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Videos Anonymous 06/14/2019 20:40:28 No. 175 locked [AUTOSAGE]
Open file 4.55 MB, 384x640
Post videos of cute LG's here.
Open file 818.32 KB, 352x288
Open file 1.14 MB, 288x360
Open file 3.31 MB, 480x640
Open file 7.65 MB, 720x576
Open file 11.70 MB, 1920x1080
Open file 4.92 MB, 580x326
Open file 5.99 MB, 480x720
this needs more love
thfy_part2 (3).mp4
Open file 5.97 MB, 720x720
thfy_part2 (4).mp4
Open file 4.08 MB, 360x480
Open file 10.67 MB, 202x360
Я танцую.mp4
Open file 10.31 MB, 202x360
some jewtube stuff
Open file 8.29 MB, 640x360
Nice slut
Jpvid Beach 1.mp4
Open file 24.27 MB, 720x576
Where deos this video comes from?
>>261 Name of the movie?
katia_beach dance.mp4
Open file 15.43 MB, 720x480
Bonafide Naturalist Dance Festival in Koktebel Crimea, nipples and butt are visible (in keeping with Cutie Garden rules} but the dancer's pussy is all but unseen, she took first place BTW.

MOAR please.
Open file 5.63 MB, 960x540
Open file 23.56 MB, 1440x1080
The real abuse was allowing her to listen and dance to nigger music.
Open file 1.70 MB, 480x480
Polly Dance.mp4
Open file 22.96 MB, 1280x720
Who is this?
I want to spoil her
Open file 7.41 MB, 480x720
why is there no video?
>>1292 click, right-click, then "save-as"
This isnt even the full video... in the full ver, u will see her turn around.... which is FUCKING amazing!
There IS a god! I was an atheist ten minuted ago...
We need this whole damn video

Anyone have the full video of this?

I have a longer gif that shows the dance and her pulling up her top, but I’ve been searching for the full video
I used to have the full video... but I lost some parts of my old arhives.... that was one of the ones I lost!
Post gif[...].jpg
Open file 898.36 KB, 1024x1197
>> I could post this if the Mod has no objections, otherwise I'm not gonna bother

post it. if it gets deleted you will know why
Do you have a wickr?
Open file 18.22 MB, 480x720
>>1326 Since the Mod offered no guidance one way or the other, here it is
Man! I wish I could post the gif of her showing her beautiful flats, but I don’t wanna risk it
I thought topless was allowed no?
On a website or hard drive
go get yourself a TAILS USB and verify your copy of TAILS following the steps detailed on the official website and once you're all set, make a persistent encrypted storage, save everything there, if you ever feel like something might happen smash the USB to pieces or if you don't wanna be that brutal use the delete persistent volume and then run a CIA grade data deletion pattern on your USB *multiple* times.
remote control.webm
Open file 1.22 MB, 368x640
moar like this
underwater swim.mp4
Open file 9.90 MB, 1280x720
per the rules, nipples and butt in a non-sexual context with no visible genitalia
Open file 20.79 MB, 720x720
Where can one find more of these???
Asking for a friend...

its also fake and you shoulld be ashamed

masha doesnt exist
Open file 19.99 MB, 1920x1080
More masha
the last two vids were deleted from libreland despite being NN
>>1521 Masha is drop-dead gorgeous, even fully clothed
She is just amazing. The best of all time. Her sister was pretty good as well.
Sweet. Way back once fapped to a pic of Masha without knowing it was her.
Open file 9.03 KB, 211x239
Is it just me, or is it getting hot here?
Any of mashas sister?
Open file 279.70 KB, 646x595
I am seeing questionable stuff here

