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Server WW 11/20/2019 01:10:49 No. 9170 locked Reply Last 50 Posts
it seems almost impossible to post here other than text messages now. Pictures are neither loading nor uploading.
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Open file 5.08 MB, 600x337
forget that: after two days of trouble it seems to be working again
Hi WW, I thought you were on strike
yeah I was having al kinds of problems but it seems good now. My internet is real slow which dies not help! Uploading my stuff takes some serious time
>>9172 I see... making a text post seems to work in the same way. This will kill the forum. You and me and other old lags might be able to work around the problem but any first time viewers will just see an obviously broken site with no pics and never come back. no fresh blood plus natural attrition of old members will mean falling visitor numbers...

Is this due to new security measures? Because, you know, a guard that destroys that which it's guarding makes no sense.
It's because we've been DDoSed for the last few days. Currently we're forced to use Cloudflare and only allow Tor IPs. We're working on a better solution

Not sure why the pics don't load on the first try. I'll see if I can fix it in the CF settings

The Exclusive Toddler Thread Anonymous 08/31/2019 14:50:46 No. 2589 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 513.45 KB, 1078x800
Share your favorite pics.
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loli tot sisters.jpg
Open file 114.15 KB, 1024x768
loli swimsuit ba[...].jpg
Open file 170.93 KB, 1080x1080
loli swimsuit ba[...].jpg
Open file 520.88 KB, 1200x1600
loli hapas.jpg
Open file 304.31 KB, 2060x1350
loli and goat.jpg
Open file 77.17 KB, 576x1024
I came.
loli feet tot 2.jpg
Open file 488.53 KB, 680x1024
loli sip twins.jpg
Open file 130.84 KB, 1080x1350
loli goddess.jpg
Open file 1.42 MB, 1192x1050
loli artist.jpg
Open file 94.49 KB, 1080x1080
loli tot unicorns.jpg
Open file 493.35 KB, 779x768
Can't blame you, I've nutted so many times to these cute lil baby sluts.
Open file 196.07 KB, 1103x931
Open file 115.14 KB, 720x499
Open file 39.71 KB, 500x495
Open file 37.46 KB, 458x604
Open file 54.16 KB, 413x604
I see you found a place in which you can call home, smol -- happy for you. And you're posting pics and everything
loli sandals 2.jpg
Open file 151.31 KB, 1080x1080
Thanks, I just noticed this thread was here after another was posted (which is deleted, presumably because dupe thread.) I like the PGTs but it's cool to have a dedicated tot thread.

You stole the word right out of my mouth.
So if a 11-17 girl is topless in public and you film it are you creating CP?!?!?!?!?!?!
In Ohio the AOC is 16, so if you're 20 and she's 17 it's perfectly legal to have sex. But if you take "suggestive" photos of her, even with her consent, you face 15-30 years in prison. Yet another reason why the laws need to be changed.

No images should be illegal, regardless of the ages of those depicted. If they show someone committing a crime (like rape) then go after the criminal (rapist). It'd be insane to try and go after every single person who's ever seen evidence of a crime. Yet this seems to be exactly what the antis are pushing for, a world where thoughts are treated just as harshly as (and in many cases far worse than) criminal acts.
Not necessarily, but you'd better have a good lawyer.

Sally Mann was never prosecuted for ≤10 year-old nudity (described as "sensual")

So I guess now 11+ could be treated the same way. Technically.

>Marrero accidentally admitted his conduct while on the stand in federal court, testifying in defense of a roommate
>As soon as Marrero had finished testifying, the feds arrested him.

Man that is sad.
>In Ohio the AOC is 16, so if you're 20 and she's 17 it's perfectly legal to have sex. But if you take "suggestive" photos of her, even with her consent, you face 15-30 years in prison.
The American justice system is literally fucked up. It's incredible to see that the so-called homeland of "democracy and freedom" distributes so many heavy sentences to people that are often not dangerous at all.
Even China and North Korea are not so retarded (btw their respective AOC laws seem better).

How can Americans believe that 17 year olds are "children", and that having a 17yo gf is equivalent to raping a 3yo ??
If Americans want to get rid of dangerous people, they should bust their three-letter agencies first.

REPORTING FOR MERE POSSESSION? Anonymous 11/06/2019 16:02:08 No. 7994 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 48.87 KB, 600x315
I love little girls so I'm 100% against their molestation thus 100% against hardcore CP.

Due to my IT job, I often find HC CP on people's computers and I don't ever hesitate about reporting them to law enforcement which gets them arrested and prosecuted.

To actively collect images and videos of little girls being molested requires a mindset that minimises the gravity of their molestation in order to reduce and even erase guilt. Therefore, whoever possesses that disgraceful mindset must consequentially lack the conscience which stops a girl lover from even thinking of being capable of molesting a little princess.

With that being said, if I were to not report them and they were to later molest a little girl, the guilt would eat me alive as I would be partially responsible for not protecting them when I could so I refuse to take that risk and I will indeed keep reporting people for mere possession (not only production or distribution) of HC CP.

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Laws are faggot shit and anyone that has the slightest faith in or respect for cops is a fucking doormat cuck and retard.
Your full of shit OP I've repaired computers and recovered data for over twenty years and I have never come across CP and you shouldn't be going through the contents of clients computers anyway that is a breach of their privacy. I've worked for several companies and know a lot of people in the industry, and they have never come across CP, but they wouldn't go snooping around someone's computer because they know if they got caught they would get fired.
I agree OP is a cunt and a dirty rotten snitch, but personally I think he is full of shit.
Many guys have gotten busted for bringing their computers in for repair. It's not exactly snooping if you get rid of viruses, restore a drive, and when it comes back on there's a folder right there on the desktop labeled CP. Somebody I knew worked for Geek Squad and saw it constantly.

