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Request Thread Anonymous 06/17/2019 05:47:29 No. 223 sticky [AUTOSAGE]
Open file 120.65 KB, 767x897
Post source/requests in this thread

Please note that requesting illegal material is against site rules
Edited last time on 07/10/2019 05:23:21.
Who is she :D

Okay...., that was pretty funny.
Open file 139.88 KB, 565x474
alright , source? thx
Open file 68.16 KB, 357x235
Younger image of.... that's a boy, anon.
sex with children should be legalized
>>252 lol , oh well, l I go both ways these days anyway

"loli's - gateway to Pederasty"
Open file 370.11 KB, 1539x2049
This girl, god I need this girl, what's her name? What's her story?
Open file 46.00 KB, 600x800
Think I heard she was German , some topless and sheer , and boy is her lil sis ugly , I'll post a link here in a bit
I'm bored , any requests?
Hey, someone have images of Mary? i only remember i saw a couple of images of her in an orange dress and with a banana.

Especially the images of her disguised i think of hairy
Open file 5.82 MB, 1122x628
Anyone have the full video of this or any more from this girl?

this was the link but youtube removed the video
Did anyone save/mirror it? What was the channel name?
>>540 I have the full version (10 mins). Like i said, i am gonna post it on aiw bro.
Does anyone have an AIW invite code?
Open file 250.69 KB, 714x1024
Anyone know who she is?
Gene Simons daughter?
lol sorry no idea :)
Open file 363.16 KB, 891x1024
Is she Mara?
Open file 331.58 KB, 683x1024
Does someone know where I can see pics of boys? A board, a instagram account, anything, thanks.
My only source is imgsrc right now. I would like to see high quality boy models, ig style, similar to the girls posted here.

nothing about this? :(
Someone have this video? Share whit your friend if not ilegal.
Open file 794.03 KB, 1280x720

This video.
boys are gay foo.
al 1.webm
Open file 1.36 MB, 640x360
? sauce?
I saw it on old cozy but never found thesauce
Open file 23.61 KB, 286x194
If someone has This vid, it has been taken down from YouTube since 3 years ago or so.
This bitch
there has to be more of her
Little model
Open file 3.06 MB, 516x290
There is if you search this site hard enough
more videos
I'm looking for a video of a brune little girl sucking a lollipop, recorded by her sister, in a car.
Anyone has it ?
Open file 7.04 MB, 204x360
I want Carol and Camilly videos.
Requesting a video. Little brunette talking dirty to the camera. Starts out with 'I hope you like petite, because that's what you're going to get'
Open file 96.18 KB, 429x650
i cant find anymore,
a little help pls
can anybody post check this new cunny again please
Open file 71.17 KB, 240x320
I'm looking more of her.
What's AIW?
Open file 5.71 MB, 310x412

This one?
Requesting twerking videos. One condition - nothing brown.
there was a vid I saw on av4 it was a highschool setting and boys and girls put up another girls bra and boobs and grabed them , I feel like it was russian or some eastern europ origin
A video of a blonde and a brunette in the bathroom, the older brunette starts by saying "Missus Tate..." then they get in the shower (clothed) and play with shampoo, the older one talking about how closely the shampoo resembles bodily fluids while the blonde is clueless. It's adorable banter.
Fuck off, pig.
Open file 248.97 KB, 500x720
Does anyone know who this little girl is?
she is so HOT!
Open file 114.98 KB, 1024x939
I've seen plenty of her before no idea who she is though. I wouldn't mind knowing she's cute.
>>948 Mara
pics used panties
Open file 346.74 KB, 956x1440
shes not a cp model tho right, is she like some chan users daughter or something l0l
Her dad took thousands of pictures of her and uploaded them to a public Flickr or something, eventually an anon noticed it and the rest is history.
Is thar any vids or caption pics with a girl giving jack off Instructions?
>>949 Oh.. Literally MY kind of girl.
Would love to see more.
Kamilla on IG plz!
Pls, Liliana from AMS...
Open file 472.30 KB, 1365x2048
Open file 285.34 KB, 1500x2250
Pardon my noob question: Who are these girls?
Open file 77.07 KB, 1080x842
Does anyone know who this little girl is?
>>1108 that sexy lg is called tallia burk
have fun:
damn she is fine as fuck
Open file 112.19 KB, 1080x1350
Open file 92.86 KB, 1060x1325
Open file 133.45 KB, 1080x1350
Open file 172.37 KB, 1080x1250
Now welcome to the Tallia worshipers club that you'll never escape.
Best. Little. Girl. Ever.
Open file 1.02 MB, 300x300
Open file 210.89 KB, 960x1280
Open file 32.22 KB, 375x500
Open file 169.03 KB, 960x1280
Anyone got Samantha's videos or her photoset?
Woah. Tallia Burk is amazing. Just went through her mom's Instagram and downloaded over a hundred of her pics. Not very sexy ones but if you're into CUTE and LIPS this is it.
My fave age on her is 3. Love the chubby cheeks and the weak chins at that age.
She's turning 7 in late August.
ditsydaisy on manyvids
so, too legal for this site ;)
I also would like to find the unedited version. I need it to redact my doctoral thesis.
Open file 1.91 MB, 1080x2022
>>1175 Sure she is. Glad you noticed she had the most beautiful lips ever.
I really loved her when she was 4/5. But damn she's growing up too fast... In 2 years she clearly wont be the same anymore.
Know her mom is overprotective (I even tried to speak with her, asking what happened, she's so odd yet she called me weirdo, but I never said anything weird. Guess that was because I was only following little girls.) She had shut down Tallia's IG because she figured out pedo were watching. Then she reactivated in private mode, deleting about the 1000 last subscribers. Now for some reason she put it public again, probably for the money.
So yeah you better download everything asap before she freaks out again.
Open file 114.05 KB, 1080x1350
Open file 106.35 KB, 1080x1080
Open file 139.82 KB, 1080x1350
Open file 137.81 KB, 1080x1080
Open file 89.72 KB, 1080x1080
I think she peaked around 3 or 4 to be honest... Don't care for her new pics.
Here are some from around 2 and 3:
Open file 115.83 KB, 1080x1080
Open file 123.50 KB, 1080x1350
Open file 264.52 KB, 1080x1230
Open file 204.53 KB, 1080x1308
Open file 118.24 KB, 1080x1350
>Feb 21 2016

Her father had self control.
Open file 82.83 KB, 1080x1275

Start a dedicated thread then, what are you wait for?
Blue and Pink 61.jpg
Open file 1.21 MB, 1200x1800

Tallia's mom is a little nuts though. I made a meme from one of her pictures of Tallia and she went completely insane on me. She even deleted Tallia's page for awhile after our exchange. (I am sorry for that lol).

Do you know the picture of Tallia looking around the corner? I just put the text "I saw what you did there!" Tallia's mom Shelly went nuts over it lol. She even reported my account to instagram.
Open file 227.05 KB, 1296x1944
Open file 166.82 KB, 1296x1944
Any more of this girl?
Where to find?
More of these two?
Open file 277.03 KB, 1200x1800
Open file 227.76 KB, 1200x1800
Open file 234.88 KB, 1200x1800
I was wondering if anyone had this video of Isabella? If so, would you be willing to please share it? It's IsabellaB07 video.
has momtits/10
boner ruined
You best not be telling me your mother has tits like hers, if so please post.
Not to my tastes but you will find Candydoll videos on Freenet.
I just want to be apart of what you guys have going on
Open file 83.27 KB, 750x1125
hope u enjoy
i want candy.gif
Open file 824.71 KB, 480x270
Open file 850.25 KB, 480x270
anyone got the sauce?
Open file 88.26 KB, 667x1000
anybody know who the girl on the left is?
Where is a board for boys pics, please?
Eliza said on /meta/ that he was "open" to a boy board, but nothing ever came of it. We have some very vocal pearl-clutchers here when it comes to the boy issue, who would have meltdowns if a boy board happened.

I send everyone here.
Beauty of Boys http://beautyboysj2sgq3.onion/

Also, check Kohlchan's /b/ Sundays for sonntag ist shotag.
more of her please, pics, video, anything
promise me no boys! make a separate site if you must do that. the vast majority of us are here to see "cuties" and that isn't a boy in most of our minds. for a lot of girl lovers, myself included, having boys in things ruins them, and i can no longer enjoy it on the same level. it's like throwing a basketball game into the middle of ASMR. It kills the relaxation and calming effect of it.
>please don't make a boy board because I may be tempted to enter it
Anna T from Candydoll
Open file 101.21 KB, 750x750
Open file 66.27 KB, 1080x1080
Any more?
What's the name of the vladmodel who posed in a skimpy school uniform with transparent panties? As a law-abiding citizen I'm definitely not requesting a link to that set. I'm also not requesting a link to that Brazilian girl who posed on a dark lacquered end table and wore a cross.
there must be at least a dozen who did a shoot like that. be more specific.
Name starts with z. zephnia or something like that. Closer to hebe. Looks a lot like
that may even be her, but none of the pictures in the archive here:
have any of the full sets I recall. I think she also did a "secretary" set.
Is that any vids of a young girl giving jack off instructions?
Open file 119.21 KB, 960x1280
Poundable, nice ass.
Highly Poundable!
This girl seems like a slut that need to have her pussy pounded til she can't put her legs together.