>even fully clothed

You wot mate? We are here because we love girls clothed in the first place right?
Do you have the one of her holding the bbc?
She is one of the best
EKD-003a_edit (1).mp4
Open file 23.64 MB, 720x480
Exceptionally beautiful mixed-race Japanese girl (1)
EKD-003a_edit (2).mp4
Open file 23.62 MB, 720x480
Exceptionally beautiful mixed-race Japanese girl (2)
Kingdom for Rana Suzana's Quadradinho dance, plox.
Does anyone have the one where the girl is dancing on a hoverboard with short shirt?
Open file 18.88 MB, 720x1280
Open file 14.04 MB, 854x480
Danke! The limit for a file is small this is 1 of 4
Shes not little but all I own
Open file 14.09 MB, 854x480
Open file 16.35 MB, 854x480
Open file 16.26 MB, 854x480
Dude that is amazing.
Is there a non-corrupted version of the last one, or any more?
u know theres one with her having an orgasm right?
N-no... Do you have it? Or know where to find it?
Yes there is another video of her dancing its a lot better than this one is.
This slut needs a good hard dicking in all her holes.
Open file 1.63 MB, 320x180
Open file 1.67 MB, 320x180
There are two more: one of them, when she dances to song named "Quadradinho" is especially hot - she bends forward and shakes her butt cheeks towards camera closer and closer - total balls drainer! Unfortunately, it was taken off YT years ago, resurfaced there couple of times and then gone forever.
The other one where she dances in white shorts and yellow bathing suit to song "Beijinho no Ombro" is more decent, but also hot.
Individual people saved them, maybe they post it here.
Little slut has grown herself nice pair of boobs since then.
Open file 77.96 KB, 400x400
Rana Suzana's greetings for small size boys.
Can anyone please post the one where shes wearing the hat and shorts. the "Beijinho no Ombro" one. Please i looked around and can't find it anywhere.
Bro you were right. That was the hardest I came in awhile
I loved this video! Omg, such a hot girl! Thank you
Incredible video, thanks.
These videos need more booty in it, whether clothed or naked, whatever floats ya boat.
More jojo vids pls

I gotta have more of this first video, i Love twerking girls

anyone help!
You and me both.
Where can I find this? Or at least what's her name/where can I look to find more of her?
Sad truth is this site a teaser. Giving previews instead of full videos😠😠😠
>>2217 I agree but posters can only share so much, given the 25 MB bandwidth limit and content restrictions
>>2230 to Cutie.Garden's credit though, 25MB is VERY generous compared to other sites and most of their mods won't go ballistic over an occasional nip-slip now and then
>>2230 I do appreciate the mini videos and all, it's jus that I'll love to see the entire video,like why not give the source to a full video or download it all here but in small parts.
Open file 7.95 MB, 1920x1080
More of Maisie
Entertaining topless oil-rubbing session with younger Maisie and Lisa, unfortunately had to edit it for site standards, a lot of back-and-forth dialog in this one too
Open file 3.78 MB, 578x680
Elona's legs are fucking piece of art...
Anfisa, sweet girl
Secret Stars_Isa[...].mp4
Open file 22.11 MB, 1920x1080
Attention Mod, except for a fleeting, non sexualized nipple-slip at the very beginning of this clip, the rest of the edited-video (recorded at a public beach by the way) should be fine. It's a lovely video, originally in 4k resolution, I wish I could post the whole thing here but her bikini-bottom becomes quite transparent when wet and I know that wouldn't pass muster on Cutie Garden.
NN but nice - no PW needed
She's so damn sexy!I just cum everywhere.
SP_LB-VS (edit).mp4
Open file 23.64 MB, 1280x720
Valensiya S. and Laura B.
Puffy cheek and chocolate eyes, they're the best.
Open file 8.58 MB, 640x360
where can we find the full vid?>>2379
what movie is this scene from?

where can we find the full vid?
Secret Stars_Isa[...].jpg
Open file 166.56 KB, 1075x605
>>2770 Sorry mate, chan rules prevent me from sharing the exact link here but it's readily available on an unnamed Onion (Tor) site.

pass cutiegarden

One of the most beautiful videos ever uploaded to youtube (if you are a girllover that is) got to millions of views before being deleted as usual.
Isabella in red mesh clip please
Fuck yeah, she rocks!

There used to be a lot of these videos on YouTube. Little Brazilian girls twerking and stuff. I think YouTube started cracking down on them but I managed to save a lot back in the day. It's not as taboo in the rural and poor areas of Brazil to have sex with young girls. It would be a paradise if it wasn't such a shitty country.
I remember that. I only grabbed a couple like 3+ years ago now.
And yeah.. those girl are uwu af
Open file 22.61 MB, 360x480
Quality wasn't great unfortunately
YouTube has cracked down on twerking older girls as well. You used to always be able to find fresh white teens twerking. I don't know how they've done it, but it's a rarity to come across anything that looks under 18 twerking. Some of it, I suppose, is due to girls migrating to other platforms, but it's definitely the algorithm.
can I have source?
Can you share these videos? Especially Carol and Camily? I've been looking for a long time.
>it's definitely the algorithm

I don't think the algorithm is that good to distinguish 14-year-olds from 18-year-olds. It's a tag they watch for.
Open file 615.30 KB, 1920x1080
Anyone else jerking to those latino lg models? Especially Venezuelan girls damn, my pedo island would be full of russian and venezuelan girls.
>Anyone else jerking to those latino lg models?