I agree. Nobody should be v& for thoughts. The whole world would be a prison.
>if you get rid of viruses, restore a drive, and when it comes back on there's a folder right there on the desktop labeled CP.
It's not surprising that such careless clients got their computer infected by viruses tbh.

Other Sites JackJack 10/04/2019 20:54:19 No. 5288 Reply Last 50 Posts
Are there any other sites like this or discords?
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Well said. btw forget Desmond. THESE girls are amazing.
I love how every lady in the crowd was probably on their feet cheering.
Meanwhile the guys had to wait a few minutes before standing up after this.
I imagine even if all of the ladies were cheering a good portion of them were seething internally with jealousy.
7 is the new 17.

Yes, cuz they know their husbands will now be thinking about girls like these instead of them.
Moderator on vacation?
>Many keywords no longer work, but many still do.
Which ones? I had nothing but duds for weeks now.

Mr.shrimp 11/15/2019 13:36:44 No. 8759 Reply Last 50 Posts
Best apps to download for LG's twerking?

Anonymous 11/09/2019 11:43:18 No. 8274 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 202.76 KB, 1824x2736
All the Newstar sites seem to be down or is it just me? Anybody know what's going on?
10 posts omitted.
Post up the recent sets then....

Fucking ducks to be a pedo. We can't even have the very minimum of cute girls in sexy outfits. And they wonder why there's so much abuse. We have no outlets.
There is no shortage of cute girls in sexy outfits, not online or IRL.
It's one reason why there is less abuse now.
All the pervs are home fapping while the real criminals are heartless psychopaths, NOT pedos.

It's all old content now. Very few active studios around.
Be patient. In the future most content will come from girls with webcams and some type of VR/CGI.
That said I would love to see a new studio with WASL/TRU style tiny cuties in Candydoll outfits.

Why do some men prefer little girls? My thoughts. Anonymous 10/07/2019 05:59:56 No. 5513 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 237.10 KB, 1080x1080
A little bit of my thinking on why some men prefer little girls is that possibly to some men like us we don't see them really as little girls but more like a special form of woman with some very appealing characteristics that a normal woman doesn't have.

Because for us males, in passing up the child female, we are actually passing up females in which some of the characteristics that we like are actually better. They are more cute, more innocent. And they usually seem more fun and less jaded. Skin and body usually in far better shape, and more.

The child male doesn't outdo the child female in lots of important characteristics to females, like the child female does in characteristics that males care about. That's part of why we see way more pedophilia in males. Female child is way more similar to adult female, and also outdoes the adult female in some ways. Much less true with the male child and adult. I think this is actually pretty logical thinking. That is to say, pedophilia is actually pretty rational.
19 posts and 4 images omitted.
>If all rich and powerful people were pedos, pedos wouldn't be the most persecuted people on Earth.
Not all but it is a huge problem that's been covered up by MSM for decades.
Working class civilian pedos are the only ones persecuted and prosecuted because pedophilia is a privilege of the elite. Having said that I will argue that what they do is not child love but evil. No real pedo would ever harm or even frighten a child.
>No real pedo would ever harm or even frighten a child.
I agree. I have a simple philosophy when it comes to all children: Put the child first.
And even a somewhat below average cock might feel good in them. What's not to love?
>cute face
>shy attitude
>nice voice
>delicate skin
>skinny bodies
>delicious flat chests
>tight butt
>nice legs
>nice feet
>respectful attitude
>listen to you
>amazed by many things
That's the big thing. Once girls become women they lose that magical energy. Real pedos love girls and want to preserve their innocence and purity.

Anonymous 11/07/2019 02:20:49 No. 8048 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 7.91 KB, 255x253
So where do I start? Well, I really like watching videos, but I don't fap or anything, I just watch ...
I don't feel excited or feel like having something with a child I just enjoy watching and saving as someone likes Netflix series
Am I a pedo?
4yo fashion girl[...].jpg
Open file 326.12 KB, 1242x1484
Someone else may be able to better answer this. Yes & no. I don't consider myself a p€d0 but I do embrace the cuteness of lg's. I could never condone the harm/abuse of a child. I could never act on fantasy either.
In today's world you can label yourself whatever you'd like. 'Girl Lover' may work for you.
Propably not. The first time I realized I was a pedophile was when I was masturbating and the memory of a cute little girl popped up and I came like never before. Then I tried masturbating about little girls on purpose and I have never been happier.
It's perfectly natural for a man to feel love and affection for his own children.
But if you're collecting images of girls and posting on a girl love forum, those are definitely pedo tendencies.

Anonymous 11/05/2019 23:10:05 No. 7933 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 178.02 KB, 512x512
Does anybody here remember a model named Mandi? She was active around 2001 or 2002. I think her site was called Mandi's World.
2 posts omitted.

i know who he is talking about. and she was kind of mentally challenged. but had a hot body.
Yeah, that sounds like her. Do you have her pics? Or know where I might find them?
Was she actually retarded? Or did she just have a derpy face?

i dont have pics or vids of her. i just remembered her because of the description you gave and also because one vid of hers used to get uploaded to the site without mothers years ago.
Fuck you and your threda.
You should /r/ here >>223

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