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Anonymous 10/24/2019 04:07:54 No. 7040 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 2.13 MB, 2448x3264
Do you think the age to appear in porn should be lowered? With sexting becoming a huge thing, and people being given a lot of responsibilities at around 16, I think a good age to lower it to would be 14-16. Half of girls this age post softcore porn on their social media accounts anyway.
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Politicans do two things: stay in power and take your money. If they were all replaced by total libertarians who completely wiped the board clean and started over putting individual freedom first then there would be possibilities. I highly doubt this will happen, but it'd be cool to see this sort of disclaimer before videos.

WARNING: All actors involved with the production this feature are under the age of 18 and are appearing with full consent to and knowledge of what they are doing. For educational and/or entertainment purposes only. DO NOT attempt any of this at home.
>the coming millennial majority will vote for less laws
We can only wish, but I doubt of it. The number of (often stupid) laws has grown exponentially everywhere for many decades (or even centuries), and nothing seems able to stop this crazy process.
And the majority of voters will have no obvious reason to give more freedom to pedos. 50% of voters are 18+ women who are anti-pedo for obvious reasons.

>The next generation of voters will have grown up sexting
I don't think it improves anything. Sexual freedom for the majority does not imply tolerance towards demonized people.
I know women who behave as full whores and who are bashing pedos at every single opportunity in any conversation.
When you say pedo bashing are talking about Epstein (even though he wasn't a pedo) or creeps in trench coats hanging around playgrounds? People do love to cling to popular misconceptions but once they learn the truth they'll usually change their minds. Stranger danger is mostly a myth, like drugged/poisoned Halloween candy (never happens). And anytime I see an Amber Alert it's almost always one parent taking their kid away from their spouse or ex without telling them. Most importantly in these cases the kids are returned safely in no more than a few days and sexual acts are almost never involved.
Everything comes in cycles. We've just had a long run of bigger and bigger govt. Now I believe we're about to see it all swing back in the other direction towards more freedom and personal responsibility. We're also a lot more informed than we used to be. Access to info isn't an issue, only access to correct data.
As with the drug war, tougher laws didn't help and now it's being scaled way back. I've seen attitudes change about drug addicts and LGBTQ+ and it wouldn't surprise me if the Stanhope idea of "stay home and jerk off, just don't F kids" is accepted more in the near future.
We'll see. One reason why misconceptions stick around for so long is that they go unchallenged. Once everyone sees how lumping all of the deviants in with the dangerous predators only makes it harder to catch the real criminals, they'll come around.
Porn sites don't even age verify anymore. You go to places like Xhamster or Xvideos and bam, there's full length porn videos. How many underage kids are fapping and rubbing themselves to it everyday?
Kids are generally way smarter and more capable than most people want to admit, especially when it comes to sex and drugs and other things they're told to stay away from. And if webcam footage is any indication, the girls tend to mature and wanna get freaky way earlier than boys.

Anonymous 10/17/2019 01:49:27 No. 6339 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 812.88 KB, 2304x3456
Should simulated CP be legal? As in CP made with special fx and CGI. For example, girl is filmed humping pillow in bikini which is then removed in post production and superimposed over a nude guy, giving the impression they are having sex without any real contact or nudity in real life
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You could argue that guys are only as good as our options allow us to be. But no real pedo would ever harm a child, and actual criminals don't care about the laws.
That said, the laws concerning CP aren't decreasing the amount of CP being created or viewed, just as the war on drugs hasn't decreased the amount of drugs being sold and used. And those who make the laws aren't about to risk losing an election by legalizing unapproved masturbation. It's up to LE to stop wasting their time and our money on harmless pervs who fap in front of the computer so they can go after kidnappers, rapists, and killers instead. People would actually respect and support them a whole lot more if they did.
You've been watching too much Law and order SVU. They have an episode where they simulate an woman's face into a child. A grown lady modeling and the studio made her to look like a child and the funny thing that it is completely legal and they made money off it. That's why I don't like those nn and studio pics, shit can be fake at.
That reminds me, when they finally got around to raiding Michael Jackson's property they found (among many things) a secret room and porn with kids' faces placed over some of the adults' bodies. There were also life sized dolls dressed as boy scouts.
As for Law and Order, there are vids on YT where a real lawyer explains scene by scene how that's NOT how it goes down in court. Perhaps the best summary of our legal system came from Murray Richman during an old show by Errol Morris.
"All courtrooms are theaters. It's good to know the law, it's good to know the facts, it's better to know the judge."
Alternatives to real co have already been into production in Japan you can literally go into a store and but a sex doll you can choose any age, but then at the same time you can leave with the dolls outside of Japan. I think a better Idea would be to mix VR and sex dolls. There are a couple of VR simulators I know where you have sex with K* if you now add a sex doll in the formula visually ,auditory and physically you would be experiencing sex with a K.but that's just my view and I think it's something that can be done in this day and age..
One of these days I've gotta go to Japan. They love lolis so much I heard some businesses hire women with high squeaky voices to answer phones. And then there's Akihabara, a mecca for gamers and girl lovers alike.
Still I can't get into lifeless dolls. I prefer the method where you induce a dreamlike state and have a fantasy with all senses fully active. Of course then they'd really try to ramp up the whole thought crimes thing even more than they do now.

