually black, that would be interesting

Would that make you pic related?
Cat-Kun is a black superhero...., who knew???
I'd rather fuck her in the pussy.
Open file 225.32 KB, 2000x1333
need some blue eyed white girls in here to cleanse the thread
Open file 1.22 MB, 3414x5084

Here is some good, pure-white, Nordic breeding stock for you.
Open file 271.31 KB, 1080x1080
Hmmmm...., I reported a whole bunch of CP & shit more then 2 hours ago, but the logs haven't changed in more than 4 hours.
It looks to me like somebody here really needs to wake up & get with the program.

Open file 136.39 KB, 774x1032

>breeding stock

this is more disrespectful than calling them fucktoys or daddy's fleshlight. You should feel ashamed.
Open file 186.53 KB, 1080x1350

Not my proudest moment, to be sure.
But it is already common knowledge that I am the "most evil, child abusing" person on this site, so I might as well live up to certain people's expectations from time to time.
Open file 217.91 KB, 1080x1350
Sorry lol. I find the way Lynx shows the reports super inconvenient and most of the time I don't see them at all. I should either change how I use the tools or change the tools
Open file 764.95 KB, 640x800

Apparently, I woke Eliza up---LMAO.
>you know when your with your family at an outdoor summer BBQ and your all drunk as fuck and then a fight breaks out and then Aunt Rose who is 400 pounds gets knocked into the pool by accident and everyone stops fighting to laugh
Sometimes I feel like, even though we all speak english, that we speak another language. Still was funny though

>well that is the kind of COZY this place is :)
cozy as in small, yes - quaint.

>Most of the cummunity here including myself migrated from former boards; here's a summmary

I've only heard of librechan because as soon as I got here, boy lovers were complaining.
Everyone's heard of 4/8 chan, but I rarely go to them, only chat about certain screenshots some would post to forums I would be on at the time.
I never heard of the 2017-2019 list. I know the url to the imageboard (with no content really) had 'Cluster' in the link. There was a post with a link here.
The last imageboard I really went to that I was referring to earlier, perhaps I'm not allowed to bring it up. It's never up, doubtful it is currently, but they had (3) links to ensure the tri is found.

>You newfag---lol.
idc ... I'm old enough to have found much of my first content on what was called newsgroups. Ever heard of those? alt/binaries/....

I sure missed a lot whilst napping and waiting to see what's going on in the outside world. This place is lively on the weekends.

>You're a fast learner.
I've been on the internet before some of you were even born probably. I do try to learn and fit in. But this is my first to ever post in a site layout such as this, an imageboard

Working on that Cherish now as we speak. Nobody is doing anything tonight so I may as well stay in tonight and hang with you guys, posting sets, waiting on and whatnot.
Open file 1.73 MB, 1920x3411

Just blame MongoDB...., I always do.
I have a question
When I first came, people were talking shite about Eliza, saying something like he's going to report you and threats about IP addresses and whatnot, and now I see Eliza(rose) is posting in fitting in with everyone else. What's up with that?

You have no reasonable reason to fear. I posted bared ip once in a moment of carelessness; that was a while ago. If there was any room for something to happen, it already would've.

Then again we have a understanding. I'm no child abuser.
it's only act obviously
Open file 140.26 KB, 1080x1350

> on what was called newsgroups.

What is:
> Pre-Something Awful: Usenet
> Pre-Usenet: IRC
I can guarantee that I have probably been at this significantly longer than anybody else here.
I'd be willing to bet that I am literally old enough to be your grandfather---lol.
Not a judgment or criticism...., just the facts.

All in all there is no evidence against her and any and all claims in this regard are libelous in nature.
Open file 48.92 KB, 720x708
Open file 103.49 KB, 1080x1350

Howdy AB/ZB!!!

> libelous in nature

This, tbqh.
We all know that there is a certain Anon who just loves to engage in that sort of thing.
feds want to be your friend to gain your trust first
Open file 32.11 KB, 425x312
> Pre-Something Awful: Usenet
> Pre-Usenet: IRC
Yes, all of the above.

>I'd be willing to bet that I am literally old enough to be your grandfather---lol.
I've been around a while, but I think this might the first who is willing to get in to a playful argument of who is older.
Honestly, I feel if you say you are, you probably are. I'm not 'old' just yet.

>All in all there is no evidence against her and any and all claims in this regard are libelous in nature.
well, nothing illegal here, either way.
>feds want to be your friend to gain your trust first
Well how else would they? Then again, the advice below it seems more plausible [of who not to talk to]
All in good fun!
Open file 39.24 KB, 640x960
I've been an active namefag for 5 years now. If I was a cop you'd think I'd made my move already lol
Oh no, if that were the cop that came, I might actually go, lol
Hello there m7.99. This whole shitting-on-the-moderation-forum-drama shit is so passé tbh. BORING.

Niggas need to find something else to do.
i only post text here because it is safer that way
what do you have to hide?
I already have determined everyone's name, home address & home phone number.
I am coming for all of you here with a Marsupial SWAT Team within the week.

Damn, this guy's channel had fewer than 50k at some point earlier this year. Crazy explosive growth.

Good for him I suppose. Great channel.
good luck finding anything incriminating from my text vault tbh
2 things:
I don't live at my home address.
I don't have a "home phone".