Highly flammable and (£)dable. Please diddle with caution!
I like how you can see that foot and long legs in full view. Still, I got a feeling that there must be a video somewhere. What I would pay to see that.
How about vids of young girls kissing
Open file 120.72 KB, 1080x1080
Requesting more of the attached (Meow T-shirt girl).
Does anyone know where i can find LauraB's videos, or if
you have any video or set of her, can you post it. Basically
just post anything about LauraB and i'll be thankful (espicially videos).
Open file 3.56 MB, 4032x1960
Open file 4.26 MB, 4032x1960
Open file 3.03 MB, 4032x1960
Open file 3.27 MB, 4032x1960
does anyone have alessandra's patreon pics?
im depressed i cant get off theres no full nudity permitted this board the pussies cover in pink circles. sitelinks all down onion links nothing good
Open file 50.73 KB, 610x320
Need her please
you need to msg the linked email and buy them...
Put it on Someone may have already posted them, and they also have a script that extracts the text content. If they're just unlisted Youtube videos, you can get it that way.
Open file 95.63 KB, 808x603
Vladmodel Zhenya perhaps
Open file 4.65 MB, 320x180
I have video without sound. Look at atachment. I searching for high quality video with sound. Maybe you have. Please upload. Or give links.
Any mp4's,mp3's or captioned pics of girls giving Joi instructions?
download (6).jpg
Open file 52.47 KB, 600x900
Any vlds of lg kissing making out?
I dunno if I should post this here but, does anyone where can I find deleted YT foot videos? I can't find them anyhwere. Thanks in advance
Open file 713.61 KB, 1333x2000
She is the best ever !!
Best? Not so sure but certainly up there
Open file 323.15 KB, 1445x1397
daughter and friend
christina from tpi / wals
what's her IG? I tried Kamilla and it's someone else
Open file 18.36 KB, 320x180

wow , never seen that one , seconded!
well damn if Sergei just don't keep on coming out with new stuff even in prison ;) , anyone got the latest?
Makes me wonder if there is even more hardcore videos than the coveted double bj...
I'm trying to remember the name of that japanese girl, she had a blue swimsuit and played with a popsicle i think.
Looking for a small set called "boxing coach."
Would it be against the site rules to ask for sauce on those said videos?
I remember, thanks for the cool photos. If you had the beautiful cameltoe set.
She's just unbearably sexxxy
Anyone know?
is triforce down?
you already know the answer to that question AVERY, you desperate pathetic shill.
Since they came back last week they've been slow af and frequently going down for short periods.
Open file 60.22 KB, 500x500
It is said that the average person commits several felonies in daily life. Politicians are constantly passing new laws, creating criminals growing the police state. It's hard to keep up with their charade.

Child lovers are antagonized even when we try to do things on the up and up, and the screws are put to all legal avenues. First, commercial CP was banned, so the free market created non-nude studios. State by state, the definition of CP was expanded to encompass non-nude modelling. The politicians seem to have an annual quota of anti-pedo legislation, primarily in the form of new criminal laws banning things that were previously legal, such as child sex dolls. They base the laws on fear and bigotry instead of consulting research that would reveal how pedophiles having safe outlets benefits society. They pander to fundies and police state industries and pat themselves on the back while lives are destroyed over nothing.

I don't know where this site is being hosted, but in much of the US at least, it does not follow the letter of the law. That's why everybody should be using encryption, because even the things you think might be legal may no longer be. Security is paramount; your very survival is at stake.

CP should remain illegal, to keep it exciting and valuable. If it was legal, it would get boring and there would be no point to having it in the black market.
Depends what you mean by CP. Baby porn, snuff, anything coerced should be banned, for good reason. Other things have artistic and scientific value to society and should be unequivocally legal, such as nude and non-nude modelling. The law defines CP too broadly.
If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao
You're not gonna make it with anyone anyhow
Open file 128.76 KB, 768x1024
/r/ing this set tbh
Open file 359.71 KB, 350x263
desperately requesting this Inna set or any other sets
Open file 185.48 KB, 960x1280
>desperately requesting this Inna set
Here you go, mate
PW: garden.qt
Open file 729.52 KB, 2592x1728
TRU/TPI/WALS has so many tiny cuties and Lizzy is one of my favorites.
You said the magic word so here she is. Enjoy.

TRU 170 Lizzy 320 pics + 4 vids - no pass
Three Felonies A Day is a book. Once that whole social credit score stuff rolls out I'm sure it'll be way more than three.
The laws are indeed very screwed up which is why they need to be changed, and many of the bad ones need to be thrown out entirely. The problem is that once a law is created it's nearly impossible to get rid of, even after it causes more trouble than it prevents.
Politicians just wanna stay in power and they don't like to take a stance on a taboo subject, even if they're on the side of freedom. Strip clubs are legal but many are topless only. Try reasoning with brainwashed voters that all nudity involving adults should be considered equal and watch what happens.
Meanwhile, Desmond Is Amazing stripped on stage for gay men who gave him dollar bills and no arrests have been made. Go figure.
I like Doug Stanhope's idea: a simple list of 10 laws against stuff we can all agree on (rape, murder, burglary, assault). Everybody gets to vote on a 1-900 number (maybe $1/call to raise revenue) and anytime you wanna pass a new law criminalizing something else you've gotta knock the least popular thing off the list.
Trannies can now use any bathroom they chose? OK, but now any image we DL for free is also legal.
No more AR-15s with the pistol grip cuz there was another school shooting (even though the killer used pistols)? Alright, but now it no longer matters if my sex doll looks like a Candydoll model.
If they expect laws to be taken seriously they'd change them so they made sense and actually protected people. But I'm not holding my breath. Enjoy the show. Come on, Giant Asteroid 2020.
I am in great need of Cherish sets, please!
Legalization isn't likely any time soon; however, we are moving away from a culture of mass incarceration of nonviolent offenders. The younger generations are more sympathetic toward the prisoner's plight. We need to ensure that pedos are a part of that transformation and not just drug dealers.
I would love to see pedos represented as real voters and citizens, and not just society's punching bags.

We are real people. It would be great to even have a choice to vote for that was not as insanely anti pedo. Some reason and logic would be very much appreciated.
I appreciate the positivity. Education is key. When people know the truth they're a lot less likely to just go along with whatever those in power want.
I honestly believe candidates could win on a platform of getting rid of bad laws rather than passing or expanding more laws. You can be tough on crime by focusing on killers, kidnappers, rapists, thieves, etc. I've heard high level LE agents claim that CP is the #1 crime online. Not hacking or identity theft!?! As A.I. continues to evolve and thieves are able to take ID theft to another level I can only assume they'll change their priorities.
i have this, where should i upload?
some of the filehosts you can use with tor
okay so I git in trouble for using Daily Free okay? I see lots on here using it. Thanks
Somebody mentioned that free now blocks tor nodes from uploading, so if you don't mind that if you aren't uploading over tor. For downloaders, free is great.
It worked for me when I upped the Inna. It just took a long time on the screen it goes to once the upload completes. I made a snack, and when I came back, I had a successful link. But I've tried before and it didn't work, now I know why, thanks
>TRU 170 Lizzy 320 pics + 4 vids - no pass

I am getting '403 forbidden' but using Tor. I wonder if the file is there or if it is blocking tor now as well
I tried uploading some large sets to free over tor, both times I got a problem loading page timeout. I'll try again with something smaller to see if that works.

With zippy the page loads for me but you need to enable javascript to download the file.
Open file 2.60 MB, 4480x6720
requesting this set. please. thank you.
DL works fine on plain old Firefox, as long as you're OK with the 3 letter agencies knowing that you're looking at 100% legal pics of a fully clothed smiling girl.
Open file 429.48 KB, 2000x3000
OMG yes please share this, and Lesya and every other girl like her in this outfit. Thanks.
I tried uploading some large sets to free over tor, both times I got a problem loading page timeout. I'll try again with something smaller to see if that works.

With zippy the page loads for me but you need to enable javascript to download the file.

I think on it depends on what server/node you hit when you go to the website, that you may be lucky enough that it will work on Tor.

As for the file you shared, it's downloading now. Thanks. It was javascript making it go to 403 forbidden. DL speed is rather fast as well!
Open file 143.68 KB, 1024x1820

Sry I'm late lol

I hope you can upload it using any of the links that other anon posted
anonfile and worked fine last time I used them
DITTO!!! Please get rid of the BOYSBULL!!! Either start a seperate gallery where WE GIRL LOVERS dont have to see it or GO somewhere else PLEASE!!!
Open file 605.29 KB, 1112x2799
>403 forbidden
Make need to change circuit/identity.
>With zippy you need to enable javascript
There's a workaround for zippy. See image.

The risk may be low, technically.
People are afraid of getting picked up in a wide dragnet operation on a major filehost (which could happen), and get a "door knock" in front of family.