Why didn't Bratayley get de-platformed over the flashing? Anonymous 10/21/2019 02:59:06 No. 6755 Reply Last 50 Posts
Why didn't Bratayley get de-platformed for Hayley flashing breasts at 10yo last year? Why wasn't it a huge deal? I'm glad it wasn't, I think kids should be able to show their body.

But I would have expected antis to demand de-platforming, like they did to the little girls acting like babies account that had 8 mil subs. How did it get by this time?
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Good little video. Wish there were more Bratayley 'incidents'
It could be a great show, Little Girls Gone Wild. But it'll never happen cuz, you know, laws and stupid people and stuff.
Imagine what could leak if there wasn't so much hysteria.
I'm certain that countless more vids will come out and be freely available. As technology advances it'll only get better and easier to find and nobody will be able to shut it down. Even if they tried can you imagine the outrage if a thousand preteen girls were arrested for exploiting themselves and LE keeps insisting that they're somehow "rescuing" these "children" by putting them in prison and then making them register for life along with the other sexual deviants?

Good Youtube channels for girllovers? Anonymous 10/03/2019 22:02:56 No. 5219 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 119.86 KB, 900x900
What are some of your favorite Youtube channels? One of mine is TwoSistersToyStyle. Have you seen it before? What do you think of the two little girl stars?

Can you name some others that we girllovers might like?
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Oh, and I forgot the percent of videos that have useful content, which is all but the only limiting factor for my system. You'd think that pedo sites would narrow down the girls' videos and show a substantially higher amount of useful videos than you could get just by batch scanning their videos, and if you're lucky, edit the videos so that pedophiles only get the ovary-inseminating view, but nope, they just post random JPEGs only showing the face.
Here are a couple videos of Zhenya in the correct position to be impregnated, that nobody will like due to everyone else being toddler fuckers.
Irony in the toddler showing up in the thumbnail. But I'm not editing these now, when there are much better space gains to be had from Italian beauty pageants or deleting the useless newer Dream Studios videos (almost all of them are useless)
She's lucky she doesn't like in America. A whole groidle would try to steal the shoes off her shirt.

Anonymous 10/15/2019 13:20:45 No. 6178 locked Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 189.52 KB, 767x913
Anybody know who the girl from the 404 page is? Looks like Anna Pavaga but can't find this pic anywhere.
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Open file 109.41 KB, 768x1024
she's always been one of my favorites, so cute!
It's the best 404 picture ever. It softens the blow well. It's not like anybody here would mind seeing it a lot. It's quite lovely.

But what exactly is the origin of the photo? Can't find the original anywhere, despite countless reverse image searches. Is it from FB? Instagram? VK?
Open file 368.35 KB, 1080x1043
Its a 2016 post from her private VK group

TPI WALS Husband katie 09/22/2019 19:28:29 No. 4536 [AUTOSAGE] Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 3.56 MB, 3456x5184
New thred
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Open file 640.35 KB, 1824x2736
Hanna 2018
Do you have these two? :o
Oooo Hanna got thick I love thick ladies

who is that in Ik91UHR.jpg

Should we "get help" like the antis say? Anonymous 10/18/2019 04:31:31 No. 6461 Reply Last 50 Posts
Should we "get help" like the antis say?

1. Get reported and recorded as possible predator. Possible watch-list.

2. Stern old lady looks at us with judging eyes like the poor loli in the pic, and reads to us from an anti book. Few know much about us, so this is how it's likely to go down.

3. We pay her $50 an hour or more to do this.

4. Rumors may leak and spread.

5. You may be forced to pay this for years or rumors will definitely spread. AKA blackmail. And nobody would care because you're a pedo.

