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Anonymous 10/18/2019 00:07:27 No. 6440 Reply Last 50 Posts
Sexy. Looks like that mainstream commercial is deliberately sexualizing* an 11 year old girl, does it not?

*as if they are never sexual already, but that's what they call it. And looks like what they did.

What commercial are you referring to?

Naughty comics/captions Anonymous 10/17/2019 13:02:28 No. 6391 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 6.85 MB, 3021x3000
Small girls and BIG boys
Open file 337.25 KB, 1436x843
Open file 2.82 MB, 1831x2100
Open file 1.04 MB, 1950x1991

Anonymous 10/05/2019 05:01:22 No. 5327 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 276.33 KB, 1024x683
Share stories of "close encounters" you've had with an LG that almost made you offend.

I was about 16 when this happened. Sister brings 10 year old friend to birthday party. She wants to spend the night. It's summer. They want to camp outside. Parents ask me to camp out with them to watch over them. In the tent, this girl makes a lot of sexual comments and advances towards me. When she falls asleep, her arms are wrapped around me. I had the hardest boner I've ever experienced that night.
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I love those videos of guys jizzing on random women in public. Know of any with LGs? Would love to see some brave motherfucker bust a nut on some girls ass in a toy store or something
god damn that sounds hot
There are a few videos of that. If you are into that sort of thing look for asian cp

There is a whole series (albeit i only have 3 vids) of a Japanese man cumming on asian lolis
1) in a store while she is looking at a book
2) while she is waiting for the train/bus
3) while she is kneeling down showing her pussy and crying (blackmail? idk)
I am very fortunate to have grown up around a lot of horny LGs. Have a few stories to share from least to most interesting.

1. I lost my virginity at age 8 to this 6yo girl. Just your average kids exploring sex. My friend had just learned about sex so he said we should tell the girls when they come over to play. And we did. We convinced them to try it out with us. I got the younger sister (5) and he got the older (8) from our class. We didn't know what we were doing so I just stuck it in her and thrusted until we got bored. It wasn't until I was 12 that I'd have my first orgasm and cum. Looking back I wish I knew that was the goal of sex because I wouldn't continued until I came in her. We were all in the same room so I also got to see my friend and he was clearly watching porn at the time or reading magazines or something because he was going at it like a pro lol

2. At age 12/13 I was at a friend's house and his daughter (10) just discovered what sex is and what joking around with us about it, trying to "gross" us out. We pretended we didn't know what sex was. Eventually she pulled down her pants and started fingering herself to "demonstrate" what sex is. She also humped her pillow. We pretended to be disgusted. Well I assume her brother was genuinely disgusted but I loved the show.

3. This story is about the closest I've come to fucking an LG. I was staying the night at another friends house. I was 14. He went to shower and his 8yo sister was left alone with me (parents out on the town). We decided to play truth or dare while her brother was showering. It soon escalated to me daring her to "play mommy and daddy" and make babies with me. So basically just dry humped in various positions. Then we got into the missionary position and she had this skirt on so I could see her white undies with a little pink bow on them. We essentially just grinded our crotches together for a good 5-10 minutes. I was wearing thin pajamas so it was nearly skin on skin. She got wet and got my pants wet too. In that moment everything fell silent and we just enjoyed the moment. Every week their parents would go out and the same thing would happen. One of the times were "playing" I genuinely came in my pants and it kinda soaked through onto her undies but she didn't notice because they were already wet anyway. That was the first and only time that an LG made me cum from actual contact and not just viewing and jerking off.

Eventually she started becoming embarrassed by what was going on so we switched it up to "doggy style". I assume she didn't want me to know she was getting pleasure out of it.

I am 100% convinced that she knew we weren't just playing. How can you not know what's going on when you've got some guys pipe laid between your ass cheeks while he humps you? Lol I know now that I could've went further but seeing how she turned into one of those "omg every little touch is rape" types, it's probably a good thing it didn't progress to anything more. But that's the best sexual experience I've ever had, even compared to actually having sex with older women. Nothing can explain the chemistry between a teenager and his loli.
Bum Faps? Like Bum Fights but with...oh forget it.

Years ago I knew somebody who assumed I wanted to pay a crackwhore for a BJ. He described her as "a young lady" who wanted to party. She turned out to be a single mom in her late 30s who looked much older. I had no interest in doing anything with her, but she did have two daughters with her, one 5 and one about 3, both very cute and equally friendly. I didn't do anything with them but I did get a few harmless Polaroids of the girls playing while mommy was asleep on the sofa.
I never saw them or their mom or the guy who brought them over again (fortunately). Sadly the photos were lost years later during a move.

Photographing little girls? Anonymous 09/21/2019 13:19:08 No. 4349 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 607.83 KB, 1824x2736
Whether in public or not, I have long wanted to photograph little girls. Have any of you guys done this successfully without getting jailed? Is it hard to do without looking like a creep? I mean, I am a pedophile, like almost everyone else here.

