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Mia - Fashion-Land Anonymous 08/24/2019 21:31:55 No. 2116 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 896.98 KB, 5616x3744
Open file 998.40 KB, 5616x3744
Here is Set 5 and 10

Does anyone have any other sets? I would love the one where she is showering in the yellow leotard. Anyone Have it? @Anna have it?
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You are my hero!
Open file 392.06 KB, 2000x3000
Do you have set 7.
Thank you for all you've shared.
Links are down.
Open file 786.82 KB, 1666x2500
Link works
more of her, pls

WW 10/17/2019 13:30:04 No. 6396 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 304.87 KB, 1152x1728
Open file 495.25 KB, 3556x2000
Open file 62.98 KB, 786x559
Open file 150.32 KB, 1600x1200
Open file 921.11 KB, 3001x2000
Commercial Break
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They look a bit over dressed. Got anything 'snugger'.
This could possibly be my favorite picture on this site... Thanks Hubby K!
Thought this thread was gonna be cool
What made you think that?

Rock and a Hard Place Anonymous 10/14/2019 03:37:20 No. 6115 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 29.11 KB, 587x378
>be me
>browsing Cutie.Garden specifically a thread with lots of delicious toe action
>have multiple tabs open so I can save everything
>Mom quickly walks in complaining about life
>no time to change sites, can't X out of browser because it will give me prompt about tabs, and so I just minimize the browser
>Mom talks for a good 20 minutes while I'm nervous AF and sweating hoping she doesn't notice I have nothing up on the screen
>if I hover over my browser it shows all the tab thumbnails
>if I open up the browser a ~8yo with her legs spread open will pop up
>if I choose another browser it would automatically notify her that something weird is going on because I'm not using the one I normally use

>mom finishes complaining and asks what we are going to eat for dinner
>tell her I'll figure something out
>she says she is very hungry right now not later
>tell her I'll think about it hoping she will leave my room
>she tells me to pull up a pizza site so she can place an order
>I tell her I'm not really in the mood for pizza
>she asks what I want to eat
Get a job. Save money. Move out ASAP. Then you can fap at the computer every night.
But quit the CP. That shit will get you v&.
I live with family because I'm on disability. My family knows I'm a pedo but they try their best forget it, its funny.

Dad walked in to a monitor with Acacia Clark in braces and goes "WHO IS THAT BABY? WHY DO YOU HAVE CP?"

Open file 15.10 KB, 553x554
Stale pasta is stale.
Open file 164.93 KB, 1068x1608
>>if I open up the browser a ~8yo with her legs spread open will pop up
That line got me so hard. There's something different when you say it out loud like this. Need to go fap to some 8yo with her legs spread.. again.
Any Hannah vids?

requesting pollyfan Anonymous 11/24/2019 16:48:48 No. 9550 locked Reply Last 50 Posts
Ive searched the whole site but havent found a single pic of her. Requesting ANYTHING you might have of her. She is the most beautiful model I've seen to date.
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We made the rules a bit more clear regarding content like this. I'm not familiar with this set so I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt and assume it's all NN so it can stay for now.
Turns out this is in fact not a NN set. As per the new wording of the rules the pictures have been deleted.
I appreciate the clearer rule.
That would also explain why the video mentioned was deleted, too.

>I'm not familiar with this set
So fair enforcement is going to depend on mods' familiarity with the set/video in question...I guess [maybe for some mods] falling back to personal bias in absence of that knowledge.
> benefit of the doubt
> rather be safe than sorry

Yes. However, it's very staged, and the girls are trained, which takes the fun out of it tbh.
I guess it allows some people to fantasize that they're really into it, but as a GL I don't enjoy seeing girls' desire-to-please taken advantage of.

I think you're referring to tropical cuties. They are a much better studio in my opinion. At least there is some erotic dancing. Pollyfan videos are just kids being kids, while naked. Nothing particularly interesting.
>it's very staged, the girls are trained
I don't like anyone being taken advantage of either but if it's just playing and everyone's smiling and giggling then I'm happy.
Recently I've heard more than a few women on podcasts talking about things they did with boys when they were very young, like asking a boy if it was in when they were 5. I often wonder how many girls in my old neighborhood were like that when I was a boy, and how many are out having fun now that they're online and aware of how girls and boys can make themselves and each other feel really good.