These latino girls I'm finding are OP
hot venezuelan girls.mp4
Open file 24.15 MB, 1280x720
Kinda lazy quick edit but had a good fap doing it. These girls are unbelievably hot and they know it. Once I edited a full 3h of only hottest latinas modeling, it was a blast. Such a turn on for me knowing that half of people organizing and watching these events are pedos. It's basically a fresh meat market.
Open file 14.52 MB, 1280x720
Mmm those hip movements.
Open file 24.67 MB, 1280x720
What a cock teaser.
5 de janeiro de 2017.mp4
Open file 289.32 KB, 406x720
nice views
7 marzo 2018.mp4
Open file 580.44 KB, 270x360
I hope this bath one is acceptable
16 februarie 2018.mp4
Open file 23.89 MB, 608x1080
I love her hair decor and ...of course... pantiez!
31 мая 2018 г.m.mp4
Open file 748.52 KB, 270x360
Open file 20.35 MB, 640x360
love those russian
russian have no idea how on earth we love such
2 vids can fit on this post
10 июля 2018 г..mp4
Open file 18.43 MB, 608x1080
a few :)
will fit as many as I can here
1. helmikuuta 2018.mp4
Open file 16.42 MB, 480x320
and nice panties too ;)
LOL.... she has noooo idea why
(yes it complies with the rules)
That's some nearly troll level censoring
i'm still not convinced. i think that little girl does have a vagina, regardless of what the mother wants us to think.
Thanks for the panties and topless finds! Youtube is such a dearth of content nowadays and I don't know the first thing about Instagram. Please keep it up!
Thanks... you, too, Mr Anon

can't remember who shared it with me, but it was ages ago.
Can I get an F for my dick?
Open file 4.36 MB, 640x480
Open file 8.39 MB, 640x480
a bit tamer content, but still nice
Open file 12.05 MB, 608x1080
I love her subtly flirty face and voice. And that moment when she makes fake cleavage with knees inside her shirt. So innocent, so sweet, so sexy.
Open file 6.80 MB, 1280x720
Anyone else noticing a rise of preteens who look older? Especially from Russia. Girls that are 11, 12 but look very matured. I never see, or very rarely, this type in the west.
Russian girls can be very leggy.
nice white one
Tiny B.mp4
Open file 24.26 MB, 448x336
wew lads
Russian & Brazillian
18 czerwca 2018.mp4
Open file 17.52 MB, 1280x720
why so slow upping here?
dançando funk.mp4
Open file 8.18 MB, 608x1080
Thanks Kawaii, some cute ones :)
>Thanks Kawaii, some cute ones :)
Thank;s Cat-Kun. I am glad you could stop by here.
fucking hell
i cant even view them let alone download them since cutiegardens servers are so shit
fuck this place
>fucking hell
i cant even view them let alone download them since cutiegardens servers are so shit
fuck this place

Right-click or long-press, open in new tab. There, solved

Nice job, Anon... but I wish you'd add a name. Now I have no idea if this is Mr. Anon from the conversations last night or what.
Here's a few more YT gems
There is unfortunately some issue with the streaming code and sometimes it will fail to play some videos. This will usually result in a situation where the site won't load at all anymore. On Firefox based browsers it'll complain about security and on Chrome it'll give the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR. ctrl+f5 will fix it on both types of browsers. Downloading the vids should work fine though

This won't always work either
я танцую.mp4
Open file 4.56 MB, 360x638
>Downloading the vids should work fine though

It works when it wants to.
Trying to play the videos is such a pain in the ass I don't even try anymore.
You have to wait for one download before you start the next.
*one download to finish
I'm a different guy. I just love this thread though and wanted to contribute.
I named myself now😀
Open file 2.21 MB, 3264x2448
is there more of this?
>>3831 the vid is 17 minutes long but obviously can't be posted here in its entirety, it's available on Rindexxx though (an Onion chan).
hnnnnnnnnnnnng pls give a link.
>>3858 I'd love to but it's against the rules, the Mod will just delete.
whats the thread name on rindexxx?
nvm i found it) thanks!
Open file 7.98 MB, 1280x720
Two cuties practising their kissing.
how? help a brother out
Can you link to the site itself, like the homepage?
can u post
Open file 9.18 MB, 280x500
K so this should be fine to post. Chums may remember when this was posted..