Your 8-bit ASCII CP stash is incriminating. You're in legal trouble.
Open file 90.53 KB, 1080x1350

You aren't fooling anybody...., we all know what is hiding on those external USB drives you have in your closet---lol.
Open file 74.99 KB, 1080x1350
>Pre-Usenet: IRC
Was IRC really before Usenet? Can't remember for sure but feels like it must've been early 90s when I first went on Usenet to dl pics. I guess I was also on IRC around that time but I was just hanging out on #coders
>Niggas need to find something else to do.
like posting more non nude
Open file 227.24 KB, 1080x1345

They were really kinda used & existed contemporaneously, tbh.
That just happens the order in which I was using them for pedo-related shit.
Nice. Is that Masha?
i've hid them in plain sight on my table
literally no cop would expect that
good night pedofiles
Open file 678.70 KB, 2000x1333
Open file 829.88 KB, 1333x2000
>I already have determined everyone's name, home address & home phone number.
>I am coming for all of you here

Awesome. Let's go grab some coffee.

By the way, if interested, sets of Cherish are being posted. YW
>Marsupial SWAT Team
rm pedofile

good night!
Open file 232.81 KB, 1080x1350
I never used IRC much. Mostly just for pirating stuff which was usually super frustrating tbh. I also never went on Something Awful. I guess I went from Usenet to Frost instead
a lot of the post text that you spoiler all the time makes zero sense to spoiler
taking the model set name and making it look like:
Cherish Model Set 99
is just dumb attention seeking nonsensical overkill
you really should consider laying off all of the text formatting and decoration tags in your comments for a while until you learn some moderation
you are out of control tbqh

Oh yes, I see you know your judo well.

Not on my content machine right now, might do exactly that later.
Open file 142.36 KB, 1080x1350
Cute pits for Art3mis.


> Frost

I went straight to the ancient history in my original reply to Nano...., but I used to use Freenet & Frost quite a bit.
On Frost, I used to be known as "dedlykme"...., larping as a girl pedo---lol.
Remember "Lord of the Butterflies" & those other guys on the Frost "hussy" board?
Interesting times.
Open file 139.95 KB, 1080x1350
>Remember "Lord of the Butterflies"
Yeah. I think he still posts there
Open file 259.19 KB, 1080x1350

I really wouldn't know anymore...., since I kinda lost interest in using Freenet entirely right around the same period that I showed up on
There used to be a lot of really good resources on Freenet though.
I think I mostly lost interest in Freenet/Frost because I decided that I really didn't want to have Java/JRE installed on any of my machines at all anymore...., for a variety of paranoic reasons.
i feel poop.jpg
Open file 628.31 KB, 1080x1350
They smell great, even if they didnt wipe properly.
The name does kinda sound familiar. Can't remember for sure though. Maybe I'm just thinking of the TV series lol

>didn't want to have Java/JRE installed on any of my machines at all anymore
I really hate Java tbh
>I really hate Java tbh
nodejs is so much better tbh
Open file 244.34 KB, 1080x1350

> i feel poop.jpg

You are a very strange person---lol.


> name does kinda sound familiar.

I was a fairly prolific poster at the time.

> hate Java

Because you are based & redpilled, tbh.
Except about MongoDB & Node.js---lol.
t. Webtech Dinosaur
am a roastie.jpg
Open file 96.85 KB, 640x800
>roasted and well done

We lost another one officially bros, Anna is all we have now.
Open file 250.36 KB, 1080x1350
lol :p at least it doesn't require me to install some Sun/Oracle crap on my computer tbh
Open file 206.77 KB, 1080x1350

Nah...., Maisie is one of those occasional, rare "Waifu for Life" kinda girls.

Her eyes basically say "I am not the innocent girl you fell in love anymore..."
Open file 187.14 KB, 1080x1350

The next phase of development after "innocence" is "curiosity"...., one of the very best phases of all.
Open file 164.10 KB, 960x960
ccluster is the shitfaced abortion of Masterchan. Masterchan used to be the shit chums, dank memes, maraposting, tinposting but then gad cucked it up and turned into enrive/cclusterfuck.

Where is that place in the background, I'm boiling in my skin being grounded. I wish I was back on road.
Open file 103.43 KB, 1080x1349

> Where is that place

I have no idea...., someplace where some of these Russian gymnast lolis that I've been posting seem to be hanging out.
Open file 194.11 KB, 1080x1350

Also...., that's MY original Anna filename!!!
It's Eltz Castle in Germany
Open file 958.20 KB, 480x480

>she probably started diddling her holly place

I dont want to live in this dirty world anymore
Open file 982.35 KB, 2048x1536

Open file 94.71 KB, 1080x1080

> her holly place

Imagine the smell.
Open file 39.32 KB, 1024x576
Actually...., that's MY original Anna filename!!! You downloaded it from ME!

Vielen Dank. YOu still never gave me a legit reason why I can't live with you you seem a chill bloke m8.

It's near Koblenz on the Rhineland-Moselle area so he's probably visited it, since E R I S T B E L G I S C H

Imagine putting your finger up her arse and then seeing the light brown shit on your finger.

Eeewww...., gingers have no soul.
They all turn out like pic related.


> You downloaded it from ME!

Quit lying on the internet, Nano...., Doing that is for retards & it is beneath you.
refer to Poe's law bredrin.

and gingers are cute I clocked a flaming hot ting a few days ago in maccy d's about 5 years old she was smoking and had tight little yoga pants.
not literally smoking fags but smoking hot peng ting
>it is beneath you
literally nothing is beneath Nano fam

Your English is too advanced for us mortals to understand Nano
Actually your mum was beneath me last night and she loved it.
Open file 485.48 KB, 499x277

> smoking fags
Open file 189.96 KB, 659x412
I will do a break-down of British slang for you beginner-level speakers.