HK Sets HK 10/20/2019 07:06:54 No. 6645 [AUTOSAGE] Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 619.41 KB, 1671x2500
Another 500 posts so another thred. Please browse previous threds before asking for reqwest. Enjoy watching and downloading
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someone have krystal stes?
Could u possibly do this for the LauraB ValensiyaS dual video on your other thread
I don't suppose you have the full set of this doll. I only had three pics, now six pics, and I think she is awesome. Thanks.

Maisie pls Anonymous 11/22/2019 17:38:17 No. 9305 Reply Last 50 Posts
lf moar
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Thanks whoever dumped all these pics! Wish I could give you something in return for the massive loads I've lost because of this cutie. She looks like one of those girls who would get super wet very easily.
i didn't check yesterday to see if anybody wanted to help me find some maisies
thank you for contribute :)

How to make than triple the amount of attractive females! (hint, it's pedo!) Anonymous 09/21/2019 15:02:32 No. 4398 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 601.35 KB, 2240x3360
Some men have come to the conclusion that women aren't generally much good beyond 24. They hit the wall, so to speak.

If you are being legal this means you have 18 to 24, as a good attractive range, then.

Come on seriously? 6 years of attractiveness for life? We can do better than that. These men need pedo.

Change 18 to 24 to 4 to 24 and now we have 20 years of female attractiveness instead of 6! With just a little open mindedness we have more than tripled it!
Pedo is the best!

unknown Tight Jeens Sarah10 11/08/2019 14:22:50 No. 8193 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 344.41 KB, 1068x1608
Open file 377.95 KB, 1068x1608
Open file 375.82 KB, 1068x1608
Open file 363.08 KB, 1068x1608
Young tiny ass in tight jeens, fresh and curved, show us what you got
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Open file 141.40 KB, 1080x1080
Open file 82.15 KB, 580x580
billabong buttons.jpg
Open file 196.19 KB, 1600x1600
Open file 139.01 KB, 972x1296
Open file 114.22 KB, 720x540
m&s button.jpg
Open file 69.76 KB, 630x819
lace up fly.jpg
Open file 24.69 KB, 412x500
Open file 133.17 KB, 1080x1080
This girl always gets me off mmm

Nature intended little girls as lovers! Anonymous 10/20/2019 23:48:57 No. 6747 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 901.35 KB, 2736x1824
Nature intended little girls as lovers, or they wouldn't look like this.

Nature is all about survival, not ethics or laws.

Looking like this would be likely to get a girl kept as a wife or harem member instead of killed in village raids, which used to be common.

She would at least be likely to survive by looking like a valuable mate, not just another man's child.

Nature is all about survival, not ethics or laws.
15 posts and 2 images omitted.
>I don't much like the appeal to nature argument
The nature argument doesn't prove that something is or isn't dangerous, but it may help to understand how evolution has influenced human sexuality.
Nature has made little girls pretty and even attractive so that they get more attention and protection form adult males.
Hebephilia has also some biological explanation. It just prepares pair-bonding and reproduction.
To enable optimal reproduction, nature has to prepare it early and so to put sexy features in young girls before the age of reproduction.
And this process starts very early, obviously.
Open file 318.94 KB, 1152x1728
Yes it's kind of funny why people question why we love little girls...I would seriously worry about anybody that DOES NOT find them sexy...they are amazing. case in point...
they are so cute
>According to survival of the fittest, without ethics or laws, your so-called nature, little girls should die out.

You appear to be misunderstanding multiple concepts.

Server WW 11/20/2019 01:10:49 No. 9170 locked Reply Last 50 Posts
it seems almost impossible to post here other than text messages now. Pictures are neither loading nor uploading.
1 post omitted.
Open file 5.08 MB, 600x337
forget that: after two days of trouble it seems to be working again
Hi WW, I thought you were on strike
yeah I was having al kinds of problems but it seems good now. My internet is real slow which dies not help! Uploading my stuff takes some serious time
>>9172 I see... making a text post seems to work in the same way. This will kill the forum. You and me and other old lags might be able to work around the problem but any first time viewers will just see an obviously broken site with no pics and never come back. no fresh blood plus natural attrition of old members will mean falling visitor numbers...

Is this due to new security measures? Because, you know, a guard that destroys that which it's guarding makes no sense.
It's because we've been DDoSed for the last few days. Currently we're forced to use Cloudflare and only allow Tor IPs. We're working on a better solution

Not sure why the pics don't load on the first try. I'll see if I can fix it in the CF settings

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