6. You will be auto-guilty of any accusation. Well even more than men usually are because you are an admitted pedophile.

Sounds like a good idea, yeah? Let's all go get help guys!
Normies are completely psychologically un-equipped to deal with certain informations. This is also why
This is also the reason why aliens (or inter-dimensional beings) dont get revealed by the government. There are things the normies just cant psychologically handle. Dont do it.
You actually only need help if you're some schizophrenic psycho about to snap any second and attempt to kidnap a little girl. If they merely arouse you then that's part of your personal sexual interests/kinks/fetishes/whatever and by just keeping it to yourself no one gets hurt but possibly yourself if it causes you distress.
Please allow me to save you a lot of time, money, and aggravation.
Picture yourself in someone's office. They look at your file and say, "You're a piece of shit. You will always be a piece of shit. Now, take these pills, shut your mouth, sit in the corner and think about what a worthless helpless piece of shit you are. OK, our time's up for today. Be sure to come back tomorrow so you can sit with a bunch of guys just like you and remind each other what pieces of shit you all are."
This is individual and group therapy in a nutshell. Typically it's $80-100 a week to learn that masturbation leads to rape, inhaling ammonia is an effective cure for arousal, and the only "solutions" to pedophilia are chemical castration or incarceration.

Or you can just stay home, save the money, and continue to NOT have sex with kids.
Treatment can work but it's often excessive and counter productive.

unknown Star Sessions Niqqa Killer 10/18/2019 06:51:11 No. 6465 Reply Last 50 Posts
Is it worth buying a 4k monitor to watch the 4k resolution videos and 4k picture sets Star Sessions made?

The only use for the monitor would pretty much be Cheese Pizza and not much 4k CP even exists in the first place.... Not only that but I'd have to plug it in and set it up on the desk and then unplug it and store it somewhere else when not in use, which seems like a pain in the ass.

What is your thoughts anon?
10 posts and 9 images omitted.
VLC grabs the original frame regardless of the display resolution. Those are the actual quality of the video. They are technically 4k but it looks like the video is just slightly sharpened 1080p footage upscaled to 4k.

The photos are obviously high quality DSLR pics though
If you have to ask you are too dumb to understand.

Go back to work, boomer.
Open file 22.65 MB, 854x480
Open file 904.62 KB, 1704x2272
Im asking because I've seen tons of people saying 4k video is irrelevant as your eyes are moving around to watch the video, obviously for pictures its far superior but i want to know how much better. Also the max benefit of 4k resolution is like what 50 inches screen 5 feet away?

Oh interesting, maybe it is i just watched the video on my 1920x1080p gaming setup and the video is super crisp and the rocks look insane, i checked the bitrate for the video and its 16mps, it could be up scaled with high bitrate i guess. Star sessions was VERRRY popular last year and i assumed the hype was for good quality CP finally but even file size is kinda small if it was 4k, the video i have is 1.3gb.
Maybe I did fuck up tho if you check the video can you tell me if its 4k or upscaled

I downloaded the video last year and cant be fucked uploading it but here is the same location in a yellow bikini

Extraction pass:
Do you have the video of her dancing in the shower in a bikini?

TikTok Anonymous 10/09/2019 21:43:17 No. 5781 Reply Last 50 Posts
download (2).mp4
Open file 3.40 MB, 576x1024
TikTok thread.

These 2 hotties are from Switzerland. One of them has their zipper undone, the other has some serious cameltoe going on. You know they fucked before they made this video.
8 posts and 3 images omitted.
Mmmm take those all the way off
I disagree, the pants accentuate her hip movements. She's hotter in that outfit than if she was naked.

100% agree. Not only am I into little girls but I have a bit of a clothing fetish too. A well dressed girl is better than any nude girl
download (16).mp4
Open file 3.41 MB, 540x960
>A well dressed girl is better than any nude girl
True tbh.

A Youtube family agreed to have their kid make me a birthday video for pay Anonymous 09/21/2019 16:24:33 No. 4405 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 181.41 KB, 2048x1024
Back in May, I had requested the little girl in a well known Youtube family make me a birthday video. She was about to do it, when I called it off myself.

It was not really because of what the family might think. They just quoted me a price when I asked, and not ask why I would want that, lol. Some of these family clearly care more about making money than who exactly they make it from.

I just felt like a bit too much a freak and decided not to go through with it. I wouldn't rule something like that out another time, though. You have to allow yourself some fun even as a law-abiding pedo.
Open file 976.99 KB, 2434x3650
Nothing wrong with it in and of itself. Its just risky if they decide to report you for something.

Its just a video and she is just wishing you happy birthday. The money helps her and her family. Its not going to traumatize her or anything.
Hey everyone I'm new on the site and want to know how I can be safe as I can and be able to start a collection. Right now I'm using my phone with a VPN and tor browser. What else do I need/should use? Thank you everyone for the info u might provide. I want to find info on this but I'm not gonna search normal means for obvious reasons so I'm here asking everyone what you might be already doing
>Right now I'm using my phone with a VPN and tor browser.
I've seen more than one place that you shouldn't use both together. I'm unsure why though. One or the other should suffice.
don't use phone
don't use vpn
use encrypted computer with linux and Tor Browser

Buy an extremely cheap phone and use a VPN. Make sure you have the same type of phone as a backup so you can throw the other away.

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