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Anonymous 08/27/2019 22:13:22 17e88f No. 2388
How do I not be a pedo?
You're on the wrong website we accept the way we are Virped is that way >>> faggot.
Listen to some music, or get into a conspiracy theory.
cut off your penis
WOT! muh dick ?
Be a deviant. Because a so called "pedosexuality" is a default sexuality of all heterosexual men. But psst, it's a secret.
anti gaslighting thread, let it die
To be clear, if you're into 15yo girls that's not pedo. That means you're heterosexual.
11-14 = hebe, 10 and under = pedo
And here's the secret nobody wants to admit. Very few of those who rape or molest children are pedos, and almost no pedos (even those who view CP) are rapists or molesters. Assholes love to project guilt and shame upon total strangers they've been conditioned to hate and prejudge. Don't let them make you as miserable as they are.
Open file 4.00 MB, 6000x4000
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but once pilled always pilled. There`s no unpilling even if you try as it will always be around lurking in the back of your mind.
Open file 82.05 KB, 484x800
>Very few of those who rape or molest children are pedos
> In penile plethysmography studies of men with sexual offense histories against children, these prevalences [of sexual arousal] can jump from 30% for men with one offense to 61% for men with 3 or more sexual offenses against children.
> anonymous self-report survey study of 193 healthy male college students: 21% admitted some degree of sexual interest in [prepubescent] children

I wouldn't call 30% (let alone 61%) 'very few', though you're right it's definitely far from all of them, which surprises people.
The sleight of hand is that not all sex offenders are molesters. You can't glean from that study which offenders were charged for voluntary contact, and which weren't.

those 2 pictures can turn most men pedos. it happens all the time.

can you post all of the girl on the left?
I hear supplementing your diet with a bullet helps
the last thing.png
Open file 374.68 KB, 767x425
True, it'd be nice if accurate stats were kept in an easily searchable way. Sadly low level pervs and accidental indecent exposers still get lumped in with serial rapists. It's as if they'd rather look tough on crime than actually protect people.

To clarify, if a child is raped or molested most likely it's by their own father or someone they either live with or know and trust, not the pedo nextdoor. Most likely he's playing video games and fapping to porn all night and is too shy to even talk to any of the girls he secretly likes.
Also remember that many child victims don't tell on their abusers, especially if it's their own fathers. As for plethsmographs, most of those who rape kids aren't pedos. It's usually a power/dominance thing, just like in prison when one inmate rapes another. They're not gay, they're doing 20 to life and the only ass they can get is another guy's.
On studies, I've noticed a pattern. 1) Liking teen girls doesn't make you pedo, it means you're heterosexual. 2) A LOT of guys are into teen and even preteen girls but hardly any act on their urges because they have self control and respect the rules of society. 3) Govt and LE love to use any excuse to lock guys up and put us on the registry for life, even though it doesn't protect anyone. If anything it makes the public less safe by making it nearly impossible for guys to find a job or a place to live.
In short if people really knew the truth they'd demand that prison close and registries be changed so only truly dangerous criminals were on it. Adam Walsh Act would not have saved Adam Walsh. It was just another excuse to increase sentencing guidelines and LE spending. But that's enough yapping for now. I'll save the rest for later.
No sir, violence is not the answer. The last thing an anti pedo cuck should see is their favorite prepubescent relative orgasming while riding a fat pedo cock.

Also, I want to take this little girl on a fun boardwalk carnival date. We'll play games, eat corndogs and ride the rides and in the evening when the sun goes down, we'll go back to my place for some physical fun and fall asleep ina warm afterglow. In the mornig we'll get a quickie in the shower adn I'll make her breakfast, whatever she likes. Then I'll drop her off at school and tell her I'll see her next weekend. That sounds nice doesn't it?
What you say seems reasonable.

Nothing to see here.
This picture inspires sexual fantasies within me.

Also I really should have scrolled up first. My Appologies, I thought I was on the Pedo General Thread. Sorry to go off topic like that. My bad.
I think not being pedo anymore is about as realistic as not being gay anymore. Even some antis have admitted it won't work.

That said, pedos should be given a whole lot more leeway considering it's just how we are and not actually changeable, except to just tell them what they want to hear. I.E. fake it.
There is some resemblance. I think it is her dad. She looks like him, even though she looks several times younger and vastly better.

