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Compilations WW 09/28/2019 20:26:12 No. 4892 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 45.99 KB, 854x480
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Open file 41.27 KB, 640x480
>>8948 Here's an old one. A little primitive, perhaps.


Pass = WW
Open file 66.22 KB, 854x480
Open file 97.88 KB, 854x480
Open file 185.14 KB, 1024x645
Open file 75.67 KB, 854x480
Sunday again...

Seeing as how there's been some talk of cameltoes lately...

Love those CamelDolls
thank you WW
seem to be having trouble downloading from DL.FREE.FR any help???

Blackmail LGL 10/30/2019 02:04:01 No. 7396 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 486.48 KB, 1800x1200
a short work of fiction by LGL
inspired by a NN set from Candydoll AnnieC, a scene from The Godfather part II, and one method that the Deep State uses to control people in positions of power.
pw = LGL
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Open file 381.54 KB, 1607x1054
Lacey was one of my favorites from Newstar/Sweet/TinyModels. I also loved Sweet Gigi and Nikki when she was little. Eventually I'll get around to doing something with some of their sets.

Thanks for all you do HK. Candydoll is a gift that keeps on giving. I just wish somebody would start up a similar studio with younger girls. FL is close but most of their models are women now. However I will always love Lesya. One of my big wishes is for her first 50 sets to be shared in 2020.

do you know if the current fashion land is worth signing up to? i dont think ive seen any sets post 2016 or so. its a bit of a hassle with bitcoin
I've been begging for them to make it simpler but to no avail. I tried setting up an account and the first time I signed in it said I'd been suspended. I think they take DASH as well as BTC and if they offered package deals (like Lesya's first 50 sets for $100) I'd give them my money today. Sadly NN is still treated as barely legal so we're made to jump thru tons of hoops just to see stuff that's actually a lot tamer than what I could DL for free, or possibly even see IRL.
In short, if they really wanted and deserved your business they would take down most of their own roadblocks.
It's tamer than what the girls upload on Youtube, too, until the newfags find out about it and share the girls' accounts
All of you paying for this stuff are suckers. The only thing that's remotely worth paying for I'm aware of is the complete Libby Turner collection, and there you get like 40 videos for $35.

Cgi Anonymous 12/05/2019 05:37:16 No. 11062 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 9.13 KB, 300x214
Open file 249.81 KB, 1080x1080
Some shit I ran across
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G3 Penelope 035.png
Open file 1.10 MB, 1200x900
... haha, it´s just an simple young adult model, Genesis 3, DAZ-Studio 4.1* (Freeware), a littlebit "Stars 2.0" involved, Hips small, weight low, head-scale increased - as simple as that ... some high-heels ... and lights from all around:
Penelope 050.png
Open file 1.12 MB, 1200x900
I think Anon should make us a set of Penelope.
ending up on her knees spread wide open.
I really like where CGI is going. At this rate it won't be long until we all have lg fantasy holodecks at home. I like the chibi models but I'd love to see real girl sims so accurate Congress tries to ban it.
I think, it is still a quite long way to go. To render such images in a row for movies, we still need high cpu und gpu power. And this is then no holodeck but just a mp4-file. To render "movie-like" in this quality in real-time, you need even more powerful cpu and gpu. On top of that, we need somebody to teach these 3D-Models how to MOVE properly. Motion Capturing is still to exclusive for too few available. Anyway ... :)

Anonymous 12/08/2019 00:50:02 No. 11654 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 400.95 KB, 1600x2458
Someone should start a business that offers playdates with LGs as therapy, like a therapy dog service. Basically a nonsexual date to keep pedos happy. It can serve as free babysitting for the parents too, under the supervision of someone else.
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Yeah, because being attracted to dogs isn't natural. So it isn't very common. Being attracted to lgs is, though. So it is common.
True, but my point was that little girls offer much more as a companion than a dog does.
>Customers wouldn't be called pedos
True, but the optics are sooo bad.
Only the basest moms would be able to handle it
Which is why it would work only as a private/word-of-mouth network.

>never expected to see trannies turn libraries into gay bars
Speaking of surprises.
Something I've heard ... is that under threat of starvation (think WWIII), some ordinary parents will break down and offer their lg's for sex, in order to feed them. When they have nothing else of value to trade.

But tbqh, I don't think I could take advantage of a girl that way. That's so rude. I think I'd just feed her.
I'm reminded of a Doug Stanhope bit about how he's never seen anybody have sex with a child even though he'd heard that CP is rampant online. However he has seen every other extreme act while randomly searching. Based on the amount of times I've unexpectedly stumbled across vids of women getting fucked by dogs, it wouldn't surprise me if one of my neighbors was getting boned by Fido as I'm typing this.

I agree. It wouldn't surprise me if a study came out laying out all of the health benefits of having a lgf, for both the girl and her pedo partner.
>some ordinary parents will break down and offer their lgs
In some cases they wouldn't have to be that desperate. I've seen what some mommies and daughters will do to keep daddy happy.
But I agree it's not enjoyable if it's forced or they're not completely into it. The girl has to be having as much fun as I am. Back in high school I was at a party and somebody's younger brother said he knew a girl who'd go down on me for the hat I was wearing. Two other boys later confirmed this. Turns out most of the boys on the block knew that she liked to get naked with boys and do things with them. I only met her once very briefly. She was 9 and very sweet.
There are girls of all ages who know what boys like. Be nice to them and they just might make you very happy.

sexi rabea 06/21/2019 08:50:56 No. 333 Reply Last 50 Posts
orange RABEA.jpg
Open file 1.73 MB, 1500x2251
cutie rabea
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Very sexy girl.
Open file 1.28 MB, 2300x3450
not him but i got my first cell phone when i was 19 and in college. i had a cp photo as my wallpaper. it was Sandra Model in a see-thru top

I actually had 1 classmate my age and another really old faculty staff member ask me who was on my phone when they saw me using it. I both told them who it was and they never talked to me ever again.