Keeping their security straightedge, gives people peace of mind.
Are there more / source of her?
Thanks for all the guides anon. You are a real asset to the community. I don't see too many zippy links anymore, but I will definitely save that one for when the need arises.

any pedo cocks?
That didn't take long, NN stuff taken down after only 4 days? Thankfully the other Zippy links I know of still work. I wish they would learn. It's the internet. Stuff goes down, it gets reposted immediately. How about they worry about stuff that matters for a change?

The NBC story about Webe Web is from 2006. And for some reason the link to it no longer works for me. Very strange. Somehow I doubt LE has the time or resources to round up everyone who ever viewed or shared NN materials. Rebel Shooter and the Webe Web guys only got taken down because they pissed off the wrong people, and that was A LONG time ago.
For the past few years I've seen a lot of billboards on the highway and posters at the airport talking about human trafficking. May this be a sign that LE is finally starting to concentrate on actual criminals because they know there are far too many harmless pervs to chase after (many of whom are in their own agencies). As for file hosts, I understand why they keep taking down stuff when it gets reported. But NN sets and vids? What's the problem?
>Somehow I doubt LE has the time or resources to round up everyone who ever viewed or shared NN materials.

No, but unless you want to fall into their clutches, you should take the same precautions you would if you were dealing with regular CP, since people have been charged for CP for NN.
Open file 97.56 KB, 768x1023
Yeah, doesn't matter whether it was NN. Still gets classified as CP in the U.S. / Australia / etc. There was a U.S. DOJ report that mentioned illegal photos found in someone's "Candydoll" folder. :/

>I doubt LE has the time or resources to round up everyone who ever viewed or shared NN materials
Right, until you get that one anti reviewing Reported Links who saw "5yo girl" in the title and decides to submit a police report, and includes their advertiser fingerprinting data along with the report. (presumably fixed by now, but point is that Tor Browser isn't perfect)

Fingerprint data can be cross-referenced with an advertiser database, with enough confidence to get you a door knock. And that's not even discussing "that one sting operation that one year" that will make the news.

I don't mean to spread FUD. You may have a higher chance of dying in plane accident than ever getting caught with NN.

But some people understand it's Murphy's Law here's_law
>It is found that anything that can go wrong at sea generally does go wrong sooner or later, so it is not to be wondered that owners prefer the safe to the scientific
Open file 822.07 KB, 1200x1800
I have to admit that I read what you write about nn with curiosity and interest. I have question for you. In which EU countries is this photo illegal? Possession and distribution. I look forward to the short answer of someone who knows the subject.
Open file 2.20 MB, 3603x2403
Hey katie,
EU might be more relaxed (idk). But in the U.S. it's the DOST test.

Failing any one of these, can make something CP:
>1. Whether the focal point is the pubic area.
>2. Whether the visual depiction is "sexually suggestive" (place, pose, clothing)
>5. Whether the visual depiction suggests sexual coyness. (the eyes, body language)
>6. Whether the visual depiction is intended or designed to elicit a sexual response in the viewer.

NN studios reason for living is to fail rule #6.

Your image also has:
>little girl on a bed wearing lingerie - rule #2
>emphasis on camel toe - rule #1

So, not all of Candy Doll images are illegal.
But because of how American police are, it's a dangerous game to be caught with any of it.

This is how Americans think of Candy Doll ("Child Pornography"):

That's the Daily Caller / U.S. news.
Open file 76.74 KB, 697x1050
I think I'm starting to understand. Bottom line: Nobody can give a definite answer because there is none. A lawyer would probably also say "" It depends ..... A topic as old as the world. You would have to refer to the legal code of the country with who you want, right? Thanks for the answer
I'm sorry I didn't answer your question.
Someone else might know EU laws.

But yeah, in the U.S., your 1 pic depends on how nice the policeman is, or how good your lawyer is. :/
Open file 466.52 KB, 1754x1656
Is there any more of this? What a view!
They think Laura B looks no more than 6!?! I thought she started modelling at 9. Leave it to MSM to assume rather than actually research what they're covering. It's painful to hear this woman attempt to speak confidently about something she literally just found out about and doesn't understand.
"NN means non-nudity or no nude, and it's the way that these websites are able to survive on the surface level, because they don't have photos or videos of children that are completely naked..." She could've stopped right there. No nudity and no sexual content means it's NOT CP!
Their goal is the same as it was when NBC did a story on Webe Web before it got taken down. They're trying to blur the lines between NN (or child erotica as they call it) and actual HC CP in the hopes that LE will go after millions of people who've viewed it. Since NN fans don't have nearly as much money or property to seize as drug dealers I'd like to believe they'll focus on actual dangerous criminals. Then again some folks can be unbelievably ignorant. They can't even figure out that almost all NN fans have never paid for sets/vids since most of it is freely available. I'd consider that a good thing, that nobody's making money off of the "exploitation of children".
In the end I think all this Daily Caller piece did was to tell guys how to find Candydoll and other NN images, just like the infamous "8 year olds going hard to Single Ladies" (still on YT btw) helped millions of men realize they were into lgs. I'm also wondering when those Pentagon employees will get v& for paying to view CP. Did they blow our tax dollars to join scam sites offering reposted Candydoll materials? Were those cops busted for fapping to Laura B while on the job, or actual HC CP? I'd love to know.
Open file 379.78 KB, 570x568
I'd love to see somebody try and apply DOST and COPINE (nothing more than excuses to enhance a prison sentence) to the Single Ladies vid, or any of the countless other things on surface web. Candydoll is VERY tame compared to what goes on today. Look at any webcam forum (but at your own risk). This witch hunt nonsense has to stop. It's not helping.
Kids are safer today than ever before, mainly because pervs stay home and fap in front of the computer.
Keep NN legal. Go after kidnappers and rapists instead.
Open file 912.85 KB, 1824x2736
Sympathetic buddy. It is impossible not to refer to your words. Everything you write is true with a few exceptions. We are adults and we can't explain by downloading these materials that police and officials do it too. It's like my daughter comes from school, she got a bad grade, but she explains to me that her friend also got a bad . But she is a child and can put a kit on me. We are adults. I saw candydoll photos for the first time about three years ago. I collected them one by one, until my browser accidentally ran into trichan. However, after watching several cp videos, I found that I was not very attracted to it. However, I love these pictures
Open file 120.17 KB, 600x800
Husband katie, do you have any of her? I saw you posted Good Models on /cozy/.
I can't see her face exactly
This is the only other one I have.
4310 Such fine perfect bum
Open file 110.20 KB, 845x494
>all this Daily Caller piece did was to tell guys how to find Candydoll and other NN images
>just like the infamous "8 year olds going hard to Single Ladies" helped millions of men realize they were into lgs
Exactly and that's why I love to post it on normie forums ;)
Good commentary

>This witch hunt nonsense has to stop. It's not helping.
In all fairness, the hysteria keeps a huge amount of attention on pedophilia. It's constantly on everyone's minds today.
Even some antis recognize how 'dangerous' that is for their cause, when you have a spectrum on which people slide only in one direction.
>post it on normie forums
the news piece I mean
Open file 534.63 KB, 638x483
Open file 963.45 KB, 1440x1080
Anybody got any videos, or at least a name? I think I've only seen a snippet of one of her videos.
Open file 255.87 KB, 1250x730
I try to avoid the chans and other places that have gotten really scary. There are so many abusive comments I'm convinced they're either total psychos or undercover cops typing the worst shit they can think of so when it gets shut down they can go, "OMG! Look at all of the horrible things these sick bastards are saying about children!" You're the one who put it there, officer!

I've given up HC and I will never use TOR. Lately I've been trying to get as many girl lovers as possibly to stick to NN only in the hopes that eventually pedos are known not as serial rapist killers but harmless pervs who stay home and fap in front of their computers. I also like to post clips like the ones below (please watch all the way thru if you haven't already). Audiences were laughing and applauding for this stuff 12 years ago. The public is slowly but surely coming around. The laws are gonna take a whole lot longer.

Is CP really rampant online?

"I'll DEFEND CP! How about that?"
How nice to listen to a wise man and for free. 100% truth
Open file 132.59 KB, 1280x720
"If we could take down a few notches the hatred for kid-having-sex people..."

>The public is slowly but surely coming around
It's like watching grass grow, but I see it too >>>/cozy/20403
Open file 226.13 KB, 750x1334
I'm afraid much like other long lasting divisive issues , abortion , religion , politics , pedophiles will never be fully accepted.

It's kind of funny though , pic related , now that women have every dick in a 50 mile radius on call 24/7 , and the average guy has little chance , It doesn't surprise me that more guys turn to pedophilia as a way of turning the clock back to when girls only had access to the men immediately around them ( limited choice) , pedos don't go to bars and pick up loli's , they meet them in their immediate area , relatives , neighbors , friends kids etc... , lol though loli "speed dating" would be hilarious :P
I don't have this set; aassistance rerequested, thanks
Can we convert large numbers of men to pedo? Or have they already?
Stand up philosophers, the last truth-tellers left. Hey, remember when Louis CK was the worst guy on Earth...for about a week until Weinstein, Cosby, R Kelly, Epstein, etc? Glad to hear he's allowed to do comedy again and that people are starting to put dangerous criminals ahead of harmless pervs.