Dear god though..their little mouths just end me every damn time
>Chums may remember when this was posted

Was it on /lg/ or /cg/ at 8cuck ?
why does the sound cut off? :(
Idk I saw it on masterchan back before the name changes.
Then there was supposedly an archive with things that shan't be posted, but one could probably find it where other such things are shared. Most traffic I ever saw to the site lolol
Idk. It could just be really low or her trying to be quiet. That seems to be a theme among white girls that suck on things..
niña seduciendo.mp4
Open file 3.45 MB, 360x640
oh god anon
that is the hottest thing i've ever seen
more lg kissing please
wish I could see this one
What's the thread name?
>>4111 Note to the Mod, this isn't an exact link, only a generic thread name. It was called "Cute Blonde w/braces undress for cam (11-12 yo) - Nice Pokies!", the last time I visited there it was on page 3 of webcams.
>>4114 The fuck even is Rindexxx
Some nice ones from Brazil & Russia
Open file 10.32 MB, 270x360
Beautiful Russian Hotties
Some nice ones from Brazil & Russia
One of those Russian YT channels that want to advertise themselves to the English. I believe they even had a paypal dot me donation request
Beautiful Russian Hotties
Saved the most beautiful for last
does anyone have these vids?
Yes plz... would love them too
as close as I can get
Pasito a pasito, suave suavecito
Nos vamos pegando poquito a poquito
Cuando tú me besas con esa destreza
Veo que eres malicia con delicadeza
nice topless ones everyone seems to like
2 (2).mp4
Open file 3.20 MB, 640x360
Open file 4.18 MB, 480x360
Open file 2.80 MB, 480x360
Open file 8.06 MB, 640x360
more topless
Open file 881.57 KB, 320x240
an oldie but a goodie
1 (2).mp4
Open file 19.56 MB, 640x360
DO u have more of that girl?
What's the thread name dude? c'mon we're in the same boat
>>4411 If you'd scroll down a bit friend, you'd see that I already posted that info 3 days ago at >>4114
>>4344 Not complaining or anything but how'd this little honey make it past the censor?
r.i.p. dick.gif
Open file 1.90 MB, 600x337
Amazing. And that look on her face at the end? It's as if she's saying, "There's more but you gotta put the camera away."
they deleted it.
what was it you guys are so excited about?
Oops.. my bad! I found it.. thanks anyway :)
Portuguese topless.
Open file 13.62 MB, 480x360
And some 'Dirty Dancing'
Try not to be offended
I'm new to all this tor and onion stuff, how could one maybe find sites lets sayy like the one where this thread is found?
Well, that was fucking stupid.
>>4573 what you want is "Topic-Links 2.0" but I guess you'll have to find it on your own, I posted a link but the Mod deleted it just as quickly.
Open file 617.95 KB, 1301x5535
>le 1-in-5 meme
1. Girls with websites make A LOT more than guys with websites, especially if they're young and pretty.
2. If the 1-in-5 myth was true NO parent would let their daughter go to college.
3. Boys should not be made to dress like girls. If it's their own idea that's one thing, but if it's like Lactacia and Desmond is Amazing most likely abuse is involved.
I love watching her dance she has such a great body!
Open file 19.74 MB, 640x352
Please post more girls kissing! Where can I find vids like that? Young as 5 would be nice
petite starlette.mp4
Open file 17.94 MB, 576x360
Open file 7.56 MB, 204x360
I think what this video is trying to say is that rape is really easy to get away with, and everyone is doing it. I feel like such a sucker now.
Open file 2.82 MB, 640x480
nice halloween
name? source? more of her??
Open file 19.86 KB, 397x300
Open file 5.55 MB, 400x327
any sauce or more of this?
who is this and is there more?
Any thing else from Amber?
Star Sessions Nita.jpg
Open file 119.53 KB, 520x615
>>4927 That's not my post but she's Nina from Star Sessions
>>4928 other Amber and Ella preview screens, no PW needed
Wow wow! Can you share?
Please, up this video full.
Legendary Meyen
Open file 3.89 MB, 480x640
Open file 1.72 MB, 360x640
Open file 23.77 MB, 396x664
Open file 14.52 MB, 320x568

I bet she is
she's super cute. any more?
Fantastic, thanks!
that from a movie or something?
If that is a movie, please tell which one! I want to see it!