Bredrin = Brother/Friend
Flaming hot ting = Attractive Female
Maccy D's = McDonalds (Fast Food "Restaurant")
Smoking = Very sexy
Yoga pants = tight leggings


Fags are ciggys
Gays are queer cunts/pooftahs
Open file 71.21 KB, 540x810

"No matter where you go...., there you are."
-- Buckaroo Banzai
what is this bullshit advice general?
Open file 3.24 MB, 3840x2160
Open file 40.09 KB, 500x379

>beginner level

rude. i enjoyed monty pythons and clockwork orange droogie!
You're welcome for all of my hard work.

>ccluster is the shitfaced abortion of Masterchan
Yes, that was the place I stumbled onto. It had like no content, but someone had posted a link here, so here I am.

> Fags are ciggys

I know...., I speak Brit.
I just don't speak the "Roadman Unterspreche" language.
Remember when I used to call you a "poof", a "paki" & say you lived in a "council estate" back when we were still fighting & shit a long time ago on Lolifox?


I was being intentionally silly.
"Buckaroo Banzai" is an meme character in a meme cult movie from 1984.
sounds like chepooka to me!

Roo, Eliza, Scatreminderguy, Kawaii, and anons Why do we post on imageboards?

A long time ago it was an amazing place, it's sad what happened to it.
Open file 116.21 KB, 720x540
Reminded me of wow anon. Kek.
Open file 127.77 KB, 1080x1350
I remember, ye you mirror the dialect but don't understand the context.

> clockwork orange droogie!

Based & redpilled.
Viddy well, DRG...., viddy well.
Open file 773.09 KB, 1333x2000
Feet are like, unhygienic bros. Thanks to Kaw.
Open file 320.56 KB, 1000x861
Open file 150.93 KB, 1024x922
I tried doing a suprise tribute today but I could not aim my cum for shit I was in a horny coomer state.
Open file 183.26 KB, 1080x1350

> Why do we post on imageboards?

Some strange need for "camaraderie", IMO...., even the trolls want & need it, but won't admit it.
Good night

Later, Nano.
Open file 30.40 KB, 500x500

Not the best place to post that tho lol.
Open file 60.26 KB, 864x864

"Always act as a shield for your friends & a sword against those who would harm them."
-- Roo
--- From: "The Way of the Roo"
--- 2019
>Feet are like, unhygienic bros. Thanks to Kaw.
I'll try to remember that.

No thanks for that Cherish image i meant, lol.
"The need for survival of a pedoboard on clearnet for the many...., outweighs the need to post CP for the few."
-- Roo
--- From: "The Way of the Roo"
--- 2019
>outweighs the need to post CP for the few.
That's because we're all trying to stay legal here, and posting cheese pizza is too risky. If there was that kinds of content here, I doubt I'd even save 1 pic. Not sure how many feel the same as me, but if you been around as long as I have, you basically have seen it all, and it would be hard to impress me. However NN there's always something new, leaves it all to the imagination, making it fun to picture 'scenarios'
alot of nn is cp
Open file 156.31 KB, 1080x1350

Speaking of which:
My 2+ hour old Global Reports being ignored by somebody...., again.

Hello Party People!!
How was the show roo??
To me or do you mean to authorities. I know many NN sets that the main view is the genitals and whatnot can get you in trouble as well, but I think I may be going too deep that this conversation was supposed to go.
>How was the show roo??
See Roo, someone did care!
and you thought nobody would
I can't do much, but I can care!
what's chimpin Kawaii??
I can't seem to find what you mean, but Eliza did reply when you initially reported.

>what's chimpin Kawaii??
Well, was relaxing after uploading all of the Cherish model sets, then I decided to log back in on this fine Saturday night.
indeed, you already know ;)
dude, you clearly have no idea who you are talking to.
this post >>22160 was not being ironic.
Roo is probably the biggest reportcucked oldfag ever to post on a pedo board and is personally responsible for getting more questionable pics and vids deleted than probably the mods themselves kek.
he keeps our clearnet boards alive and 'clean' which is why the edgy CP posters hate him and call him an 'anti' all the time.
you seriously need to lurk moar and find out who people really are tbh.
>seriously need to lurk moar and find out who people really are tbh
You're right and wrong. Lurking on boards like this is what I used to do. However I did jump feet first in to this one.
I thought I was friends with Roo but I do know he's reported stuff that looks spammy, and that shit we don't need. It can get this place taken down or however that works.
Oh well, what's done is done. And I thought that >>22160 was not ironic, therefore my interpretation.
spam is the least of our worries here.
the actual CP and the rule-breaking NN stuff which is so edgy that it basically qualifies as CP is what Roo is so aggressively vigilant about getting deleted.
he tends to have a much more conservative and cautious moderation philosophy than a lot of people which is why he pisses some of them off.
he's not wrong tho, when it comes to keeping these clearnet boards online.
Open file 123.87 KB, 1024x640
The third tiem I fapped yesterday I finished off to picrel.
I wish i could find moar of her.
She is literal perfection in my eyes
Open file 1.08 MB, 640x360

> reportcuck
> Roo is so aggressively vigilant
> he pisses some of them off.
> edgy CP posters hate him and call him an 'anti'

TFW it's all too true---lol.
one's legend develops independent of one's input Roo.
that video lmfao!
Daily reminder to get a bidet for your loli
Open file 117.28 KB, 402x420

> How was the show

Could not possibly say it better than I did this morning here:


Pic related.

