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This pose Anonymous 09/28/2019 10:54:11 No. 4863 [AUTOSAGE] Reply Last 50 Posts
More girls doing this pose please. I like the view of their feet.
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Want to fuck this little girl.
Your analysis is spot on.
I have never seen this set. Can you post it?
We have a pool and some beach areas near our house where all ages go nude whenever they want. Everyone here are used to it.
Open file 1.12 MB, 1333x2000

Orange Thread Anonymous 07/14/2019 11:41:28 No. 1185 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 483.45 KB, 2300x3253
Open file 85.60 KB, 800x600
Open file 129.34 KB, 962x1024
Orange girls are cute
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Cute, pretty, sexy. Wish i take her to bed with me every night.
Open file 158.36 KB, 1080x1080
Omfg gorgeous fingers ever
I really wanna feel the last girls hair
Anyone ever see that Pippi Longstocking porn clip?

Anonymous 10/06/2019 20:49:31 No. 5480 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 1.57 MB, 2400x3000
Post girls you are confident are not virgins. This is Alexa Swinton from the TV show Emergence. I am 70-80% confident that she has at least given head. Whether to another boy or older man idk.
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repulsingly ugly whore. horrible voice. her father must not regard her higher than a hooker
She's cute asf what's wrong with you bruh?
Screenshot from [...].png
Open file 344.37 KB, 1248x541
>Fun fact, her dad named her after a hooker in a movie :D

She's still cute

A lot of times the casting couch isn't something the parents or the child are even aware of. Often times they are hired purely for their beauty and put into roles that purposely sexualize them. Dan Schneider is a great example. You could cut some of his scenes into a porno and wouldn't know the difference. Once they become famous, that's when the real abuse starts. Because now the kids have something to lose. Fame and money. I am convinced that 99% of coming of age films are purposely made just to portray young teens doing sexual stuff.

Watch this clip from a 2017 Swedish coming of age film. Start at 4:23 and don't tell me the producers got off to this. Guarantee there were some hidden cameras in that barn to film whatever was shown, if anything.

unknown Best Friends Challenge duckyfan 10/03/2019 13:56:44 No. 5195 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 78.05 KB, 1115x794
Open file 56.99 KB, 806x674
Open file 50.57 KB, 780x679
Open file 61.05 KB, 969x707
Open file 61.87 KB, 874x695
Repost of a classic. Two gorgeous French lolis in matching booty shorts make a mess of each other. Duration 12min, size 167mb.
OMG I'd pay thousands to kiss there asses
hot as hell,oh,if only
I wish I could be the one to bathe them after this. Anna at least. Many knuckle children shot over this vid. TY
En fait, je ne me dis pas que ça pourrait être le cas mais vous savez, ça pourrait tout de même l'être car après tout, quand on y pense, les choses ne sont souvent pas ce qu'elles semblent être. Ceci étant dit, je l'ouvre et que vois-je ? Ouais, vous avez deviné. Allez hop ! Sous la douche !

Nn sets Husband katie 09/08/2019 05:07:27 No. 3021 [AUTOSAGE] Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 911.64 KB, 1200x1800
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Open file 294.66 KB, 600x900
Open file 315.34 KB, 600x900
Open file 1.07 MB, 1200x1800
Open file 2.45 MB, 2009x3000
Husband katie- could u post all Sarah Dmetry sets?
Link not letting me download

Anonymous 10/15/2019 19:07:14 No. 6205 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 165.26 KB, 1333x2000
Anyone know you're a pedo? Several of my friends, family and exes do. I think my dad knows because he eludes to it but doesn't outright ask me. He's caught me checking out girls and browsing forums like this. They say pedophilia sometimes runs in the family so maybe he's a pedo too but I've never witnessed anything that would suggest otherwise. However I feel like I could have a talk with him about cute little girls I like without it being weird.
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I think my mother knows that I'm a pedophile. I've been for a while, I'm middle-aged and I prefer to live alone, I never have women partners. I have the fap material I need, nn modeling and ls modeling.. I like girls age 5-10 years old. A few years ago when we watched the news and there was a so called pedophile ring that had been taken down, she suddenly turned to me and said that I must stay away from those kinds of things. I was so surprised and only answered okay. We did not talk about it anymore, and never have later, but she possibly knows instinctively? I don't know, but I had the feeling that that it was her way to tell me that she knows I'm pedophile.
> So I showed him what I thought were tame examples from my stash and he was speechless.
Retard. If you're going to show something at least download Tor and find it by browsing with him instead of admitting it's from your own collection.