If it is real, I must go there! A real life little girl club is one of my dreams.
It is. German movie I think. Can't remember the name though.
What is this from?
Reupload zhenya vids, not working
You can right-click download them and watch on computer.
Tried to change to multiple video formats, but there were always significant quality losses, so left it as it was, just cut out.
anyone got lgs twerking pls
Open file 1.30 MB, 1920x1090
I couldn't get the file size any smaller since I know squat about encoding, but this is my fav by far.

pass: littlegirlheaven
Could you post a better screenshot that shows face?
They don't show their faces
It's not like there is any doubt they are going to be attractive just from what you can see.
Do not lose quality
Someone has got to re upload those Zheyna videos
I can't fap to just a booty, I need a face to go with the booty.
Have you tried downloading them?
Right click > Save link as...
Open file 82.25 KB, 600x693
You the very best!
I know a girl whop looks like her and wore a red pair of shorts at least that skimpy.
That video must be a lie since the antis told me children have zero sexuality.
it's getting hot.jpg
Open file 21.27 KB, 513x483
The new line is that children have sexuality, but they just can't consent with people over the AOC.
It's just too painful for girls like this to exist but not having any way to get my hands on them.
She's already getting fucked by Chad.
One reason to be a pedophile, is to try to focus on the girls who are unused at all times. I just can't get that into them if I think they may be sexually active. That limits it to 10 at the oldest much of the time.
That is, if you care about virginity. And many males do, even if they won't say it publicly. It makes pedophilia almost mandatory if you want a pure girl. Even some of the "virgins" that still call themselves that at 16, have really been sucking dicks and maybe even getting fucked in the ass the last few years.

So it really does require under 11 to be relatively sure of purity, which many men really do care about a lot. Pedophilia makes a lot of sense in many contexts. There is no way to get rid of something that makes that much sense.
It's only fair that a virgin's first is another virgin. Alas, life isn't fair.
I like videos with little girls talking about things.
Yeah, I don't much care for that music, either, but the dancing is pretty hot.
Would love her to help me with my flexibility issues. Can't touch my toes. :/
I had to download the file and play it in SMPlayer in order to see it. It doesn't play in my browser, either.
>>1602 Does anyone know her name? Or what's her thread on Rindexx? Thx in adv
get deleted, boomer
You're in the group and people are sharing
Open file 2.17 MB, 720x1280
Holy shit, she could still turn around and touch to some place. Super nn

madre de dios.jpeg
this sounds horrible
you're a sick fuck
Open file 1.20 MB, 1872x2808
that sounds like rape, it sounds like a little girl is that what you get off to???
Open file 67.31 KB, 550x582
Sheesh I didn't bother to check it out until seeing these responses.
Please die in a fire.
Open file 453.13 KB, 1789x1793
Open file 975.84 KB, 2560x1920
Open file 973.09 KB, 2560x1920
I dont know wut ppl are talking about that Elle fanning vid was hot do more plz
Open file 1.28 MB, 640x800
@polinavolynez: Подаю детям правильный пример😘

Thank you Polina for your upbringing younger generations for us :)
Mod: I've taken considerable effort editing this naturalist horseback-riding vid so that it will comply with Cutie-Garden rules, it states that "Nipples and butts in a non-sexual context are okay so long as no visible genitalia are shown, EXCLUDING child models". These are not child studio-models but genuine Crimean naturalist girls, most of the scenes were taken from a considerable distance using long-lenses too and don't fixate on any particular body part. I found the final scene particularly funny, "ponytail" girl seems to have her equestrian-skills together but the way the second girl is being bounced around in the saddle would suggest that she's never been on a horse before.
Hot. She knows what men like.
The elle fanning vid audio is from an Elsa jean scene I believe
She is hot any more of her or any like her?
Why you spreading a virus?
Open file 5.26 MB, 360x480
Since this is cool, I grabbed this video off of Librechan before it shut down.
Goat, More like this please
Open file 5.58 MB, 320x568
miss clicked
didn't mean to reupload a video
This is how little girls should act towards each other every day.
Very hot.