"I yam what I yam & dats all what I yam."
-- Popeye


PopIt 2.0??
Open file 148.83 KB, 1080x1349
Open file 177.59 KB, 817x1080
Open file 303.21 KB, 1680x1088
Needs semen deep inside.
This little slut is a blowjob queen.
She suck abgolf ball through a garden hose and suck you dry.
Thank you for your contribution to the anti narrative.
Due to your heroic efforts we will be taking down this website very soon.
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
United States Federal Bureau of Investigation
Open file 149.64 KB, 768x1024
Open file 3.80 MB, 640x424
Open file 25.32 KB, 480x360
serious laughter.gif
Open file 1.45 MB, 288x198
I wouldn't laugh so soon.
We are only here because everything else got shut down
did that post sound like I was laughing?
stupid edgy shit like the post I replied to makes it ten times easier to get this place shut down.
This place and the people who post here are now and have ALWAYS been on the razor's edge of being wiped out by fucks like that. Just for the crime of talking to eachother. This is the most Begin place on the net, and still they come calling. It doesn't matter what we post. It doesn't matter how much good we do for eachother. we are the niggers of the internet. NO ONE WILL EVER BE HAPPY WE HAVE A PLACE TO GATHER. And scaremongering and pants pissing won't change that. You're correct that CP will kill our board, but you miss the forest for the trees in that EVERYTHING will kill this place. ANY excuse they can gin up. Squealing about it does NO good. We police ourselves as well as it is possible for a public space, but its never enough for some. So yes... Laugh. Laugh or you'll never stop screaming. Nigger.
You miss my point.
Everything else is shit down
and you prove MY point.
No amount of policing or censorship will ever appease the shrieking hate-filled bastards who kill these boards. NOTHING. I agree that we should try to keep it as legal as it is possible. but the anxiety ridden, sweaty, hand wringing will do us no good.
Point being, I'm pretty damn sure this place will get shut down eventually but I don't want to be any part of the cause as to why it got shut down.
2019-09-19 05.16[...].jpg
Open file 252.39 KB, 1080x1350
2019-09-19 05.16[...].jpg
Open file 245.08 KB, 1080x1350
This is the list of movies they have watched which is updated after
you don't have to be part of that cause, and you likely won't. But flailing around and shit flinging at other posters won't keep this place any safer than it already is.
So... Do we self moderate or not?
Which is it?
You can't has both
Self moderation is (admittedly in my opinion) NOT forcing your ideal board onto other posters if nothing illegal was posted... you ain't a mod.
Open file 103.68 KB, 444x750
Because common sense is just too much to grasp

>you ain't a mod
Thank d-G.
I can't handle responsibility
>Thank you for your contribution to the anti narrative.
>Due to your heroic efforts we will be taking down this website very soon.
>National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
>United States Federal Bureau of Investigation

I don't think we'd get a warning, especially randomly in the middle of a thread. And why is it only the United States government responsible if say this were true?
Rather than shut the board down, they can look closer at whoever wrote 'blowjob queen...' and perhaps keep the comments cleaner than that.
SCO 071515 1027 [...].jpg
Open file 603.64 KB, 2048x1499
SCO 071515 1030 [...].jpg
Open file 580.00 KB, 1389x2048
SCO 071515 1044 [...].jpg
Open file 585.80 KB, 2048x1315
SCVF 062515 034 [...].jpg
Open file 906.77 KB, 1508x2048
SCVF 062515 351 [...].jpg
Open file 528.24 KB, 1386x2048
Tried to find some plump girls since I thought I saw my friend who said he likes them, so here you go

All legal. Nothing lewd.
the fat handles on number three are lewd. I'm sorry but you failed.
>the fat handles on number three are lewd. I'm sorry but you failed.
well I tried. fuck it ...then again I have to agree with you there
You'be turned sour as of late.
Wat is troubling you?
I'm just grumpy from work stuff, and people getting wrapped around the axles about silly shit here. Trying to sterilize the culture to the point that there is no culture anymore. Trying to appease the beast that will not be fed.
Open file 154.83 KB, 1080x1350
> User XXXX closed a report for post 22209 on thread 21800 on board /cozy/.

What the heck??
I mean...., I'm an obsessive, annoying reportfag with massive Autism & OCD...., but...., who the fuck would report this >>22209 post?!?!?
Somebody here is just prejudiced against Chubby's plump waifus...., plain & simple---lol.
this is an outrage!!

Such a masterpiece, then and now. The attention to detail on this is just stunning. Even the sign you shoot ends up at a different position every time. This must be what having a passion in life must feel like, the product of love.

Good memories on the arcades with this one.
thread no die
Also, just found out the Neo Geo has an active, thriving community, with many many users spanning at least a decade and thousands of posts each. These people have gone into each other's weddings at this point.