And does it look somehow like he is being a pedo with her? Somehow it does?
Vols do you maintain any hope of anything even remotely like that ever really happening in your life? I have to keep some hope, even though it is somewhat dim. I do love reading your fantasies about girls here.
yeah, pedophilia is used to wide nowadays. I don't consider men who like teen girls pedophiles. I like girls 5-10 yo. I'm a pedophile.
I've become even more pedo with age. It's a "reputation" that only 50+ men are pedophiles, and while I don't think so, and yet anyway, somehow the plot thinkens... Find peace with it sooner than later.
Open file 256.74 KB, 2000x1324
Nah, everyone knows it's mostly 8-9 year olds who are pedos. :)

People don't use that word for it, but I think they should.

Juxta on Rindexxx
>When I was 12, I liked girls that were 12... and also girls that were 8.
>When I was 16, I liked girls that were 12... and also girls that were 8.
>When I was 18, I liked girls that were 12... and also girls that were 8.
>When I was 21, I liked girls that were 12... and also girls that were 8.
>When I was 30, I liked girls that were 12... and also girls that were 8. <--- I am here
>When I was older, I liked girls that were 12... and also girls that were 8.
>Realization came @16 I guess when I feel head over heels in love with a 12yo. We dated. Openly. Got criticized radically. (PEDO!)
I was 15 when I realized i liked little girls. Watching them show off on the monkey bars in their skirts gave me a throbbing stiffy. I spent the next decade figuring exactly what my tastes were and how deep it ran.
I'm not repulsed by all adult women, but compared to lolis...well, my mind's made up. Could vary person to person, though. Our sexuality isn't something that can be easily changed or turned off.
I agree. Go ask a gay man why he chose to start liking other men, or tell him to just start liking women instead. For pedos they have court-ordered therapy which is often just as useless as trying to pray the gay away. They suggest seeking Asian women and insist that masturbation leads to rape. And I've always been nice to women and girls cuz that's how I was raised, but all along I was really grooming them!?!
Meanwhile, Tommy Robinson may end up doing more time than some of the child rapists he was simply reporting on. Go figure.
I'm not holding my breath waiting for acceptance. To be tolerated like the LGBTQ would be enough. Obviously rape is not love. Anyone who would feel any pleasure by harming or even frightening a child is not a pedo. Slowly but surely people may figure this out.

I've always loved girls under 8 the most. I first realized this when I was 7. Nobody ever had to tell me it was wrong. I knew even at that age. Throughout my teens and 20s I came to accept that I liked girls 5-8 the most with some exceptions. I feel no guilt or shame for simply being who I am.
Open file 326.22 KB, 1800x1200
yup spot on dude
>Tommy Robinson may end up doing more time than some of the child rapists he was simply reporting on.

Tommy Robinson got out. The more you look into it, the girls who were "groomed" were teenage race traitors who wanted drugs and booze. The invaders rape enough actual children that we don't need to shed tears over whores.
Open file 295.78 KB, 1280x960
Very true. I've always loved girls. When I discovered NN it only made me love them even more. There is no praying the pedo away. Just be a good boy and always play nice. Cause no trouble. Glory to Arstotzka.

Yes I just remembered he was due to get out around 9/11 (the same day Tommy Chong got sentenced years ago, oddly enough). Rape and abuse are wrong regardless of the age of the victims or the religious/political beliefs of the abusers. I'm glad Tommy's free again but the fact that people can go to prison just for speaking is terrifying.
>Rape and abuse are wrong regardless of the age of the victims or the religious/political beliefs of the abusers.