Yes, I think even feminists know they've pushed too hard which is why so many young men are happily single. NARSOL and other groups are mostly made up of women who've lost husbands and sons to the most cruel and unusual punishments. Eventually I think the crazies will come around and realize that if they keep demanding perfection there aren't gonna be any good men around who want anything to do with them. As for loli dating, it's unlikely but I have seen a few young ladies insisting that a guy shouldn't be arrested just because he's over 18 and his gf isn't.

Pedos aren't converted. At some point we just realize how we are and chose how to deal with it. That said, the internet has forced many guys (and ladies) to accept the fact that they really like young girls, and that judging anyone simply based on who they're attacted to is absurd.
Turn back the clock even further and fornicators were society's degenerates. And rightfully so, with all the disease they spread.
Hey everyone I'm new on the site and want to know how I can be safe as I can and be able to start a collection. Right now I'm using my phone with a VPN and tor browser. What else do I need/should use? Thank you everyone for the info u might provide :D
Open file 74.37 KB, 640x640
Hey Anon, welcome :)

Not everything here is technically legal in the U.S., see >>4165

The paranoid will tell you to use only Tails OS with security High in Tor Browser (javascript disabled). That's also good enough for the dark web/ CP.

But if you live in Mexico or Venezuela, you're probably OK on a phone with bare IP. :D
So there's different views.

Site is kind of slow-moving compared to past ib's >>>/cozy/22041
gogoduck Topic Links for the dark web central hub
Can someone share Laura B VIP vids? They have been posted there, but all links are dead atm.
Open file 231.85 KB, 972x1296
People think I'm gay because I don't dare women. But I'm not gay, I'm pedo. They don't think of that.

That picture made me even more pedo.
Did you guys know there are little girl channels on Youtube that feature lots of closeup 4k shots of little girls, so close and detailed that you can often see their little peachfuzz mustaches?
There are and I find it sexy.
Open file 8.18 MB, 3840x2160
>little girl mustaches
These can't compete with that, but the first one is 4K:

9:19, 53:40, 57:49, 1:00:05

1:38:11 - end

44:21 - 46:21
Thank you so much :D so for "gogoduck" idk what you mean by topic links. Can you explain a bit more in detail. How would i find the central hub your saying for the .onion links? Sorry everyone I'm very new to this, I've used 4chan and stuff but never have been able to actually find a site till now. Thank you everyone. Try tell me as much as u can without breaking the rules here :D
Those two links require a CAPTCHA.
If you can see and solve these captcha on your Tor browser = your security settings are not high enough.
Conclusion: trap.
you do need the Onion browser to get to these links but all you need to do is register. It only takes a couple of minutes to register in both of them. These are not pay sites. All are free downloads. Dl Free does not have any captchas but a few of the other do. Only download from the places where they ask you to use script. I've been using this site for a while now without any problems. Good hunting.
Let me rephrase that. Do not download from places that ask you to use script. Only from the places where you can turn off your script.
Open file 243.90 KB, 911x911
That's just slang for using DuckDuckGo (famous search engine).
For example, someone might say gogoduck Toilet Lifts. That means search for that phrase. So you get the idea.

It's good to religiously keep your scripts off / security set to High.
The U.S. is still jailing people from the Playpen exploit 4 years ago. Another guy last week:

trust me. you dont want to see those sets because that would be illegal
It was proven that 8chan had a lot of feds on it. They even posted documents proving it right before they took down the site.
"...sentenced to 10 years in federal prison followed by five years of supervised release for accessing the internet with intent to view child pornography.

Talley is also required to register as a sex offender."

10 fucking years?

LMAO at American justice system.
pls help i cant find any more of her.
i know there is a full video with flashes and all but i just have found this sfw version.

pls sauce of full vid or more of her
Open file 5.27 MB, 1280x720
any other sites like
In many circumstances, you can kill someone in America and get less prison time than the average CP possession sentence. This is not because a nonviolent sex offense is empirically worse than manslaughter, but because it is a thought crime against society. And the sex offender designation makes it so you have no realistic option other than suicide because you can't get a job or housing. The good news is that this system is starting to crack under the weight of its bullshit.
That is some really great news, anon! CP laws and sex offender registry is highly irrational and unfair. You looked at banned content (that is often made by kids themselves) now you must be imprisoned until death! It's not proportional punishment at all.
1 down 49 to go.
I agree this system needs to collapse so it can be rebuilt. They pushed too hard and now it's crumbling. This is why certain actions need to be criminalized but not thoughts. All it does is destroy any illusion of justice.
Years ago a New England man raped an 18 month old baby, his lawyer argued that his client would not fare well in prison (well duh) and somehow he got away with just probation, no prison time. Meanwhile if you get busted with CP the Feds won't consider any deal that doesn't include mandatory prison time (see the case of Mark Salling).
All the more reason to stay safe and legal. There are now over a million on the registry. Eventually they're gonna have to back off and only focus on dangerous predators. If they keep trying to lock up every perv they're gonna miss all of the Jeffrey Epsteins and Jimmy Savilles.
fuck off
Open file 1.14 MB, 1200x1800
Piona P sets please. (Candydoll)
Can anyone tell me how to go recap upload Bank, the one with this window? So that I don't end up in a psychiatric hospital?
Case in point, Amber Guyger.

>female pig
>barged into the wrong apartment and shot a black man dead eating ice cream on his couch
>it was revealed in court that she was a racist
>10 year prison sentence, eligible for parole in 5 years

The American justice system is looking more European each day, except when it involves us.
Open file 106.94 KB, 1024x576
Who is she? If I knew her name I could probably find the rest of her pics
Open file 280.54 KB, 930x1480
One of the few I've come across. Would love to find more myself. Hot little sweetie.
Open file 279.00 KB, 930x1480
What's her name? I had that set and a few others but I can't remember her name
Open file 1.24 MB, 3000x2000
I don't know how I could forget such a wonderful ass
Open file 280.54 KB, 930x1480
What's her name?
Open file 280.54 KB, 930x1480
What's her name?
Open file 706.11 KB, 1079x1225
Open file 960.35 KB, 1080x2220
Open file 908.38 KB, 1080x2220
Open file 885.75 KB, 1080x2220
Open file 710.33 KB, 1080x2220
Open file 600.34 KB, 1080x2220
Open file 529.54 KB, 1064x1041
Open file 939.36 KB, 1079x1335
Open file 582.03 KB, 1078x1091
Open file 601.35 KB, 2240x3360
Any one got her sets?
12 is a very special age for girls and an age that is very special for me as well. Sometimes I'll see a qt and am a tad interested in her but once I realize she is 12(or under) that just magically sends my brain into overdrive because I just know how tight, supple, and delicious her whole body is going to be. Gives me an instant erection and my focus is all on her when I find that out.

When I was younger I used to do lots of things to place LGs in my life. Some of my most amazing moments, besides sexual stuff, were when I was out with a few LGs and we were all outside just having a good time. The oldest girl, 12, didn't want to sit on the ground and so sat in my lap and made a bit deal about it to the other younger girls. You could tell they were all jealous and I knew 110% she could feel my erection poking her perfect arse.
Open file 1.16 MB, 2240x3360
Nope, but she looks promising. This is obviously a new photographer for NewStar, I've never seen any of these new sets so I don't know whether they are going to be any good or not - but I'd like to find out!
Open file 177.08 KB, 1728x1152
Open file 185.58 KB, 1152x1728
I only have this set of Tea from School Models. Would love to see more from this cute little hottie.
Open file 181.46 KB, 771x1024

Name is totally shelby.
Pics are from totally shelby 1 sets. There are also totally shelby 2 sets, same girl 3 or 4 years older in those sets.
There's a specific photo of the model "Alissa P" that I've been looking for for a while now. She's in a black dress, blowing a kiss. She might be wearing kitty ears as well.

I'd check the TMTV sets 05, 10, and 67.
Open file 4.82 MB, 2676x4000
Open file 3.81 MB, 2675x4000
Open file 3.40 MB, 2009x3000
Open file 3.38 MB, 2026x3026
Open file 855.26 KB, 2026x3026
If someone had a TMTW index, it would be nice
Open file 872.93 KB, 1004x1500
Open file 401.14 KB, 1000x1400
Open file 352.66 KB, 1000x1400
Open file 600.31 KB, 1000x1400
Open file 833.97 KB, 1000x1400
Open file 461.23 KB, 1000x1400

Alissa in that white dress would make any man pedo.

I am 100% certain of that.
beat me to it, faggot.
Open file 1.36 MB, 1800x1200
One angel would be hard to pass up, but how about three?
btw I was pedo before I found Candydolls but Alissa reminds me that sometimes I can be hebe too.
I prefer the 3rd picture. I love it when girls wear nets.
Open file 167.90 KB, 1800x1204
Open file 195.71 KB, 1204x1800
Open file 173.31 KB, 1204x1800
Open file 183.38 KB, 1800x1200
Open file 128.97 KB, 1800x1200
Open file 87.70 KB, 1080x1920
She was posted here:

PLEASE sauce!!!
Someone PLEASE help me. A few weeks ago I saw a photo on the German image board Kohlchan which showed Amy from the Newstar studio dressed in just black shoes and socks, standing fully nude in front of a white couch. I have no idea if it was real or fake. I am not looking for the image itself, just information on its existence and where one might be able to find it.
Who would want to see her naked, that would be wrong! We are not pedophiles here, please leave... uhm... yes...
Open file 103.64 KB, 1024x692
Open file 110.06 KB, 1024x692
Open file 124.55 KB, 683x1024
Anyone have this rare Maxwell's Dorata set?