I suppose it's part of the motivation. But is there anything else more beautiful than little girls? I don't think so. Therefore, it makes sense they are the ultimate photo target. Yet with anti pedo hysteria lots pretend that isn't true (girls being very beautiful).

And are always on the watch for "creeps".
There still seems quite a lot of potential issues with it, even though it's not really illegal in and of itself, like some other "pedo" activities. How do you deal with all this and photograph cute girls?
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They wouldn't like it that a random stranger is sneakily taking a photograoph or video of them without their knowledge so why completely disregard their feelings if you genuinely love them?

There are plenty of hidden camera options like the one in the sunglasses or water bottle.

If you get the pen cam, you can even pretend to drop the pen so it rolls under their skirt for a nice shot.

You can also take one of those toy cars with a camera on it to the toy section and nobody will know. You can drive around recording girls.

Another option is a ring camera left in a changing room. You can wait outside to tell them you forgot it so they don't turn it in.

But the easiest option is to simply ask them. Lgs usually don't care about their photos and a lot of parents like to be famous so tell them you run a blog or something and you can take as many pics as you want without worry

The "I'm doing a video for YouTube excuse is great too what people will do for public attention
Very cute pic, her pretty face covered in fresh cream and she's still smiling. I wonder if the guy who squirted it on her went, "abadee abadee That's All Folks!"

On moms, there are many who want to be their daughter's BFF and like to see them having all sorts of fun that they're no longer able to so they can live out some kinda fantasy. But even if mom doesn't approve of it, girls are gonna dress and act in a way that they believe will attract the attention from guys that they crave. I've even heard of moms and daughters working as a team in order to meet guys they can share.

Years ago I was out with friends and we passed an outdoor show by some huge boy band. The crowd consisted of about 1,000 screaming teen and preteen girls. Parents stood at the back and waited for the show to end. I heard one of the moms comment that "any boy who couldn't get laid that night should just cut it off." As the crowd left I watched as all these excited girls passed by, one of whom loudly exclaimed, "OMG! Did you see his ass?" I thought she and her friends couldn't have been older than 12.
They might look young and innocent, but many of them already know.

Well said. Candids do nothing for me. I'd much rather see a happy smiling cutie who likes to show off in front of the camera.
How To Talk To Girls would be a great channel. If I was about 12-14 again I'd do it myself, meeting girls at the mall or the beach and doing interviews about what they like to do for fun, what they like about guys and what they wish we knew about them. As payment they could go shopping for new outfits or costumes (Justice, Party City, possibly Victoria's Secret?) and the only catch is they have to model anything they pick out.

Armpits Anonymous 09/27/2019 21:20:31 No. 4839 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 230.76 KB, 1067x1600
Open file 516.61 KB, 1001x1500
Open file 228.07 KB, 1124x2000
Open file 263.08 KB, 1124x2000
i really love loli armpits, can we get a thread dedicated to this topic?
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Open file 303.80 KB, 1700x2548
>> 5981
Hell yeah. Or maybe, sticky stuff on her chest.
Open file 283.44 KB, 1700x2548
Armpits anyone? - No, I didn't think so somehow!
why remove the katia photo from the above post?
Open file 604.11 KB, 2340x3508
Katia is always being edited and banned, the slightest puff of wind blowing her blouse open and the censors are on to her in a flash.

Explain this! It looks like a GL's wet dream IRL!

Hopefully at least one of them is his daughter and he was just lucky enough to become the focus of her little princess party. And does not really have a loli harem.
>Explain this!
I want to believe. Loli harem. At least one girl relives him of his cum.

Hellsing 10/09/2019 16:04:55 No. 5693 [AUTOSAGE] Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 927.79 KB, 3000x2000
So someone posted some fucked shit in Videos where they switched the audio with some rape shit.

I always feel like a little part of me is gone or eroded or something.
Not nearly as much as a kid in that situation obviously, but it's not something I easily get over.
I can open one of my folders and see a dozen cute smiles, but that suffering stays at the forefront of my mind for however long.
I don't mean to be virtue signally, I just hate that shit with a passion.
5 posts omitted.
I'm not sure if it was the pain but it sounded like she came (grunting) for a moment.
It's amazing. It's my go-to fap when I feel down. She takes it like a pro. At least her pussy takes it like a pro.
Best 40 minutes in existence in my opinion. She's so pretty.
No clue what specific video you mean OP but I've seen videos of that exact same thing. Usually it is in compilations. There was some 20min compilation video on Xvideos a while back. Really hardcore shit but all the audio was rape but the video was just regular penetrative sex.

Really got my dick hard ngl. At one point you hear some LG whispering, "Stop. Stop. Stop....stop......sto-" as she is audibly being choked. She then stops talking but you can hear the guy keep thrusting inside her as his massive balls keep clapping her underage cheeks. Stupid me though didn't save the video. It was around 2am and I needed to sleep for work so figured I could get on my desktop before work to save the file. When I woke up in the morning the video was gone.