pedo maker girl.
Open file 22.99 MB, 1280x720
Could you make the upload limit 100Mb or at least 50Mb?
You gotta cut or decode those vids all the time :(
>make the upload limit 100Mb
Sure, no problem.
Just as soon as YOU start paying the bandwidth, data transfer and server costs for this site out of YOUR pocket.
Whiny faggot.
Open file 4.43 MB, 720x480
Why so angry? It was a polite question from regular contributor, good luck guys.
Open file 21.51 MB, 720x480
Hot only
Just ignore empty anger bruh
there is absolutely no reason for the file upload size limit here to not be at least 500MB-1GB other than the board owner being a penny pinching cheapskate
Open file 13.50 MB, 720x480
Open file 17.43 MB, 720x480
I highly appreciate the owner for doing this, this is literally the only site I go to.
>what are filehosts and links?

Clueless unappreciative anons like you are probably why this >>5939 guy was so terse in his response. If a file is too large then use a filehost and post a link, it's really not that hard to figure out.
IIRC, data transfer fee is ~1$ per TB (or was it GB?). He mentioned it in some thread long ago.
Open file 23.15 MB, 1280x720
Same. It seems to be the only redeeming thing about new masterchan;
someone will link the current place like this somewhere.
I think that's where I found girltime before whatever happened to it.
Owner's a real bro. Even though something really nice might get deleted,
if they had an approval system like boardgirls, we wouldn't see it at all.

I am fairly certain that it is more in the neighborhood of $0.10 per GB which would make a 1TB overage cost $100.00, but the bigger problem is with lunxchan/mongoDB. The admin tried larger file sizes at first but lynx/mongo kept choking on anything over 25MB and it was apparently some sort of native problem with this board particular engine that has yet to be solved.

Oops I meant to say $0.01 per GB and $10.00 per TB for data transfer overage but, like I said, the real problem is an unresolved issue with the lynx board engine.
Yeah, this is correct. I fixed some of the error handling in the lynx engine but it's still not working nearly well enough to enable bigger files
Thanks, Eliza!
She's still my number one.
those legs tho.mp4
Open file 586.75 KB, 640x360
Marry Christmas.mp4
Open file 4.20 MB, 640x360
Open file 954.96 KB, 1080x2220
Open file 871.77 KB, 1080x2220
Open file 906.32 KB, 1080x2033
Open file 504.13 KB, 1080x2220
Open file 456.52 KB, 1080x2220

what do these empty replies mean? i see them all over this site
Usually because lazy fuckers can`t be bothered to type bump.
Open file 5.49 MB, 640x480
Open file 37.35 KB, 640x480
Open file 4.37 MB, 640x480
Open file 8.47 MB, 640x480
Open file 15.20 MB, 640x480
i would like to know too
Open file 2.24 MB, 606x693
>what is your daughter doing when you're not watching?

probably nothing because my daughter doesn't exist

>not fucking your slut daughter...
Anyone has the top left video?
your mom
Need that one 2nd row far right.
Be useful for once FBI
It was found on 4chan then it got deleted in a surprising 40 seconds so I don't have it
The first two on the first and second row
as well as the last video on the forth row
if you would be so king pedo-kun
i desperately need more
top left, bottom right are kino
Secret Stars_Isa[...].mp4
Open file 19.35 MB, 1920x1080
edited no nude Mari 8yo (hope it works this time)
audio only :/

Get out of here with your fake shit.
Yeah, I can't find any good JOI vids. The other ones I have are pretty crappy in comparison. That's the best one that I've come across.
Anyone has the video of Hayley Leblanc exposing herself on Instagram

Exposing as in what? I highly doubt a high profile YouTube figure would make such a risky move.
Nice panties
All she did was pull her shirt down to show a nip or some crap. Not like you haven't seen a nip before.
She did that on purpose? That is so cool! I have fantasized about a famous lg doing something sexual online, like showing or masturbating. It sucks that it's a risk to their career, though.
That is a sexual display, isn't it? Even if a mild one. I wish underage girls could do more, like anything solo, including masturbation demos.