I think it was set 83 on, she took over when the original Jana left.
I'm after videos.

There's a torrent but the seeder only comes on occasionally. It's taken me 3 weeks to get to 67%.

Lovely little lady.
Need more of her
Open file 654.54 KB, 1600x2400
anyone have Lesya B? i know she modeled for CD but can't find anything
Open file 1.40 MB, 1200x1800
I got 7 cd sets and videos, she's very young in those
If that don't make you want to eat pussy nothing will.
I knew there was more, thank you
Thanks. Lesya is one of my favorites. A few of her FL sets/vids have been shared. Sadly I may have to get some BTC to see the rest.
The site seems to be gone now.
Someone know a good source for WALS/TPI?
I was gonna suggest but as >>6805 points out it's no longer there. The guy running it had been saying it would be going away soon for at least a week. Such a shame. He had tons of WALS cuties.
Damn you guys are the best.
It was in fact the first one, so I was remembering it wrong. Got any more blowing kisses?

Get outta here with that sadistic shit
In fact, anything with sexy lips would be nice.
Where can I get some Star Sessions sets at?
do you guys know why tor is not downloading mp4? I tell it to save but nothing happens
It's always like that. It disappears for a period of time, and suddenly it's back.
Tor has an issue with downloading files from imageboards. I recently switched back to the default download folder, and files download more frequently this way for some reason. It will work in spurts; sometimes you will be able to go down a thread and get everything, other times you get nothing. You have to keep playing around with it.
The owner stated that he canceled the server subscription so I don't think it'll come back this time. Wish he had uploaded his files to some host instead.
Said owner has extreme schizophrenia, thanks for the Dicks Models or whatever was supposed to be an offshoot of Vlad. Oh, also the Schoolgirl Princess videos, of which there weren't nearly enough.
At least he didn't write a 100-page book on ass-fucking toddlers.
Just think of how awesome this place would be if all the content were replaced by those girls stripping.
How about a thread with girls wearing knee high or thight high boots.
Open file 188.75 KB, 1280x960
Open file 195.71 KB, 960x1280
Open file 234.89 KB, 1280x960
Open file 170.83 KB, 1280x960
Open file 178.32 KB, 960x1280
>>7184 How about you start it and see where it goes? If more people join in then it's a winner, if not then it wasn't meant to be.
Princess Hailee.jpg
Open file 78.51 KB, 1080x1349
Does anyone know who this princess is and if there is any more of her?
2019-08-08 23.07[...].jpg
Open file 94.74 KB, 1080x1351
adria pomspitz
>adria pomspitz
Thanks very much.
Open file 65.59 KB, 623x549
I saw that someone requested pics of girls wearing boots. I think that they are incredibly sexy too. Here's a link that has pics of an amazing girl who loves thigh boots. PW: BootLover
do you know how much of that exists? Its just never ever posted here because people are pussies

there was a post here with a bunch of vids of stripping but its gone now >>6170
Mmm, Bunny in boots. Very hot.
Only like 4 good videos because almost everyone is JPEG fanboys and has something other than pedophilia because they're not collecting something you can actually get off to, and also like to saturate all these sites with that useless garbage to make it harder for everyone else to find actual masturbation material.
Next time I load the disks I might post them here
Also, there isn't anything you can't find on Youtube or Instagram by the girls for other girls for non-sexual reasons (girls don't like sex anyway) except in the "unnecessary clothing" department, just like Candydoll.
Shut the fuck up autist, no one cares.
Please if anyones got the NN nnock off versions of this girls sets she is my all time fav. Don't want tthe original stuff for obvious reasons,
Open file 337.63 KB, 1440x2560
What is her Instagram?

Edited last time on 11/02/2019 13:40:52.
Open file 322.63 KB, 1125x843
Really hoping someone has more of this pair. Years ago in my sorry life I saw one other of them. Some asshole in 144 tried to tell me they got nude but I don't believe him.
star sessions/secret stars?? I have a DL link for over 100gb of star sessions, but its in a crappy host that caps speed to 50 kb/s so it takes forever. also I saw some secret stars vids on VK and they were awesome, but couldnt download them since they were private.
Open file 100.89 KB, 1024x1088
I guess since Jessie was involved with a child abuse case she(and all girls like her) are completely OFF-LIMITS???
Anyone got an account at

I want to download some videos of Adri model but the links are hidden.
Open file 951.12 KB, 1920x1080
Anybody have Maya's dancing vid?
Ah, Elizabeth. She was a cutie and wore some amazing outfits. I just wish she smiled more. Maybe she would have if her photographer didn't bore her to death or make her walk in circles around a giraffe for half an hour.
Open file 355.36 KB, 1920x1080
Any have this video
Who is girl in pink
Open file 1.06 MB, 1200x1800
Sexy Sofiya

This is from Candydoll ValensiyaS VIP collection.

This is from Candydoll ValensiyaS VIP collection.
Can anyone remind me of the nn page address, the upload is done there by JDi
Thanks Laura b is the best models of candydoll tv. :)
Open file 117.74 KB, 450x600
Will anyone have the Crystal from Willey Models set?
Did Laura B do any video with her in the white leopard two piece?
Open file 3.64 MB, 3872x2592
Anybody got anything from Florida Teen Models?
Open file 285.35 KB, 1080x1349
not entirely a request but since 144 155 and 180 are down did anybody archive the links?
Fuckin Jesus, that was so sweet, thanks for the link.

Two girls who have played nudie games with the photographer.
Open file 136.31 KB, 800x500
Open file 168.31 KB, 600x900
Can someone help with sets of CD VeraK?
Or point me in the right direction? TIA
I only know of two. Do you need both?
Open file 191.44 KB, 600x900
>>8872 I have parts of this set but it`s not complete. I`ll take whatever someone can post, thanks.
Here is all of VeraK for you. Including videos. There are only two, as there are only two sets.
Open file 151.55 KB, 600x900
>>8876 Thanks again. Appreciate it.
Open file 158.78 KB, 800x500
Open file 125.48 KB, 800x500
Open file 137.80 KB, 800x500
I love Vicky too. I'm also looking for these sets.
Did Laura b have video of this set
Any full video of Laura b candydoll thanks for the ear.
Open file 5.08 MB, 500x282
anyone know where to find this vid?
Posters-23 (1).jpg
Open file 86.90 KB, 450x600
Not much of her out there
LauraB22 (edit).mp4
Open file 24.31 MB, 640x480
>>8984 do you know the Candydoll number, is it LauraB22 by chance?
Open file 97.54 KB, 467x700
Someone has?

what surprised me in this video is that both the fbi agent and the journalist said that the NN images technically arent illegal, yet everyones talking about dost. journalist "they can technically get away with it"
Open file 415.66 KB, 3000x2000
>the fbi agent
Only the journalist outright claimed that.
The same section of U.S. Code the FBI agent quoted from (cropped in the video),
broadens the legal definition beyond what he mentioned on camera.
See (v) at bottom of 7:18 to start,

But what constitutes "lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area" (18 U.S.C. 2256), what the DOST court ruling was meant to clarify/define.

It's possible the agent's watered down summary reflects the FBI's attitude toward NN at a high level.
However, unless/until the court ruling is overturned, it's technically fair game for a police prosecutor.
Journalists aren't law experts.

Recently, the California Globe also misread a section of California law.
They claim a proposed statute (now signed into effect)
> "appears to immunize a person from ANY crime so long as they are reporting a violation of a sex crime law."
But it's actually the exact opposite.

It provides immunity from arrest for sex crimes (including engaging in sex with a minor commercially) when the person engaged in the sex crime is a witness to and reporting someone else's felony from the broader class (including murder, trafficking, etc.) if the reported felony is related to the sex crime the person was engaged in.

Which makes a lot more sense, really. If you're a client or victim of a child prostitution organization, you have immunity from arrest if you go to authorities to report the leaders.

It distinguishes between the different crimes of the parties, but you have to read it carefully (esp. the bottom), which the journalists didn't do
647.3(a)(2) referencing:
>647(b)(3) An individual who solicits, or who agrees to engage in, or who engages in, any act of prostitution with another person who is a minor
angelie (7).jpg
Open file 47.01 KB, 683x1024
angelie (11).jpg
Open file 82.16 KB, 683x1024
angelie (3).jpg
Open file 43.00 KB, 683x1024
angelie (5).jpg
Open file 45.42 KB, 1024x683
angelie (6).jpg
Open file 66.95 KB, 1024x683
Weird req but... Does anyone know how old the model Valensiya from silver-starlets etc is? Any info on born year
Open file 615.99 KB, 2240x3360
A lot of people would really appreciate this one... does anyone have something of her?
The topic has already been raised in the forum. So far no one has volunteered with the set. I also searched and nothing
Open file 174.41 KB, 564x849
This is the pic. Does anyone have the rest of the set?