Do you think we could ever have something like this?
the weddings would be a bit different, but maybe.
fat is child abuse
and ugly
Kek. Had a sensible chuckle on this. Thanks for lifting my spirits a bit mate.
It can be abuse and neglect thats true.
but you calling them ugly just means I get more chubby girls to love on with my mind powers.
I am very glad I could do that.
a nice laugh is sometimes all we have.
furry guy has big balls
Open file 155.21 KB, 896x1300
>>22222 (checked)
Open file 82.47 KB, 920x654

> big balls

Just like his namesake.
I wish I was stock photo horsey stick
No Aussie worth his Vegemite would touch that beer.
Open file 697.88 KB, 1280x720

But I ain't no Aussie, am I?
don't they have killer ticks in australia?
true, but you ARE a dazzling urbanite who would never stoop so low as to swill redneck suds now are you??
they have killer everything in Australia

Literally every creature in Australia will kill you if given half a chance, tbh.
Open file 183.45 KB, 1080x1350

Truth be told, I don't drink beer or ale...., ever.
It has just never agreed with me, ever since I was a teenager...., I literally get a migraine headache halfway through the 1st one.
Never could figure out why.
If & when I do drink alcohol, I am exclusively a single-malt scotch guy...., neat, of course.
Then there's also the whole "Roo is a stoner thing"...., but everybody knows that---lol.
even koala ?
>fancy scotch..
I am not shocked you are a man of taste.
I once had the pleasure of a glass of Glenfiddich that was old enough to drink it self.. but I can't afford to make a habit out of that.
they are viscous little cunts from what I hear.
Open file 83.29 KB, 1000x728
Open file 7.08 KB, 200x120
Hey, sometiems a simple stockphoto will get the job done
Open file 78.58 KB, 1080x1350

Oh...., just noticed this post.
It's an odd mix:
> We Bought a Zoo
> Jurrasic World
> Leon
> Hounddog

I strongly suspect that our playlist would be a bit more "edgy" than theirs is---lol.
you know how certain anons feel about edgyness Roo... w-we shouldn't provoke them.
Open file 129.89 KB, 1080x1350

Glenfiddich is what I keep at home...., best quality vs acceptable pricepoint.
>a-acceptable price point... Y-Yes... S-ure...
Open file 101.69 KB, 1080x1350

By edgy, I mean like "Pretty Baby" with Brooke Shields---lol.
That film would be too risque for the waifuist crowd, I think.

Also...., this girl has a super weird nose.
Not trying to be mean...., but, damn.
>master has given Dobby clothes...
> User XXXX closed a report for post 22209 on thread 21800 on board /cozy/.
wait, my post was reported? for real? wtf, wasn't breaking any rules... how was this even found?
Open file 65.70 KB, 1080x1349

You have to take into account that a fifth of good scotch will last you as long as 4 cases of beer buzz-wise...., you also feel a lot better after the fact.
this is true, but who am I to judge I am currently enjoying some Rye grain Wodka from Poland. which was quite economical.
its a conspiracy
I just can't believe it. I was trying to make someone's day, and be jokingly. .... just wow. Idk what to say
well you did make someones day and the jokes were good.
console your self in that, but some people are dicks.
Open file 87.72 KB, 1080x1350

> how was this even found?

It is oldfag magical hackery...., you have to know the secret handshake & use your x-ray glasses in order to see it---lol.
Not really.
Open file 79.23 KB, 426x621
Pls, fren.
Do not fret.
For everybody is reported, all of the tiem
>User XXXX
Open file 6.22 KB, 687x177
ah, found it... momentary dumbness

>well you did make someones day and the jokes were good.
console your self in that, but some people are dicks.

Thanks mate
Someone sure is in to posting flexible girls tonight. Eh, Roo?
Open file 95.14 KB, 540x720
the 'pedo-ish' movies are reserved for special occasions...just check the 'watchlist' tab

apparently "Obese" is a valid reason to report a post
Ah, got it (okay?)
And your name was replaced by x's - Sorry about that. I didn't know Anna was a real poster here

It's been a "thing" for a couple of days...., I go through weird phases & the past few days I've been working my way through a whole bunch (literally more than 1000) of unknown Russian loli gymnasts.
You will find that I often do the same thing with little Insta-type fashion models that nobody has ever heard of (like 2nd pic related) for extended periods...., the common denominator being that I post 80-90% "literal who" girls.
strawberry blonde is best blonde
Open file 267.31 KB, 1440x2160
Open file 247.40 KB, 1440x2160
Open file 299.86 KB, 1440x2159
Open file 347.48 KB, 1440x2161
Open file 369.05 KB, 1440x2160
> little Insta-type fashion models that nobody has ever heard of
and this is definitely appreciated, your finds that is, for it puts it in a place where everyone will surely like their modeling.
As for the quoted posts, those are the pics I actually saved. (hasn't been a lot from anyone in a while)
I should post something. Hmmmm *looks after writing this text*

*after writing this text* Models like these, that did a one-time and that's it
Open file 40.63 KB, 720x340

> just check the 'watchlist' tab

Oh, thanks.


> I didn't know Anna was a real poster here

No...., Anna is a surreal poster here.
He is an inscrutable enigma.
Open file 521.78 KB, 1080x1080


I was trying to be discreet...., even though I know it was kinda pointless.
Just seemed to be the courteous thing to do.
Australian beer is trolling our thread!!!!
snitchs get stiches
sneeches get stars... or not.
Open file 126.22 KB, 1100x825
Open file 134.09 KB, 800x1200
wanna cum hard and deep in her
cummed thank u

> samefagged thank u
>Just seemed to be the courteous thing to do.
I realise this now.

ChubbyCuck? Everything okay there bud?