I've often imagined going to a 3rd world country to do such things. How blissful that feeling must be.

I'm wrong even if statistics prove me write. Pro male is automatically wrong. It's our brainwashing Anonymous 09/08/2019 10:40:31 No. 3060 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 62.36 KB, 667x1000
The theory is that 80 percent
of women go for the top 20 percent of men. Highest status, best looking, and richest men. There has been data released before by the major dating sites showing this is how women really operate.

It's so true that on Tinder for one, an average man often can't get even one message responded to by any female even after hundreds of tries. There is something very fucked up about this.

It's no wonder so many men are into shemales, video games, little girls, or whatever else to try to get some satisfaction when the opposite gender ignores most of us.

"Women don't owe you" just doesn't do that situation justice at all. Any complaint a man makes about women, we have been programmed to automatically turn it back on the man. "Women don't owe you..."

There are lots of valid criticisms of both genders, but most people only want to talk about the ones against men.

But this is all wrong since men can only be right when they are arguing in favor of women.
21 posts and 5 images omitted.
>>3060 DUDE please give me that girl's name/instagram, she's simply BEAUTIFUL. I have no words, I really need a name for my mental sanity
No, man, you're absolutely right. Men have legitimate grievances, and we're being ignored and hand-waved away at all times.
Indeed, both groups are heavily discriminated against. Ironically, this sort of thing is coming from the left-leaning political segment of the population, the side that advertises itself as the ones that are supposedly against discrimination.
> The theory is that 80 percent of women go for the top 20 percent of men

Well, in reality the "top 20 percent" of men (according women) consist of fucking gross retards that just have the advantage of being muscular or fashionable.

> It's no wonder so many men are into shemales, video games, little girls
Young shemales are often used subconsciously as a substitute for jailbait girls.
>Well, in reality the "top 20 percent" of men (according women) consist of fucking gross retards that just have the advantage of being muscular or fashionable.
Or have a great jawline and bones in the face. The stereotypical Chad.

Anonymous 09/11/2019 01:22:46 No. 3345 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 424.38 KB, 2000x1500
I love you,
You love me,
We're a happy family
21 posts and 32 images omitted.
Open file 470.09 KB, 640x842
>get sent to guantanamo for being a pedo
>they try to torture me by blasting death metal
>joke's on them, I'm a metal fan
Open file 295.56 KB, 1080x1350
Open file 285.35 KB, 1080x1349

Dad and daughter is ideally a controlled incest Anonymous 09/28/2019 21:29:54 No. 4893 Reply Last 50 Posts
The daddy and daughter relationship is ideally a controlled incest. You can touch your daughter anywhere short of the pussy in public and no one will say a thing about it.

Don't Stallone and his loli daughter look like lovers in this picture? If it was a woman we would say it looks definitely romantic and sexual. If it were a man in that position it would be totally gay. I have even seen daddies and daughters flirting like a couple highschoolers in love.

All that said, there is a limit. Unlike the same age lovers, you are supposed to control yourself and not let it go all the way. I don't know that I could handle that. It looks like it would take a lot of mental strength to me.

It sure would even be more fun if daddy could get a little blowie once in a while. It's not bad if it's just with daddy just like with all the other stuff, ass touching and other that is okay when daddy does it, right?
9 posts omitted.
His daughter was hot! What a sexy little girl she was! I think holding kids this way is mostly a free pass to fondle their ass, as Sly is doing in the picture. I always wonder if it's just a normal thing to take these free pass type molestations and enjoy them when you get the chance. Do you really think a dad doesn't enjoy touching his little girl's ass?

Child molestation is massively over-punished considering some types of molestation are just the same thing you can do when you do things like pick up a child (touching ass for one), it's beyond crazy to give 20 years in prison, just because it supposedly has a sexual intention from one person and supposedly doesn't from another. We don't know what's in daddies or mommies mind, or anyone else.
That girl is a bit old to be carried like that and held by her ass. He gets a free pass because he's a millionaire celebrity. People would get suspicious of a regular guy doing it.
Do you guys think he was sexually active with her?
Not all, just a lot more than most people want to admit.

At the elite level it's almost never punished. When you have friends in high places who can make charges and any mention of certain incidents disappear from the public eye there's no limit to what you can get away with.
On the other hand if you're poor, get drunk one night and grab your teen daughter's chest or rear end one time, you might wake up in a cell. From there you lose your job, home, car, all contact with friends and family, and your freedom for about a decade. All to protect the kids, right? I can't imagine how many girls don't tell on daddy cuz they know foster care would be WAY worse.
Better education and prevention is one way to stop abuse and molestation. We don't need more bad laws that will only be used to keep first timers locked up longer. Another thing kids need is somewhere to go where they're not gonna get treated worse than they are at home.

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