But as much as some antis would wish it, the limit isn't really zero in practice. They can at least dance sexy for us usually.
Open file 3.40 MB, 1920x1080
Open file 4.23 MB, 1920x1080
Open file 5.66 MB, 1920x1080
I managed to get a nice censored + low quality uncensored version
(Either way you can't really see anything)


I believe she's jealous of Annie, in pain over her dad leaving, and did it for attention.

L.A. ruined Hayley's personality imo, and their family in general.
With (((Asher Angel))) now the man, I'm half waiting for the girls to get involved in drugs or smth.

Fun fact, apparently Annie is more famous than Justin Bieber:
(highly skewed sample I think)
Plz don't delete my post. I'm just being friendly. I like LG's just like you. I'm just trying to start my collection. Help me out.
Give me your current residential address. I'll send you some physical copies. I won't anonymously send your address to every federal law enforcement organisation I can think of, honest.
Why be that way?
I'm new to this but very interested. Just asking for a little help.
Fkn pricks!!!
What are you looking for exactly ?
>Give me your current residential address

That you Nano ?
Why the fk would I give you my residential address? I might be new to this but I'm not stupid.
>I'm new to this
>Fkn pricks!!!
>I'm new to this
Enlighten me
Open file 12.11 MB, 1280x720
I think >>6876
was just being funny/joking.

What'd you need help with?
Some people are pretty friendly here. >>6881
Step 1: Click on a video to watch
Step 2: Check pants for sudden lack of space
Note: if chub is not present, go to step 1, if it is, proceed to step 3
Step 3: Right click video, click 'Save Link as/Save Video as'. Save video

Congratulations. You just started your collection.
Note: further faggotry will result in being directed to Step 1 of this guide
Some vids of girls in thongs will be nice.
I try to get in the group but you ppl act retarded.Can someone put a full video up?Instead of these partials.
How do I get full videos?
>Can someone put a full video up?Instead of these partials.

No because the Maximum file size is 25MB on this board.
Where can I get full video's?
>Where can I get full video's
Some 'legal' sources are of course YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, various "live streaming" apps (LiveMe, etc).

But for the studio-type vids, those are from the dark web (Tor), basically.

Unfortunately, posting the link here is against site rules, cause there's a lot of illegal stuff there too :/

The 'group' is more here:
But people on image boards are notoriously retarded.
I can't find active links on darkweb.
Fuck I just cum everywhere. Cute lil lesbians.
I can't get this video to play on that link. What do I need?
Strange. I've heard so much about Brooke Shields being naked in this film, but I can't remember anyone getting outraged about the part where a guy smacks her across the face and throws her out in the hall. What's up with that?
If you right-click on the link above a video and "Save Link As..." you can download it, and then use a compatible video player like VLC:

This site (and some others) can be unreliable at times, and you may have to retry downloads.

Did you get the directions from >>6935
There is an active hub on the dark web, it's just hard to find unless someone tells you.
I am not recommending downloading any illegal, but it happens to be one of the best sources for legal things.

For example, >>6935 came from rindexxx...
More vids like this last one pretty pretty plz!!!!
>But people on image boards are notoriously retarded.

Cheeky cunt.
I'm not having any luck on darkweb links. What am I doing wrong? Can someone hell me?
Did you follow this? >>5608
Read from that post forward, in that thread.
Can't post it directly, cause it's against site rules.
>>7029 Make certain you choose their new v3 Onion URL too (56-characters), the old v2 address 16-characters) isn't used anymore.
Open file 1.75 MB, 352x240
Hope to c more Sandra
ripe for breeding tbh
Weak ass videos.
Why don't onion links work on darkweb? Can someone help me out? Plz
I'm so frustrated. Why won't the links on darkweb work? I don't know what to do. Can someone plz help me out?
Google topic links 2.0
Full video please.
Does anyone know what movie this is from?
Open file 226.29 KB, 1311x969
Newstar Bambi slutting around:
This was a really entertaining thread but it's gradually sliding off the board, it must've hit its bump limit.
Am I seeing right, that she has pedo hearts symbol on her top and she is pointing to them?! :O

What's her name and is this one minute a whole video?
All down! Please re-up using

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