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unknown French Kissing A Nymphet Anonymous 10/19/2019 12:11:32 No. 6587 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 132.16 KB, 2000x2000
What's it like to french kiss a 10 year old loli?
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That already happens on webcams, and there's so much of it I don't see how anyone could even try to put a cap on it.
Girls with cams will ultimately decide what happens next. I'm looking forward to hundreds or thousands of cuties who are clearly under 10 but say they're 12-13 hoping that more boys will notice (which I think is adorable btw) doing livestreams and saying stuff like "If you give us a like we'll twerk nay-kedd!!!"
Then eventually the argument will move from how do we stop it to should the girls be allowed to keep donations from their fans (obviously yes). Once LE is so overwhelmed by how much harmless fun content is being put out (and we're kinda there already) they'll have no choice but to focus on more important things instead.
There I go dreaming again.

I came.
Like kissing her cunny, but wetter.
12 was the youngest i've kissed, and i was a handsome young man in my 20s when it happened so it doesnt count.

>as much.
Probably like french kissing a 6 year old loli but worse.

This is only a test Anonymous 10/25/2019 08:46:45 No. 7146 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 308.51 KB, 1200x1200
There are no wrong answers as long as you answer honestly.
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first i would count them correctly. there are 6, not 7.
>>7254 I was answering the OP's question then posing another, obviously.
The first one is already a dime and even possibly the hottest.
Yulya all day and night forever
who is that?

Youtube Thread Anonymous 10/06/2019 08:44:19 No. 5427 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 206.61 KB, 1280x1791
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Can you stop posting all these ugly Hebe shitskins
>I don't like!
whoopty doo faggot
Adolf got triggered

Romances ruined because of laws Anonymous 06/24/2019 08:02:15 No. 470 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 132.83 KB, 600x704
its cheaper to kill your preggo hebe gf than it is if you would of kept her alive. society these days...
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Open file 178.21 KB, 1200x900
>First time hurt every girl when she lose hymen adult or child
Not necessarily. The hymen has a small degree of pliability and can be stretched not to mention gymnasts and dancers who accidentally break they hymens doing routine training exercises. The first time doesn't have to hurt at all if you are gentle and patient. I have never caused any pain to any of the daughters I have fucked although I do get a bit rough once their past 16.

Also, these girls are lesbian lovers.
He probably had the 2R allele of the MAO-A gene which is more likely to cause unnecessary violent behavior. Plus, culturally, the Anglosphere, and Britain in particular, seem to have really violent tendencies for some reason.

he lived every man's dream and killed her for it.

let him rot.
Also, this.
The story's sad and all, but imagine coming in her...

Pedophilia is a rational response to the modern dystopian dating market Anonymous 10/18/2019 03:04:47 No. 6451 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 315.48 KB, 1080x1346
Since Tinder, women now just share one really hot guy among several women.

This works like a digital harem and leaves most men out. We now live in a situation like the middle east, with sheiks hogging all the women, many wives each. This is very unfair, but what can we do?

I'm not going to sit here thinking much about women that choose joining a harem over us. I instead aim my feelings towards under 10 girls. They really need to at least let us cope some with pedophilia.
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Many guys see almost any girl as desirable. So girls can get guys at will.

But many girls only desire top 20% of guys. So only 20% of guys can get someone without extreme luck.

Dating sites released stats showing this, it's not an incel invention.
there will always be more desirable and less desirable.

but some lazy ass believes in equality of outcome
You didn't even read the article, lazy ass.
Open file 32.87 KB, 512x512
Why do you care "Tinder women" let alone any women here? Just fap to cute and innocent little girls to shoo your sexual frustration away bro like most of us.

Lol pedo bear... I'm in the desirable stare but if I want a girlfriend I can get it... it's about effort sometimes... last person I dated took me a month to get her it's not impossible it's just hard

Anonymous 10/05/2019 00:35:22 No. 5310 locked Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 127.87 KB, 1024x1536
Does anyone know where candydoll bought these ballerina outfits? I've always wondered how these studios find erotic outfits that fit young girls.
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Would love to find outfits like that to fit my little one

These outfits were custom made-to-order from a professional seamstress in Kazakhstan

And you would know this how?
Did Laura B do any video with her in the white leopard two piece?

If you have an example image, it helps people out tremendously.

Anonymous 11/03/2019 01:34:08 No. 7680 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 160.09 KB, 729x985
Open file 83.48 KB, 540x720
Open file 141.45 KB, 1000x896
Open file 145.30 KB, 960x720
Open file 133.00 KB, 540x720
Sexy girls.
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Open file 63.14 KB, 600x800
Open file 149.29 KB, 669x796
Open file 90.75 KB, 540x720
Open file 139.46 KB, 800x600
Open file 139.75 KB, 600x800

Videos Anonymous 06/14/2019 20:40:28 No. 175 locked [AUTOSAGE] Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 4.55 MB, 384x640
Post videos of cute LG's here.
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This was a really entertaining thread but it's gradually sliding off the board, it must've hit its bump limit.
Am I seeing right, that she has pedo hearts symbol on her top and she is pointing to them?! :O

What's her name and is this one minute a whole video?
All down! Please re-up using

Anonymous 10/24/2019 11:19:05 No. 7054 Reply Last 50 Posts
pretty face loli 2.jpg
Open file 489.42 KB, 1080x1080
pretty face loli.jpg
Open file 168.31 KB, 1080x1262
Snow nigger or mediterranean?
Open file 975.54 KB, 350x263
Why not both?
both look weird
Only the right one looks weird, the one on left is beautiful.

unknown La niña Melina 09/27/2019 04:33:00 No. 4799 [AUTOSAGE] Reply Last 50 Posts
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She looks like Katelyn Nicole Davis in that picture.
you have a pic on videl pedo love
you have ped love

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