You can't rape the willing. These were teenagers who knew what they were getting into. I haven't seen any evidence to the contrary. There is actual rape and then there is "rape" (any contact below the magical age). But, I see how utilizing antipedo hysterics can be useful propaganda against multiculturalism.
You raise a good point. There is actual rape where someone initiates force on somebody else sexually, and then there's the kind where someone is charged for having a sexual partner under the age of 18. I can't stand how men who like high school age girls (spoiler alert: A LOT of guys do, likely more than half) are called pedos. In a perfect world boys and girls would take sex ed and then get some sort of license allowing them to legally consent, regardless of the age of their partners. Whether they do it at 13 or 30 let them decide when they're ready, not the govt.
The girls I like the most are under 9 but I don't think the AOC should be that low. Harmless acts of affection (hugging, kissing, cuddling) should be fine if that's what they want but I will NOT argue that any penetrative act with an adult should be legal. If a girl just wants to get naked and exchange oral or do some shared masturbation let her put that on her sex license application.
Obviously I'm dreaming here but I do think in some cases it could be beneficial for girls (and boys) to have study buddies, possibly older than they are, as long as they're fully aware of what's going on and their parents approve and that they can stop at any moment. We could also look into Dave Chappelle's sex contact to prevent anymore #metoo cases, but somehow I doubt we'll see that or a new law allowing people to chose when they've reached the AOC themselves.
When I'm horny, I think about pedo. I masturbate to pictures of preteen girls 5-10yo, mostly 6-8yo. I'm a pedophile. Otherwise, if I'm not horny, then pedo is more in the back of my mind. If I see a girl I really like, it turns me on, but I can easily be around kids without having a hard-on..
Another good point. Nobody is walking around with a boner looking for kids to molest (well, maybe Joe Biden). Pedos fap at home and when they do go out they've got it under control cuz they've already cleaned the pipes. When I do see cuties in public I just smile and go about my business, knowing I'll have sweet dreams that night.
Open file 28.06 KB, 250x363
Open file 52.36 KB, 968x681
>well, maybe Joe Biden
kinda fucks your little /pol/shit meme narrative doesn't it?
too bad.
Could someone who knows Russian behaviour please explain what's going on here?
It's just Putin being weird, not really something Russians usually do. Alexander Litvinenko who first published those pictures accused Putin of being a pedo. He was assassinated a few months later. Interpret that as you wish
Hey everyone I'm new on the site and want to know how I can be safe as I can and be able to start a collection. Right now I'm using my phone with a VPN and tor browser. What else do I need/should use? Thank you everyone for the info u might provide. I want to find info on this but I'm not gonna search normal means for obvious reasons so I'm here asking everyone what you might be already doing
Exactly (especially about Joe Biden).
>> 2388
If you are here, it is too late to not be a pedo. Welcome aboard.
Open file 173.72 KB, 1050x697
You make it sound as if pretty little girls are the Borg.
"I am La Cutest. Resistance is useless."
Is her necklace photoshopped? :o
Open file 62.77 KB, 1080x1080
>When I was 30, I liked girls that were 12... and also girls that were 8. <--- I am here
Open file 49.21 KB, 1029x1029
Open file 124.52 KB, 750x1125
See a therapist, my theory is that pedos are emotionally stunted individuals. Either you're born with a defective brain that finds children attractive or you're conditioned, it becomes a problem once it mixes with your personality, seeking pics and videos or unintentional staring. Your mind is fucked, you're worse than a faggot because the only ones that accept you are the ones currently suffering from this affliction, there's no real cure only treatments like chemical castration.
You quickly simply start sucking FAT PEDO COCKS and transition to being a little FAGGOT sissy bottom bitch boy slave. Deepthroating a stiff and veiny FAT PEDO COCK even just once will have an inevitable radical impact on your brain. When you will have your first gag reflex while chocking on a FAT PEDO COCK your brain will send sexy waves throughout your body, you will be twitching, leaking precum, moaning like a little sperm slurping sissy FAGGOT and feel an awakening. Your new purpose in life will from then on be pleasuring FAT PEDO COCKS and you will love it. There will be no going back. It will become an obsession but a gratifying one.
self hating pedo.
Open file 469.34 KB, 2048x1259
Hmmm Aimee, might just have a pedofap.
I take it that`s an extract from your psychology PhD dissertation.
LOL thats funny
Probably not but it does look like a girl-love symbol.
>might just have a pedofap

Thats the reason I come here.
Negativism. It will hunt you down before any anti pedo do.
To be a pedophile is underrated. I give it 10/10.
Penis has a mind of its own. It's why you can't fight it. No matter what you force yourself to think about, penis will stand up to be counted.
>Hmmm Aimee, might just have a pedofap

She`s hot going to have one myself :)
I would fill this girls pussy with my cum.

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