And why post such lewd comments? We may be girl lovers in here, but I just feel we can find much better words to express ourselves than 'cummed' - Not our business.
You're fucking mental, and if you can't give yourself a name, have the kindness of not writing anything in the post field either.
who are you??
I d-don't get to post much because of work, and I don't get to drink much because work... so i am having a confluence of good things, and I don't want the fun to end yet. Also its one of my catch phrases... such as they are... I don't post pics.. because I am a coward, but I do try to foster an environment of pleasant congeniality in these threads even if I ask for spicy things that I know can't be provided.
I am fine just in my cups and not wanting to scream alone into the abyss.
Want to ____ her in that position.
"we can find much better words to express ourselves"
So how do you express "This little girl makes me horny and I want to have sexual intercourse with her.

reported for lood coment
Open file 256.85 KB, 2000x1500
Open file 226.71 KB, 2000x1500
Open file 221.76 KB, 2000x1500
Open file 177.83 KB, 2000x1500
Open file 178.22 KB, 2000x1500
>"we can find much better words to express ourselves"
>So how do you express "This little girl makes me horny and I want to have sexual intercourse with her.

Such as this:
(at crudest) would sure love to be in the bed with these cuties
Open file 278.32 KB, 1262x1829
>I am fine just in my cups and not wanting to scream alone into the abyss.
Screaming in to the void along with you there buddy
have another glass of water
not a terrible idea
Open file 197.30 KB, 640x1136
So sad.
>tfw not with Eva in Monaco

Lots of nice movies there

Nothing wrong with 8 though
My problem is with aging in general.
Yeah I know. Birthday posts are always a reminder of the inevitable
Open file 50.76 KB, 600x600
Open file 85.21 KB, 628x948
Open file 30.44 KB, 474x470
th (1).jpeg
Open file 28.63 KB, 332x498
Africans are the superior race.
what do you do when they age beyond your aoa? you find a new love and get rid of the old one by divorce
Open file 81.54 KB, 960x1280

For me personally i still love Anna but i was slowly losing passion for her, so finding Sofia has allowed me to slowly transition instead of completely dropping Anna at a later date

The content from Kira over the last few months has been pure trash
One reason I am non-contact, but honestly its mostly the girl who will grow up and forget the guy. I think I would be able to transfer that romantic love into adulthood but there is always a chance of problems so my philosophy is to try to do no harm.

I hope for an afterlife where I can have a loli that never ages and we can be together forever!

ChubbyCuck is right though. Todd Knickerson and Enderwiggins have been on twitter ranting for years now and they will never be excepted even though they are "virpeds". The attraction alone is enough to hate us forever. They don't understand that alienating non-contacts actually endangers kids. The real monsters like Peter Scully are exposed by their own community not by LEA alone. The problem is the antis cannot separate us from the sadistic and sociopathic people who are in every community.
Open file 1.22 MB, 1800x1200
Open file 1.54 MB, 1200x1800
Antis don't understand that its not just sexual attraction. I am romantically and emotionally attracted to little girls. There is a little girl I play with in the summer that I miss greatly. She brings me joy and happiness. I would never hurt her in any way.
Open file 149.50 KB, 1370x2048
Open file 188.92 KB, 1370x2048
Open file 210.68 KB, 1370x2048
Open file 317.65 KB, 2048x1372
Open file 258.48 KB, 1206x1800
I use to play with my nieces when they were young. I love them and miss them a lot, but now they are all grown up and forgot all about me. I never hurt them either. It is always assumed that just because we are the way we are we must be leaving a wake of victims. Its not true.

I use to joke and laugh a lot and deny reality because I knew if I stopped laughing I would begin crying and I don't know if I would ever stop. Little girls are the only thing that can bring any tears to my eyes. I can take physical and mental pain but this is different. I feel empty and dead inside knowing I can never have any meaningful relationships. This is why I hope for something better in the afterlife. Wouldn't that be a surprise to people if a pedophile could make it into Heaven? We are hated by even the lowest of the low. Even in jail and prison we are the lowest on the totem pole.
2019-09-22 06.42[...].jpg
Open file 161.97 KB, 1024x1820
2019-09-22 06.42[...].jpg
Open file 246.89 KB, 1024x1820
I know that feel so bad bruv, I need a girl to love and cherish.
Who is that girl? She's probably Russian or something. But I have long been delighted when she pops up in lots of popular top ten list type youtube videos.
Open file 1.48 MB, 1200x1800
Open file 1.40 MB, 1200x1800
Open file 1.83 MB, 1800x1200
Open file 1.29 MB, 1200x1800
Open file 1.69 MB, 1200x1800
Sometimes antis ask what evolutionary advantage Pedophiles provide for the human race. Here is one example.

Baby girls are historically less wanted than boys. They sometimes get abandoned. Those of us who love girls wouldn't just leave one to starve on the street. If I could I would take them home and care for them. I would be like this farmer I would have dozens of little girls, but in our society women abort babies they don't want or outright kill them. Also its not easy to take in a random baby and raise it.
>I use to joke and laugh a lot and deny reality because I knew if I stopped laughing I would begin crying and I don't know if I would ever stop. Little girls are the only thing that can bring any tears to my eyes. I can take physical and mental pain but this is different. I feel empty and dead inside knowing I can never have any meaningful relationships. This is why I hope for something better in the afterlife
I wanted to contribute to the conversation, and wanted to say that I feel very similarly to this. I was born this way, and since I know, then I also know that I'll never hurt anyone, and if there is a God, he'd understand that he made us that way. Sometimes love sees no age.
I like to see people like you being even more real and honest than is usual even on a site like this. It's very lonely and difficult for most pedophiles. Who would choose this? It's an almost impossible life.