It's set 83 from
"They can't keep getting away with it."
What I heard was LE has been well aware of NN since Lil Amber and Jessi the Kid but they don't waste their time on it because they barely have enough people to focus on HC stuff.
Any pics of Michelle star sessions model many thanks if any have. She looks like she love her picture beening taking. :) Or if anyone have her on video thanks a million.
Any pics of Michelle star sessions model many thanks if any have. She looks like she love her picture beening taking. :) Or if anyone have her on video thanks a million.
Open file 961.86 KB, 1750x2422
Anyone got videos of Adritv? Her sites were and She sometimes modeled with Rosmeri Marval.
This has to be the crappest request thread I've ever seen. About 90% of the requests go unfulfilled.
Open file 258.87 KB, 960x1464
Open file 286.10 KB, 960x1464
Open file 138.91 KB, 1464x960
Open file 146.24 KB, 960x1464
Open file 175.75 KB, 960x1464
Helene from Maxwell's Angels set 70
(2 outfits)
Pass = WW
this girl is great, thanks
Please create a thread on star sessions! its nigh impossible to find this for free
You may have seen this, but one of my favorites: >>7857
Also nice >>8024 #3
Guys Trichan is down. Any good replacement sites? this site is nice, but the NN stuff gets old really fast
Open file 71.55 KB, 512x768
There's a set of Julie from WALS I'm after.

I saw it years ago, I can't remember the set number but she was about 12 and hadn't got fat yet. She's wearing a short blue dress and posing on a pier.
I hear a wet slapping sound, that's the sound of newfags getting anally destroyed using pedo sites not on Tor or using javascript
Hey FS not seen you around these parts for a while.
Open file 103.56 KB, 1024x1365
it's my 1st Post
Open file 429.48 KB, 2000x3000
Open file 2.60 MB, 4480x6720

Any can post this 2 Sets plz ?

Open file 25.11 KB, 166x341
Open file 174.10 KB, 1024x838
Open file 175.73 KB, 1024x838
Open file 185.10 KB, 1024x838
Open file 200.69 KB, 1024x838
Any have this sets ?

Many thanks
And the other one?
Open file 429.48 KB, 2000x3000
Open file 2.60 MB, 4480x6720


What is the 'Spoiler' option ??
Spoiler is the option to conceal a thumbnail, just like you did with the first image.
A friend likes latex
Open file 1.31 MB, 1800x1200
I like too, but i don't have this 2 Fashionland sets :(
If u have, send plz

Small gift ;)
Unfortunately, I do not have, and worse I have not met them
Open file 128.50 KB, 487x650
Open file 83.60 KB, 413x550
Open file 34.71 KB, 648x487
Open file 58.80 KB, 487x650
Open file 127.03 KB, 487x650
Anybody have any CindyModel sets circa 2003?
Open file 22.70 KB, 419x600
Open file 104.97 KB, 488x650
Open file 70.83 KB, 650x488
Open file 56.53 KB, 488x650
Open file 35.44 KB, 488x650
Open file 31.39 KB, 488x650

Thanks! It's just too bad Curt was such a shit photographer. By the way, do you have Summer or Cody?
Open file 78.60 KB, 432x648

It's set 135. Anyone got it?
Any files of Summer from Cuty Newbury Studios? She the blonde in the picture above with Cindy. Chelsey as well?
Open file 59.76 KB, 488x650
I have some I could post. But they're just the preview images from her web site. You can still pull it up in The Wayback Machine.
Open file 110.00 KB, 683x1024
Open file 74.64 KB, 683x1024
Open file 97.10 KB, 680x1024
Open file 63.81 KB, 683x1024
Open file 98.56 KB, 683x1024
Anybody have any Karen-Model?
Open file 122.54 KB, 760x1144
Open file 124.05 KB, 760x1144
Open file 174.70 KB, 850x1280
Open file 120.43 KB, 856x1280
Open file 207.34 KB, 850x1280

Might there be a set of this beauty Angelie in the gold One piece?

whats this all about?
Where can I find lil black girls?
Open file 1.57 MB, 2240x3360
Does anybody have the new Pandora sets from Tinymodel / Newstar ?
I believe she done about 8 sets before the Newstar sites crashed
If FL would make it possible to just take my money I'd buy both these sets right now.
Open file 325.03 KB, 972x1296
What is Candyhub? can only post there moderator? God has witnessed me, I have tried.
Open file 1.28 MB, 1800x1200
Any videos Laura b candydoll. All links are down please someone who has her with other girls thanks. If any dl would be great. She is my obsession in my book all my best model. She look like a sexy angel.
What's going on, I landed somewhere in the middle of LG? moderator help
Open file 3.10 MB, 1798x3199
Can anyone be kind enough to tell me this cuties name?? Thanks!!

Thank you!!! She’s adorable
damn it, can't anyone but me see that LG is not working? Posts should appear on the first page and appear damn knows where. If it is to be this way and it is deliberate action, I have a board in my ass. Do something or at least answer
After 500 posts the threads get bumplocked so new posts don't bring them to the top anymore. You could make a new one?
My thread with a ton of great downloads that I spent a lot of time doing has disappeared...cannot find it anywhere. I put a lot of time into that thread and had just uploaded some great new stuff
Oh my mistake...I found my thread on page `13 thread with stuff from months ago when I had like ten new posting's yesterday alone
Hi Truck, same with me
The threads should bump again. Except for the ones that have over 500 replies
Thank you very much, sir
When chans will back
She's Gabrielle, tons of cum for her over last 7/8 years
wow thanks
what the fuck!? my comments keep getting deleted. ARE THERE ANY WEBSITES AS GOOD AS THE 3 THAT JUST GOT SHUT DOWN!?!?! IM TIRED OF THIS NN SHIT.
There is no clearnet site which offers child porn
Any miss alli sets......please!!!
Open file 772.58 KB, 1070x1605
Open file 89.17 KB, 467x700
This is Princess1, a Tiny model, but I've never seen the whole set. If anyone had it, it would be great
Open file 185.96 KB, 1368x910
Can someone please post this set of TPI Celeste?
Pic related. TIA
Open file 66.82 KB, 1080x1350
Someone posted this image in another thread. Looking for name, source, or more.
Open file 86.72 KB, 1080x1079
Open file 218.20 KB, 1080x1161
Open file 87.10 KB, 1080x1350
Open file 101.22 KB, 1080x1080
Open file 57.11 KB, 1080x1148
God dam
If I was in the same room as her I'd take a huge bite outta dat ass. No man would be able to pull me outta her sweet, tight, juicy pussy
more hebe age pics. Its the very young that will get you closed.
So let's go for 18+ pics right away, or 39+. It's what the feminists approve of. They are not so jealous of middle-aged women.
Open file 90.33 KB, 1080x1080
does someone have all of the candid high res pics of the little girl in a white tee shirt and tight yellow shorts leaning over a railing?
Open file 81.79 KB, 476x748
Anyone know who this is?
Vlad-y109 Sasha.jpg
Open file 158.20 KB, 1200x1600
Can someone post this girls sets? Vlad Model Sasha y-109. I`m looking for this set (pic related) in particular but I can use all her sets. TIA
Open file 278.78 KB, 1280x960
The model thing is really cool, it is like worship & respect just like monks worship Buddha in Asia.
Open file 195.10 KB, 1280x960
An insight into child porn - WikiLeaks
From WikiLeaks
February 26, 2009
10 years inside the international child porn industry with our confidential source.
By Mr. X (]translation from original article in German).
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is not really proper to send anonymous letters. Given the contents of this letter, everyone will understand my wish for anonymity. Nevertheless, I hope that you will read this letter completely and think about it.

In recent months, I have followed closely the debate on the topic of filtering of child pornography in Germany. There have been various suggestions about how the Internet should be censored and filtered - not only by the Federal Government (Mrs. von der Leyen and Mr. Schaeuble) but also by federal countries (such as in Lower Saxony from Mr Schünemann).

Discussions on this topic have lasted for months and have triggered a strong polemic which is also reflected in various forums. For the first time ever, I will present the "flip side" of the issue and give you an insight from the other side. I will describe controversial and possibly - from today's perspective - immoral things and technologies.

Before we begin, I want to say a few words about the legalities and myself: I will be as accurate as possible to describe the background and my involvement in this (if any) so that my statements can be verified (we know it would be illegal to give links to files or email accounts). I have included an excerpt from PCPro from the year 2007 on the Landslide case. I recommend everyone to read this report. A few words about myself: I am German, but have lived about 20 years abroad, have a background in the telecommunications sector and later a second training in the field of education. In my current country there are no laws relating to surfing, viewing, downloading and saving any type of files. For this reason, I know very precisely what is happening in the Internet because I am fully able to follow what happens. Also, I am in an unfavourable position: earlier, I was for a while strongly involved in the field of children models. From this time period I know of hundreds of pedophiles and have virtual contact with designers, programmers and operators of the sites that operate today's CP [Child Pornography]. I have even got to know personally some of the girls (and their families) in the famous CP sets.