In my stupid-ness I was young and dumb. I would "pretend" to use my phone and have conversations with myself because I thought other girls would think it was cool to see me using my cell phone. They would think I'm a popular guy and obviously want to sleep with me so that is why I did it.
Now, as to why I had a cp photo on my wallpaper? A bit of just dumb naivety mixed with I was still technically a teenager so honestly didn't realize I could get in so much trouble with cp even then. Granted this is a different story but my Uncle got caught with pics of my cousin in her underwear and he got like 10 years in prison. Photos weren't even her naked or doing sex acts. Just her in her room in underwear. Makes me kind of thing I was lucky I guess that nobody ever reported me. The pic I had of Sandra she obviously wasn't 18.
Ur lucky u did not get v8


Would pedo be legal if everyone liked kids? Anonymous 12/01/2019 09:39:26 No. 10516 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 102.51 KB, 629x1024
Do you think pedo would be legal if everyone saw kids like we do?

To me a little girl like this looks pretty in almost the same way as an older girl, just extra cute. I'm perplexed why people don't like them. Looks similar to me.
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Can you put April sucking cock again please they deleted it
Open file 270.53 KB, 2000x1072
All men are either pedophiles or liars.
Are you there anonymous
I don't really think they are. Maybe they can feel an attraction to some loli once in a while but mostly they have sex with their wife. It's where I fail. I rather fap to Cherish than to have a woman.
No estaría nada mal saberlo..

Anonymous 08/27/2019 22:13:22 17e88f No. 2388 Reply Last 50 Posts
How do I not be a pedo?
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I would fill this girls pussy with my cum.
Open file 453.84 KB, 1280x798
Based tbh.
You can put it on hold and prioritize other things, but if you are very sexual person and needs needs a fap a day, it won't last for very long.

nn HK 11/28/2019 08:57:43 No. 10070 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 1.30 MB, 1200x1800
Open file 840.92 KB, 1200x1800
Open file 769.36 KB, 1200x1800
Open file 1.21 MB, 1200x1800
Open file 971.26 KB, 1200x1800
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She is beautiful!
Yes, but nobody wants to say what the set's markings are, so that I can get it in my sticky paws
Please Post All Her Sets
Where's the rest of it?
There is no need to feel guilt or shame for merely appreciating beautiful things

RIP Trichan 2012-2019 ExMod#0dPczDktyE 11/18/2019 15:39:35 No. 9050 locked [AUTOSAGE] Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 4.95 KB, 220x204
Hello community,

It is with a heavy heart that I'm letting you know that the Trichan will be going on hiatus. A very long one.

To keep giving to the community we've turned our pages to an index for similar sites and active studios, similar to TL2 but without excluding commercial sites, studios, or chans featuring ads.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Trichan. We loved every image, link, tip, request, and thoughtful comment, and I'm happy to see many of you are already carrying on the battle over here. It's been a wonderful 7 years and we would've loved to go for another 7, but antis are hunting us to death with unprecedented zeal, and after being shut down more than 2 dozen times and serving more than 100,000 brothers from all over the world daily we don't have the finances go on any longer. This announcement is bringing me to tears.

Like many of you who are aware of trends progression over the last decade, I am appalled by the direction the world is heading to. With increasing connectivity, unpopular and dissident speech and content are being stifled like never before. No longer can you print a rebellious local magazine or run a small online club without being noticed and slandered. If you go against the mainstream today you will get an immediate target on your back and have nowhere to hide, even as more content and users lie at the mercy of a handful of trigger-happy tech giants and their algorithms. Whole formerly free countries like Japan, Russia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia are bending over to the new rules dictated by extremist Western social engineers.

As much as I loath the censorship of beauty on the surviving boards including the Garden, there appears to be no other way to socialize and share with brothers in this increasingly intolerant world. My biggest fear is a dystopian future with a whole generation unaware of all the beauty which has gone completely extinct by then, who are totally disconnected from their sexual identity, and from the only type of art capable of bringing their souls and every cell in their bodies to life. A whole generation of little girls, too, who will never hear a word of appreciation or be able to fully express themselves without Big Brother deleting their content, banning their accounts, or even snatching them from their parents in the name of protection.

As the chans don't have any content now, legal or not, I hope the mods would be kind enough to allow their links be listed on here one last time for noobs unfamiliar with us and regulars who've lost our ever changing URLs. We're already linking back to the Garden as well as all ontopic sites we're aware of at the time of this post.

--Removed-- (listing active NN studios and agencies)
--Removed-- (listing active shekeleer directories)
--Removed-- (listing chan replacements and community sites)
Edited last time on 11/19/2019 12:56:51.
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almost 2 mounth close when our trichan will back
I hope i see more
And it will go back down in days
Open file 8.01 KB, 275x183
>Trichan has died

Trichan has died

>Trichan has died

[email protected] has died forever stupid little bastards...

japanese juniir idol Anonymous 09/04/2019 21:25:42 No. 2829 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 381.66 KB, 933x1400
Some of cute japanese kids
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heard of izumi asuka?

years ago i saw her u15 videos on youtube. there was a schoolgirl upskirt set and a bikini with nunchucks set. but i cant find an izumi asuka when i search for her. maybe the uploader misnamed her?
What a glorious behind this qt has. Name?
Also more of the girl in your pic please.
What are the best junior idol vids out there? Just found out about these and looking for some recs.
What's her name?
What's her name, she has such cute eyes

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