Like you, I also would love to even get to spend time with little girls, I love them more than anything and it's often hard to think of much else. But for many of us, it's very hard to even get in contact with them.
2019-09-17 09.37[...].jpg
Open file 293.03 KB, 1080x1080
2019-09-17 09.37[...].jpg
Open file 290.96 KB, 1080x1080
2019-09-17 09.37[...].jpg
Open file 309.77 KB, 1080x1080
Open file 59.76 KB, 779x600
That's why you keep one in your cabinet in case of emergencies
Open file 64.93 KB, 600x800
But remember they do need food & water, you know, basic care/routine
Imagine having a herd of a dozen cute little girls all love you wouldn't that be the life.

I'm barely getting by, I can't have absolutely any contact with LGs for at least 3 months.

nice pics, the uggo baby is always anoying.
Open file 499.49 KB, 1200x1800
Open file 536.66 KB, 1800x1200
Open file 483.70 KB, 1200x1800
Open file 452.95 KB, 1800x1200
Open file 469.07 KB, 1200x1800

I am exclusive but I've tried to force myself to masterbate to adult women. I started out with Tokyodolls who are all 18+. I am able to get sexually aroused by them but I have no inclinations of emotional or romantic like feelings. Its pure sexual and only for really young women. I am not attracted to most girls who are over 18. It slowly diminishes to zero really quick. Emotionally and romantically its even worse 5-12. Once they hit 12 I find them less and less attractive with a few rare exceptions.
There are actually a lot of points in favor of pedo, not just against. But like some other things, we are only allowed to hear and discuss one side of the argument.

Evolution really explains a lot of things in life. Usually things haven't evolved a certain way, like pedos and gays, for it not to have some beneficial purpose to the particular life-form.

Especially in poor countries, but to a lessor degree even in wealthy countries, there are a lot of people who barely give a fuck about kids, sometimes even their own.

It makes perfect sense for nature to make a type of people who are oriented towards kids, so that type of people will be there to make sure the kids are at least not abandoned and let die.

Even if as a last resort type of thing, hardly anyone really wants to die, and the rational view is that they still have to be better off alive with a pedo than dead without.

Nature must have considered it the best. Survival is what nature cares about. So we had an important purpose but now we are considered trash. Who knows how many kids were saved by pedos in this way in history?
Zheze fans deserve public beatings by other pedos, they dont have a good taste in cunnies.
Open file 1.63 MB, 1800x1200
A dozen or more cute little girls who love me would be called Heaven. I would wake up happy every single day and never get bored of it.
>I am exclusive but I've tried to force myself to masterbate to adult women. I started out with Tokyodolls who are all 18+. I am able to get sexually aroused by them but I have no inclinations of emotional or romantic like feelings. Its pure sexual and only for really young women. I am not attracted to most girls who are over 18. It slowly diminishes to zero really quick. Emotionally and romantically its even worse 5-12. Once they hit 12 I find them less and less attractive with a few rare exceptions.
Just about identical to me. Age range and everything.
> I would wake up happy every single day and never get bored of it.
One would think ... when in reality you'd have to spend all of your paycheck on child-care whilst you work, give each one individualised attention, and being all girls you'd have a lot on your plate with them being jealous of one another... but all n all would still be mostly fun
>you'd have to spend all of your paycheck on child-care whilst you work
If you had enough children of your own whats stopping you from advertising that and taking care of others children?
Open file 1.23 MB, 1800x1200
Don't know if my dad is a pedo or not but he did jump out of a moving car 20 mph to pull a baby girl in a car carrier out of the way of her mother backing over her.

I personally took a toddler back into a church who had strayed out and was walking into a busy street.

I think pedophiles save more kids than they hurt, especially in impoverished countries. Survival is more important than the risk of possible sexual contact. I mean damn some antis compare it to death which is exaggerated.
We're so similar, I bet you like Japanese girls as well. (see attachments)

>advertising that and taking care of others children
True, that could be your source of income. Then again there's quite a few who have their reservations on a male sitter. I'm lucky and don't have that issue, but that's all I should say about that.
Open file 210.14 KB, 960x1200
Open file 1.14 MB, 1200x1800
I have a large family. I would do it in an instant.

Single white guy in his mid to late 30's advertising that he wants to be around kids, especially little girls would trigger the antis.
Open file 107.56 KB, 1080x719
I'd love to have a nice house with art like this in it, perhaps in the next life
Open file 46.60 KB, 604x453
Open file 194.68 KB, 1200x1600
>Single white guy in his mid to late 30's advertising that he wants to be around kids, especially little girls would trigger the antis.
That's rather what I was thinking, that chances are slim. But having a large family helps. Perhaps some lg's have friends you could gain their trust, and have your family and their friends over for a little pool party and maybe a sleepover ;)
Open file 1.24 MB, 1200x1800
Everyone would be skeptical at best. Women make up 99% of all caregivers. Even though women are more likely to kill them. Look at the case in Iowa with Autumn Elsmerga. Little girl was cold and didn't want to remove her jacket and the daycare worker body slams her head first into the floor killing her.
Open file 353.70 KB, 1080x1350
wtf, don't you guys ever discuss nice things?
Open file 102.68 KB, 800x1200
I like your post, but this art is cute as well.
bruv you need some spaces.
Open file 1.26 MB, 1200x1800
Sowy :( Stuff like that bothers me so it stays on my mind. I feel bad for that little girl. She was just a cute baby girl.
Open file 87.30 KB, 540x800
Open file 71.60 KB, 534x800
Open file 56.73 KB, 450x800
Open file 285.40 KB, 1600x1444
> Women make up 99% of all caregivers
That's because the world still hasn't understood that females are also attracted to lg's (and most likely boys too) And like you said, are more likely to kill them. Girls together rarely get along, and this estrogen sees no age when personalities clash. That's why the daycare worker saw no boundaries and did what she did.