In order to systematically describe the situation, I decided to do this in a theme-oriented fashion:
Small reflection on the history of the industry

In the Middle Ages, when the life expectancy was still significantly lower, the puberty began later than today and adolescents in the age range 12-18 years were set up for marriage. This changed increasingly. Naked, erotically depicted boys and girls have always been in the center of the art. As photography became popular at the end of the 18th Century, also erotic act descriptions with children and young people were made. At the end of the 60s there was a magazine called Lolita, produced by the Danish company "Color Climax", that had sex between children and between children and adults as the subject.

This magazine was sold everywhere - sometimes from under the counter. Only in the 80s the magazine was discontinued due to new laws set. From the 90s, the notion of child pornography expanded ever further. In the 70s and 80s, nudist magazines such as "Young and Free," "Sunshine Friends", etc. were still perfectly legal to buy. Even artists such as David Hamilton, Jock Sturges and Sally Mann published images of naked children and adolescents, which was at the time was considered an art - even though the first voices reported this as child pornography to blame. The photographer Jacques Bourboulon got special attention because of the very erotic pictures of Eva Ionescu he made.

As the Internet age in the '90s began, pictures were initially exchanged via specific NNTP newsgroups. Specifically zealous fathers began even to abuse their ow
find the girl
use their own children and to share the pictures with others. This was nothing commercial - it was on grounds of seeking approval - these people wanted to be the biggest and got plenty of encouragement from lurkers (people that use the material in newsgroups without contributing anything themselves). Between 1996 and 1999 the first commercial offerings of nude act pitures of children and adolescents emerged. Some of these sites had quite an artistic approach, while others lacked in this regard completely. In addition to NNTP, forums emerged as a social meeting place and as a means to exchange plenty of files and links. From 2002 LS Studios was founded - a group of Ukrainian businessmen and professional photographers. Within 2 years, LS Studios had 1500 children and young people who posed naked - with the consent of their parents. The models were even recruited through TV and newspaper ads. The photo quality and professionalism exceeded anything previously published. LS Studios published over half a million images and hundreds of videos on dozens of websites. In 2004, under the pressure of and with the help of the FBI, LS Studios was closed. The prosecution was discontinued and there was no one convicted. Since 2003 was also the heyday of a man from St. Petersburg who was known under the pseudonym Fly, Hook and Scorp. This time the pics were in much worse quality and much harder. He has a lot of models approximately between 11 and 14 years of age in front of the camera masturbating and pleased with the dildo. These images were being published in - no longer existing - sites like MyLola, Hotlols, Goldenlols, etc. In specific cases the girl even had sexual intercourse in front of a recording videocamera. What is special about this production was that he himself started very young. Being a son of a high Russian official, he had shortage of nothing. When he was still a minor he falsified documents to claim that he was an adult and with his male and female friends as models, he began the business. First he started with provocative but miserable nude act pictures that he produced for other operators (such as Pedolola, etc.) and then proceeded to defloration in front of the camera. Only at the end of 2008 he gave up the business. No, not because the police put a stop but because someone stole his money and everyone (he, the photographer and his models) lost interest as a result - since for all of them it was only a matter of money.

The CP producer from St. Petersburg was the one who in the last year flooded the Internet with masturbation pictures and videos. I have no problems finding contacts to his models. I will only say this: there is an interesting Naturist Club in St. Petersburg called Holynature (reachable under Interestingly, there are pictures of young people in sometimes posing with models who are also seen in the harsh CP photos and videos ... So as I am able to successfully investigate this, the authorities should also be cabable of the same ... However, I speak many languages and have an extraordinarily good education, in particular in the technical field.

At this point I have to mention the so-called Child and Non Nude Teen Modeling Sites that have been existing since the 90s. These are websites that market images and videos of children or youngsters. The quality of the images varies hugely and ranges from Webcam quality to absolute professional quality. Initially, these sites were usually run by parents and later came more and more professional operators into the picture. The pictures range, depending on the operators, from pictures in conservative clothes to very provocative poses with legs spread and erotic lingerie. About the Non Nude scene it is known that much happened behind closed doors. Many customers make offers for so-called Custom shootings - in other words pictures by request. Customers wrote scenarios, poses, and sometimes even sent clothes to them so that they can produce images specifically for this customer - at a good price. In most ca
Child pornography - the word is used everywhere and nonetheless it is totally unclear what it actually describes. This is where the problem begins: there are totally different legal situations. What is considered CP in one place can be in another place perfectly legal. Even the legal description of CHILD is not regulated. In a country you are a child until you are 18 years old, in another the limit is 16 years, or as in Germany one is legally a child until one is 14 years old, after that he/she is called a young minor until he/she becomes an adult. In practice this leads to constant conflicts. Law is by no means uniform. A few years ago there were these kinds of problems with the magazine "Seventeen" in the Netherlands. When the Internet emerged, the company produced entirely legal pornography with young people aged 16. As long as this was sold in the Netherlands, it was no problem. But with the advent of the Internet Seventeen wanted to sell the pictures and videos on the internet as well. It was not long until it hit the headlines everywhere for "child pornography", especially in the USA. This became a huge political pressure on the Dutch authorities. A very similar problem seems to be, soon, with Switzerland, where this minor protection ends at the age of 16. Not to mention countries such as Japan where the age limit in some places is 13 years (the same applies in Spain). There are countries where there is no minimum age but one is entitled to have sex when married (this is often the case in Muslim countries). So here is again the question: what is child pornography? The answer may vary.
The business model

Authorities and the media write sensational reports about the proportions, the alleged threat and trillions of transactions made by the child porn industry. I will give you for the first time very accurate figures on retail sales. These figures are very accurate and I have got them from the people responsible for the bills. But first a few details about the course and consequences.

As the real Internet business emerged in the late 90s, it was very easy to enter into this business. I remember the people of from St. Petersburg that did much business in 2000. They had a Delaware Corporation in the United States, a Visa and MasterCard merchant account with Card Service International in California, and they ran all the payments via the U.S. through a gateway link from Linkpoint. But there were not only Site-Key but still a lot of other vendors. One of them provided services particularly for the distributors of hardcore child pornography (CP was mostly scanned images of Lolita magazines of the 70s, nudism, nudist pictures doctored to show them pornographic, as well as pictures of fathers abusing their daughters that they had posted in newsgroups or forums). This second company (IWest) had their headquarters in Israel and did their billing through Israeli banks which were aware of the scheme (until Visa withdrew the license from some Israeli banks, some have even settled for CCBill for whom it did not matter what was paid for, the main focus being that money was moving. Some Russian / Israeli citizens were never particularly choosy...). There was no problem to bill for any kind images, and the hosting of nude images was not a particular problem for these companies - let alone for the Non Nude Models. At this time almost 100% of the websites were hosted in the United States because it was the only place where it was affordable. The Web sites have generated such traffic, that a human being can hardly imagine how big the interest really is. I have the 2001 statistics of a website containing naked pictures of children and adolescents. During the month of June 2001, a total of 200 million visits to the site took place (this is not page views, but unique visitors but on a daily scale - it is likely that a good part of visitors this month visited the site on many days and have been counted multiple times. My estimate is that there were about 15 million unique visitors during this mon
After 11 September 2001, the United States was becoming increasingly unattractive for foreigners because there were so many bureucratic hurdles that it was no longer worthwhile. Billing-companies oriented themselves incresingly towards Eastern Europe and found partners such as the Alfabank that took care of the necessary Merchant contracts for a price. It must be said that groups from Belarus - specialized for years on the Internet billings - have built up systems, which can be used to invoice all this stuff (perfect money washing facilities). As LS models came onto the market, they have developed their own credit card payment system.LS was in 2003-2004 the world's biggest studio providers of photographs and videos from erotica with children and young people including close-ups of genitals and breasts (but no sex) - typical for Softcore pornography. The girls were from all walks of life, participated completely voluntarily, and usually with the blessing of the parents to take photographs. The most popular girls have been posing repeatedly for years (some even until 2007, long after the collapse of LS Studios) and everyone who has seen these pictures can see that these girls like to be in the pictures and have had fun during the recordings (it is finally time time that someone says this as it really is, even if it seems to disturb some). LS studios had countless sites such as LS Land, Fantasy LS, LS Magazine, etc., and sold to the best studios around 1500 LS entrances on the day for about 40 USD. That makes a daily turnover of approximately USD 60,000 and a monthly turnover of approximately USD 1.8 million, annual sales of approximately 21.6 million USD. Mind you, this is the total turnover. For the payment of the 1500 models, personnel, the various sites, their own studios to create clothes and backgrounds, shares of the Bank and the crazy traffic costs and the server accounted for about 1 to 1.3 million monthly costs. The operator got the profit, about half a million per month. SOURCE: … aphy_raids

The money could be perfectly washed through Riga or Vilnius. Today mostly English offshore LTD's are used with bank accounts in offshore banks such as the Griffon Bank (an example). Until today, many operators have their accounts at banks such as Parex under false names to which they receive money transfers and from which they can withdraw money by credit card at any ATM. The commercial supply of child pornography is very limited. There are tens of thousands of child pornographic websites. Many of these sites serve as advertising and lead to the same commercial site. There are a plethora of free sites that always post the same pictures, very often from the '70s or known sets that perverted fathers have done with their children and then published. No sign of an uncomprehensibly large business, let alone of alleged trillion USD of revenues.

