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Videos 2 Anonymous 11/02/2019 08:08:48 No. 7560
Open file 8.08 MB, 544x720
Post videos of cute LG's here.

Previous Thread:
Open file 11.41 MB, 720x576
Hidden cam
Looks like mods deleted some of my posts.

I believed I was abiding by the rules, but guess it'll be hit & miss..
Desire (2017) (edit).mp4
Open file 15.76 MB, 1280x720
Recorded off Netflix a few years back
>>7583 Sadly the censorship here is often arbitrary, it seems to depend on which side of bed the Mod got out of that morning, your Valensiya vid was very nice though.
'Cencorship'is not arbitrary. Don't play the fool. Don't be cancer
There are more such actions in this movie? Worth looking for?
Nah, that's the only action, rest of the film is adult softporn movie.
I think too much about impossible things. Like being a time traveling pedo.
So it's no different from Youtube then. Bad enough it's nigh impossible to find goodies here, even this place is falling to the prudes?
It is unpredictable
I posted the full version requested here >>7251, same content as the shorter one, that was allowed up for > week.

After my posting spree, they went back and deleted the short one, too..

It is sometimes >>>/cozy/36464

But, at least we have a place.
The things Hollywood can get away with :)
Open file 16.20 MB, 1920x1080
Open file 18.01 MB, 1920x1080
Everleigh is a qt


hannah had 10/10 face and then she grew up and got her father's masculine features. so sad.
Open file 3.92 MB, 390x368
Open file 6.31 MB, 720x576
Open file 7.98 MB, 720x416
I wish I knew! Just found it in an old PGT, also this cute Nazi video.
>60 fps
tfw no 60 fps
Koreans went ape with the ella gross commercial but they have this on TV?
Open file 294.73 KB, 1696x2544
#7713: This video of Luda is enough to change every male on the planet to pedo...if you do not find her absolutely sexy then you really gotta worry...
Open file 20.59 MB, 1280x720
>Koreans went ape
I'm sure they still are. Despite 95% upvotes and 26M views, the top YT comments are all ranting about child sexualization.
No company has to cave to social media bullying. This is a coalition of entertainment agencies, invested in an international competition for the past ~10 years, and are raking in the views. They won't cave to antis unless their ratings are threatened.
>Despite intense competition in [TV] ratings, the third season managed to rank first in its timeslot for most of its run

I also think there's something powerful about a child who voluntarily comes to prepare and perform something, and sweeps the audience away.
6-year-old Haeun dancing to "Touch My Body" in season 4. watch the Korean women applauding at the end.
Based gook television
lesbian kisses please
I posted 3 and they got deleted. There was no nudity shown, but maybe someone else has some tamer.
>>7760 I think you may be the one that shared the nice Valensiya Candydoll clip too, do you have that entire vid and could you "up" it to an external host sometime. I could probably get it myself if I knew where to look, I scoured the Candydoll forum on Rindexxx but didn't see it there.
Open file 9.50 MB, 1920x648
Open file 17.85 MB, 960x540
Hey, all of Valensiya is here: >>2154 >>2155 >>2156 >>2157
You can download from ZippyShare in Tor without JavaScript: >>4012
But to view the Zippy links, the MirrorCreator site needs JS.
Here's the one you want-

pass: WeLoveCandydoll!
>>7772 Thanks Anon, I wish Husband katie would've included a few no-JS file hosts in that bunch but I finally got it, the no-JS workaround was a bit of a challenge though.
Damn what a shame
Gonna try to research on it to find the name, it looks amazing
oh my lel..........
Open file 22.81 MB, 1280x720
Open file 1.62 MB, 480x360
Open file 2.29 MB, 640x480
stop uploading vids that was in the first thread!
Open file 10.55 KB, 200x200

>dat nazi vid

I saw it on 4chan a few years ago as short gif. What is the context?
you don't recognize that that's Lia Marie Johnson from Kids-Teens react? She used to be a popular youtuber but then she got addicted to drugs and had a mental breakdown on a livestream this year. she is doing better now

anyway this is just a movie about a neo nazi called Shattered Allegiance
Open file 1.66 MB, 1280x720
Open file 5.10 MB, 1280x720
Open file 18.72 MB, 1280x720
I didn't get them from there, so didn't check. I have removed them for you.

Hopefully these 3 are ok.
Open file 24.04 MB, 1920x1080
ironically, this video may be the thing that gets this entire site shut down forever
Yeah mate im gonna need the full version ples
fk that I need little booties
What was it?
Here's a nice one from >>>/cozy/4222

Montage of girls thanking Brenton Tarrant
Open file 4.97 MB, 608x1080
Banho gelado.mp4
Open file 1.03 MB, 360x480
Any twerking hebes?
that's creepy
Was that real??
the most kawaii shit i've ever seen
Open file 21.83 MB, 1920x1080
Open file 12.81 MB, 1920x1080
I believe it was. I read some articles about girls doing that back then, but hadn't seen any of the videos myself.
Open file 16.87 MB, 1920x1080
Open file 7.03 MB, 1920x1080
Open file 19.73 MB, 1920x1080
Mila is so dainty in this
Open file 15.98 MB, 1920x1080
Open file 24.95 MB, 1920x1080
Open file 24.99 MB, 1920x1080
Open file 23.36 MB, 1920x1080
Open file 15.37 MB, 1920x1080
I have tried to avoid the camera zooms. However, p-2.mp4 as shown has a tush.
Open file 20.07 MB, 1920x1080
If anyone wanted 4K, they wouldn't fit. Also, I can't play them.
May you please do us a favor and please stop uploading videos that just has a photo in it and no fucking movement, shit is a waste of space on this topic. If it isn't a video, then don't fuckig upload it at all.
>stop uploading
Hey, there's only one of those in this entire thread: >>7692
It is off-topic and annoying.
But it's not habit here, so I think most of us just ignored it..
Open file 17.33 MB, 406x720
does someone got the video in which a little girl gets really excited about her first shot animal on the hunt?
video #8040 cute blonde...she is so darn cute. many thanks!!!
Savannah's [...].mp4
Open file 11.59 MB, 640x480
I came with her.
Open file 2.59 MB, 640x480
This video makes me want to take off that little girls panties and fuck her.
Don't we all?