[posting random pics while we talk]
Didn't I see this spammy post before? Like it filled the board either yesterday or the day before

>wtf, don't you guys ever discuss nice things?
All this is nice stuff
Open file 366.32 KB, 1080x1266
well thanks now it will stay in my mind, until I can block it out
If you look at babysitting sites, there are probably 5 to 10 percent male sitters advertising. I don't know if they get much business. But it doesn't appear that a male just advertising as a babysitter triggers a police investigation or anything. I used to think it did too, till I actually looked at these sites, and there are a decent number of men. Of course, they don't mention anything about little girls.
Open file 1.10 MB, 2816x1880
Open file 403.60 KB, 1600x1200
Open file 1.31 MB, 2592x3872
Open file 301.72 KB, 605x807
Like the film Daddy Daycare. They made it work.
And how the above scenario is a good thing is it shows the world that women being in charge, bad things still happen, they just now have to accept that men don't automatically go to sexual thoughts. As for me, I give the respect to a girl that she deserves, in turn I am respected.

Women will easily take a little girl as a rival. They can and do get jealous of little girls. I believe this is part of why they are so against pedos. Women will actually get really jealous if you pay a lot of attention to a little girl instead of them.


Look at the thighs on that girl! Super sexy! Some little girls have almost the identical sexy legs of a young woman and people want to say with a straight face that they aren't hot. What liars.
Open file 191.62 KB, 1110x1089
Open file 300.06 KB, 1600x1200
Open file 375.96 KB, 1125x1500
Open file 74.05 KB, 600x800
Open file 247.06 KB, 678x1024
>wanna fuck these little whores deep in there pussy. they are begging for it
Then we have this shit, people who can't control themselves ...
Try to say clean things about these photos here. I bet you can't
>Women will actually get really jealous if you pay a lot of attention to a little girl instead of them
....why I am currently not married (but again, is already more than I should say)
very true, indeed... very true
ayy m8s I have a newthread idea should I make a new thread this thread is autosaging.
Open file 119.12 KB, 1280x853
what's her name again?
no imagination either, I figured you'd say something perhaps about what's going on in the 2nd picture below, or about the ice cream, but nope, straight to the point.
>ayy m8s I have a newthread idea should I make a new thread this thread is autosaging.
Does that mean this thread is finally over limit? I keep thinking we would be on a new thread each time I log back in. No idea what autosaging is, I thought it had something to do with the auto-updating it does.
Open file 58.62 KB, 435x677
You forgot your trip Vols.

someone has to create a new thread and make up a topic each time the previous one fills up with replies, there is not some magic pedo AI machine that creates loli threads.
Type: Posting deletion *Global*


Board: cozy

Time: 09/22/2019 14:36:12

User Anna deleted the following posts: 22351 from board /cozy/.

imagination post is against rule?
Open file 148.27 KB, 768x1024
Open file 146.43 KB, 768x1024
Before a new thread, I wanted to post these right quick.
>If you look at babysitting sites, there are probably 5 to 10 percent male sitters advertising.
Remember, bath time isn't always that easy, lol
>someone has to create a new thread and make up a topic each time the previous one fills up with replies, there is not some magic pedo AI machine that creates loli threads.

---topic, eh? Perhaps 'Sleepover Style' (but then you need a thread song and all that) guess I'm not creative enough
Go to bed Blanna Banana and have cucky dreams of me cumming inside Miss Pavaga while you watch in the corner.

I'll look thru my folders
>imagination post is against rule?
If you could extend your vocabulary then it probably wouldn't have happened. But I didn't report it either. It was just magically gone whilst hoping to come up with a new topic theme.
words are no harm
>what is feeding a troll?
if you keep giving him attention by feeding him (you)'s then he keeps posting cringe.
that's how it works in troll land.

that's not Vols dumbass.
Open file 143.47 KB, 960x1280
after 500 replies in a single thread it auto anchors which means as new threads are made it will slowly sink to the back being unable to be 'bumped'
basically a useless feature on this board

probably shouldn't post the exact thing you just got banned for

even nano knows you are false flagging
What do you mean about bathtime?

Do babysitters commonly give baths? After seeing some male babysitter ads on a site, I was almost able to imagine they might get lucky enough to babysit a little girl occasionally.

But I'm having an even harder time imagining them getting to give a little girl a bath. How many parents would allow some man they hired online to do that? It sounds like you would have to be as lucky as a lottery winner to me. I just find it hard to imagine. But the people that take a male babysitter, are they going to give him different rules?
Ah, much appreciated. I get it now.

Same reply to
but sometimes I get worked up, in hopes people would see, but that won't ever happen or they wouldn't attempt to ruin our day this way
banned for imagination post?
why. no rule is broke
>Do babysitters commonly give baths?
It depends on the
A.) level of trust / or relationship (if any)
B.) the girl's age
C.) the time at night in which you'll need to care for her
Open file 62.72 KB, 800x600
Open file 129.68 KB, 589x785
Open file 186.07 KB, 1600x1067
I'm just waiting for the 'New Thread' post. So, upon waiting, I suppose I'll post a few cuties to pass time.
Open file 276.12 KB, 1080x1350

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