Or just don't download CP in the first place? I've shared photos of girls I've downloaded from social media sites. Nothing the average person would find offensive in any way. Just a cute girl smiling or something and I say something like "man this is what I want". Several friends know I'm a pedo, but I have nothing in my collection that would make them think I'm a monster. I've also found many older women I'm attracted to so I can always turn the tables and talk about normie stuff.
my wife knows. she is ok with it because im a reasonable human bean, and not a rapist.
It was before Tor. Decades earlier CP was available in some bookstores. It was considered fetish porn like piss drinking or BDSM. If it hadn't been made into such a big deal people wouldn't freak out. I know friends who upon seeing NN for the first time reacted as if they've just seen some HC dark web shit. If they only knew what else is out there.

Why are girls so attractive so early? Anonymous 11/18/2019 15:30:54 No. 9049 Reply Last 50 Posts
What is the point of girls looking like hot babes already at 7? Or are we all just imagining it? I think it is objectively true.
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No way
Open file 1.97 MB, 2641x2991
Who is this cutie?

You have more of her?
<6 is best
Right on. It's a holy fap. It's how good it is to do it to pics of 6yo girls.

unknown Everything Zhenya Doberman 11/24/2019 15:33:25 No. 9545 Reply Last 50 Posts
Thread for Russia's most beautiful girl
Kristina Maurer.jpg
Open file 1.17 MB, 1080x1080
>>9545 No doubt that Zhenya K. is absolutely gorgeous. But I would argue that Kristina M. is every bit as gorgeous as ZK and is in a serious competition for Russia`s most beautiful girl. They are also only 17 days apart in age. Sorry, didn`t mean to hi-jack your thread. I`ll leave now.
>russia's most beautiful girl
>weird-looking mystery meat loli
Pick one
zhenya was cuter couple years back, now shes in the weird transition phase between kid and teen, but shes still pretty with this new hairdo

now kris is just outright sexy

We can always look back on the good times tho :)

Open Mouths Anonymous 10/18/2019 03:17:23 No. 6454 Reply Last 50 Posts
Share good POV BJ style pics like this. Fake cum on the face would be nice too. Huge BJ fan here, I want to facefuck a loli harem so bad. Bukkake would be nice too
11 posts and 13 images omitted.
Open file 206.62 KB, 1080x1350
Another sweet after photo.
"Sure I'd love some ice cream....Hey, this stuff is warm...and salty."
Increasingly cum-flavored ice cream sounds like a good way to get your lgf started early
Open file 131.77 KB, 1024x1024
Previous pic deleted. Lesson learned.
Girl with ice cream on face = OK. Girl with snot all over face - not OK.

Flavored condoms also make for a good progression.
Grape, pineapple, chocolate, banana pudding, and finally hot dog with salty sweet filling.
897_1000 (1).jpg
Open file 122.25 KB, 960x960

Have little girls made women unwatchable for you, too? SoPedo 08/23/2019 15:07:45 No. 2055 Reply Last 50 Posts
I had still a moderate attraction to adults. Or so I thought. The last couple of months I have gotten into the habit of only masturbating to little and young teen girls.

Before I had tried to keep it more balanced and would look at adults, also. Now after that time of exclusivity to very young females, I go back and try adults again, and I am shocked to find my attraction to them seems to have dropped through the floor!

I see adults again with kind of fresh new eyes. But not in the way I expected. I thought maybe I would be excited to see those full grown females again after not looking at them for months.

But instead I am now looking at them again, and wondering how I ever did this? How do normal men look at this, instead of little girls? The difference stands out even more than ever, the adults
are mostly pretty ugly by comparison to the very young girls! They look almost middle-aged if they are older than the very high lower legal limit of 18! Yuck.

So yes, looking at little girls can kill what's left of your adult orientation. Does it mean I was completely pedo all along? Or is this something that could happen to regular guys? It's another blow to my attempts to fit in with the "normal" world. But the beauty of little girls is just too compelling to ignore.
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I guess I'm lucky that I'm attracted to girls/women between the ages of 4 all the way up to 60. I look at the little girls in stores, and their mothers. Some of the older ladies I work with I think are kind of hot. I go get massages and hand jobs from some older Asian ladies at massage parlors.

Maybe I'm just a male slut.
it can totally happen. i started with teens and got into little girls from there. been stroking to them for about three years now. i went from being fully attracted to adult women and 0 attraction to under 10s to full attraction to under 10s and little attraction to women.
When i was 12 i liked the 10 yo girls.
When i was 20, i liked 10 yo girls.
When i was 30, i liked 10 yo girls.
Now, still like the 10 yo girls.
Any problem with this?
Always browsing CG while stroking...Just lost control and nutted

When i was 12 i liked the 10 yo girls.
When i was 20, i liked 10 yo girls.
Now my daughter is 12, and I feel like an idiot

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