Also in the field of Non Nude Modeling there were sensational reports of sales by millions. Again, I had direct access behind the scenes. One of the largest operators in 2004 was AMS or AModelShop. These websites were from Salt Lake City operated by ... a TV-celebrity called Matthew Duhamel with his server administrator Charles Graner that had a hosting company and carried out the operations and billings for the whole Non Nude Modeling Webmaster. Duhamel produced images of some models himself but he bought most productions all over the world. They were mostly girls from 9 to 13 years in sexy, erotic clothes such as Pumps, High Heels, Hotpants, etc. In case the website of Sierra Model (which ultimately brought down the case Duhamel) was a pubescent girl whose mother made and offered very provocative pictures on a site. End users also have ordered specific sets of the daughter directly from the mother where practically nude pictures were taken in exciting poses. With the pictures they made good money and even the daughter was so thrilled that she started skipping school. Thus, the ball got rolling: the school alerted the
Open file 286.25 KB, 1068x1608
She looks a lot like Krissy3 from Newstar - outfit's a bit raunchier than Newstar usually uses though...
>as LS models came onto the market, they have developed their own credit card payment system. LS was in 2003-2004 the world's biggest studio providers of photographs and videos
then they get van’d
Open file 269.68 KB, 1068x1608
>>10622 It`s Krissy from Newstar. I believe it`s been shopped from this pic. Compare and see. Unless there is another set (I wish I had) with the exact same pose.

whoa thats a really creative way to do a shoop. im impressed. also executed well
In the dumpster where they belong.
Please help me see inna mp4 please
Open file 68.19 KB, 600x900
Any kind soul can share the soulful Sofi E.
Open file 376.43 KB, 2000x3008
Open file 385.71 KB, 3008x2000
Somebody has this set. For the love of little girls, the world needs this set! Can someone be a bro and share this set?
Open file 451.03 KB, 1000x1504
Can anyone link the inna thread? I can’t find it...

friend in 144chan / nonude rama there are complete sets of newstar, (in case you need to complete some) the bad thing is that they are uploaded to the mountfile server and in the free version it is veeery sloooowwww. If you know any premium account cracker you can take advantage. Cheers !!!!
Mountfile/Upstore is impossible. Forget about it. The closest thing you can find is someone will reupload the files for $1 each. I keep a huge backlog of stuff sorted by file host and only get stuff from Mountfile if it's really rare stuff like the Mandiworld or Newstar Cherry videos. Also, he's the only one I'm aware of that has TMC OC, and most importantly it's the only place where you can browse the site looking for videos without them being behind an impossible wall of loose JPEGs.
The speed wouldn't be a problem at all if the files were split up around 250 mb and they were distributed among a few dozen other 40k hosts, and Turbobit is a much bigger problem anyway. What I do have winds up cumulatively maxing out my connection most of the time. If you don't like it, reupload the files.
You can get 5 filemass files a day at full speed from deepbrid, so whatever site had that ( have fun getting those files
If you want bad that's . 5 kb/s, 50 mb maximum. I don't think I've seen that kind of speed since IRC bots early last decade, and those let you resume files.
It is a pity that I almost have everything, and most are grandmothers. The page was made, however, interesting. On the first page, grandmothers only, how thorough you can search for something interesting. However, what interested me, the Martine model, cannot be downloaded because the "download free" button is deleted. A site worth recommending, but not to men like me. I avoid recapczats like fire. No less, thanks for posting
I'm interested to know what you mean by grandmothers?
Requesting high-res photos of girls faces.
Open file 39.29 KB, 400x572
anyone know what saaya dvd this is from?

it's from gppp-011
Hottest girl on the web! Has anyone seen her red riding hood video?
Anyone have a sauce on this?
Open file 368.79 KB, 1000x1504
Thank You.
However the set you posted is heavily edited.
Several of the ass shots were cropped off and none of the pictures we posted were even in the set.
thank you for trying.

Does anybody have a complete unedited set of this girl?
>>11382 This is what I got. I believe it`s complete + unedited. All pics are full size + named as found.
I love her legs. I woould love to lick them from her feet to her ass cheeks for a good hour making her cunt drip before I fuck her from behind.
Thank you very much good sir.

Also that pic makes me want to eat her pussy.
Gross, that thing's always full of semen.
Amazing contribution! Please tell me you have more!
Straight to the point.
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The Time for Direct Action is Now!!!
United we stand, divided we fall...
You are Lost if you don't stand together as one.
TOpic Link 2.0 not work?
Some sauce of this LS girl in DECENT quality?
Siren Drive Set 10

Open file 1.08 MB, 1824x2736

Your presentation is brilliant. We should launch an ethical research group that could think about this subject and publish its results .... Too bad we aren't friends :(
Anyone have the video of two girls where one of them moaning "you're fucking us"?
when trichan will back
Open file 129.65 KB, 500x808
Thanks for this well documented text.

Two remarks though:

>In the Middle Ages, when the life expectancy was still significantly lower, the puberty began later than today and adolescents in the age range 12-18 years were set up for marriage.
It applies to antiquity too. Romans used to have a low age of marriage for females (typical age was 14-15, and minimal age was usually 12).
And there was no minimum age to get engaged.

>Japan where the age limit in some places is 13 years (the same applies in Spain)
AoC was 12yo in Spain for decades. Even Franco had no problem with that, it was only in the recent years that some cucked Spanish government had to rise the AoC to 16 due to "international" pressure.
Open file 516.97 KB, 2043x1242
I want this girl :) Links, sets would be greatly appreciated.
What is (fuck) with you? Don't you want to look? Everything on the first page will not fit. I published all sets: search
Open file 12.83 KB, 337x208

And that is the namefag known as "Strangelove"---lol.

bigger version
HK, long time fan of your set posts here. I see from cozy you are from Eastern Europe? Would you consider translating some little girl videos from Youtube from your language to English?

I'm sure many of us would love to be able to know what the lgs in those are saying for once. You already do a lot for us by posting many nice sets, but you are the only one I know of that could translate some videos for us. Would you consider it?
anyone got more of >>806
Could someone please post the set or link of this incredible young lady?

Open file 27.53 KB, 320x480
Has anyone got bigger versions of these Saaya Irie pics, especially the pink bikini pics 094-119?

I extracted them from a DVD and they're all small.

Password: <<<123456789>>>

Or could someone use the Gigapixel embiggener on them?

358gb torrent of all her known candydoll vids and pics.Subscribe to a logless VPN outside the spying eyes zone that has zero logs and a kill switch, or don't even think of downloading it.

To clarify that - her files are 11.7gb. The big ass torrent is other girls, so if you only need Laura just deselect the rest.
Open file 1.93 MB, 1350x1920
Man that pic is fucking ancient. I have an AI upscale of it if anyone's interested. I believe she's 11 in the pic.

Thanks. Could you upscale the pics in >>12127 ?
Open file 5.55 MB, 2850x3381
Thank you for this wonderful set
/r/ that upskirt gif of Allisson Lozz from SOS Mission Impossible
wonderfully pedo.

I have that with sound, video could be better though. I think these may have only been distributed in Japan and no one bothered sharing them much.
Valensiya Laura.webm
Open file 17.13 MB, 640x360
Do you happen to have this one in better quality?
I've requested more Tea all over Cutie Garden but no one seem to know about more sets. It's a shame, because she makes a pedophile happy. At least this pedo. I love this set. : )

I'm afraid not. There's a guy on 8chan who has the actual Japanese DVD's and blurays, I'd say they're your best bet. If it's anywhere, it'll be on them.
Snakeboy probably is still sitting on those 7 lost videos being pissed off over me stealing his Rapid Points.
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Somebody please!!!
cutegirl 2692233.jpg
Open file 357.08 KB, 1180x1920
Anyone have more of this girl? I've seen a couple of pics from this set before but this is the only one I have.
Open file 1.88 MB, 1920x1080
Open file 105.54 KB, 1920x1080
Anyone has these videos? Please link to these vids if possible...!!
Laura 4ever.webm
Open file 7.02 MB, 960x540
That's me. I think those videos were just web edition extras from Candydoll's site back when it was online, because they seem to be short demo clips. I've never seen them in dvd/blurays quality anyway.
I think the same. It's impossible not to hit such a video for the time since it was shot
Open file 46.32 KB, 800x450
does anyone have this video?
It's on
Where. Also, is there anything good on that site? I can't seem to find anything
Does anybody has Sweet Lexie sets, specifically looking for the blue micro bikini set. Thank you
Open file 152.38 KB, 970x1455
Someone has to have this set PLEASE!!!
Anyone have her sets
Christmas comes but once a year, Emmie will make you come far more often than that!

pw EmmieXmas
Does anyone know the new address?

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