This makes me question if I really live in the same universe as this.
Carla Gonzalez.mp4
Open file 19.98 MB, 1280x720
12yo carla
Take me to the river (2015)
rrrrrrrrrrr! you are fucking kidding!!
sorry, >>8227 i meant obviously
Camilly 2013.mp4
Open file 20.59 MB, 406x720
Dansatoare andreea.mp4
Open file 24.99 MB, 608x1080
Ayy got the nicer quality
Thanks bro
Dançarina mirim.mp4
Open file 24.89 MB, 608x1080
Open file 24.96 MB, 1920x1080
Open file 24.90 MB, 608x1080
Open file 24.94 MB, 1280x720
thank you nipsey for the twerking videos

do you have any white ones
Oh to be 12 again. That boy probably has no idea what kinda fun he's missing out on.
Hey Nipsey great to see you here man.
TYVM for the very pretty dancers, Nips
W'd love Chaylla Alax too, but these girls are very nice indeed
where was this girl when i was in elementary school
Open file 11.10 MB, 480x360
Open file 9.78 MB, 720x720
hot funk (nonude).mp4
Open file 24.96 MB, 640x480
posted before
Open file 24.93 MB, 608x1080
Elle danse gros bien.mp4
Open file 22.57 MB, 1280x720
Leticia (12).mp4
Open file 25.00 MB, 608x1080
one of my fav sexy dancers Leticia
swimming around her dad's balls, nigga
Open file 24.92 MB, 1280x720
about the two asian sisters kissing in the 1st video thread post #251.
that's a short comp i put together a while ago from just the nn parts. the series is several vids with noodity.

here are more nn parts that weren't posted in the original video
>Bro'ing this hard
It got deleted because it's CP. Fuck off.
Any more nn stuff?
Open file 2.76 MB, 198x360
I've been waiting for this one to pop up again. This is gold, thanks.
Best job ever please tell me where I can find more loli massage videos.
Open file 5.58 MB, 320x568
found this in the previous thread, any chance for full or more videos of these two ? tia
>>8728 Some non-sexual nipple exposure from "00:01:29" through the last 28-seconds, that shouldn't be a problem though considering the number of uncensored bare-breasted preteens and "Full Monte" lolicons posted in the /cozy/res/40173.html thread.
Anyone have the NEW KIDS ART gymnastics videos in HD? Hard to find now.
I did download the ones in 4K so I could watch on my TV, but I don't think I kept them. I wished I had, the playlist[Embed]

shows that those videos from NKA are now gone, violated tos

Get these videos while you can, before your FTC and COPPA don't allow you to see innocent videos like this anymore

Full vid?
Open file 150.15 KB, 1440x900
full vid was posted and deleted by anna with no reason
>full vid was posted and deleted by anna with no reason
they were rule-breaknig, and one of yours was cp

Please see rules here:
>Both nipples and butts in a non-commercial, non-sexual context are ok. Commercial in this context means NN, for profit nude modeling such as Pure Nudism etc
Here, there is still tolerance. On another page, removed the whole thred, maybe I was a bit too spicy.
So young, barely any breasts yet, already complete whores. Sad.

I suppose the old adage "All women are whores" is true. They all carry the original sin from birth.
>>8930 ya i read that but i didn't think i violated.

these girls are not part of a NN for profit commercial website. it's just two girls live streaming and kissing topless that someone captured and posted.

if i posted a secret star video from starsessions with a topless model that would violate the rules. cause it's commercial NN for profit website. right?

is just a pic of them kissing topless a violation? there are numerous pics on this board with non commercial not for profit topless girls. i still think it's cause it's video.
Open file 24.92 MB, 608x1080
when i die i want to come back as a bicycle seat.

That sucks. Wish could see full vid
Some posts from you were either CP or labelled as NN modelling which was filmed in a studio - the one screenshot (now deleted because it promotes CP) was not your only deleted post. More than one of us have been deleting your posts, so it must be unanimous that they are rule-breaking.

is as pushing-the-envelope as it gets
Open file 55.60 KB, 275x210
>>8938 seriously?

>the one screenshot (now deleted because it promotes CP)
so why isn't >>8501 considered CP?
same girls doing the same thing (kissing) only topless.

>n33djjd.mp4 is as pushing-the-envelope as it gets

only thing unanimous is you seem to have a warped definitions of CP.
nudity is not CP. kissing nude is not CP
the super cute Miao

caution: i'm pushing-the-envelope today. view at your own risk.
Damn.. Sounds like I woke up right on time..
the super cute Miao

caution: i'm pushing-the-envelope today. view at your own risk.
You had to do a lot of editing for those U15 AIDOL vids... I think in attempt to get at the mods.
Anyway, I want to clarify if I can - things I've seen you post were actually excerpts of CP videos or were vids in sexual positions.

The difference in the one you asked about (why it's not cp) and two underage girls in adult situations is the innocence. The one that remains has a certain innocence about it, girls just being plain silly. They are NOT in 'adult' like situations, just being weird, completely oblivious to the fact that people here would like that sort of thing.

I hope this helps.
Ah well
Where can we find the full vid
Most of those are at
It would be nice if posters wrote unique symbol of the video you can search the site with.

Where are the kissing videos
stop posting previous videos.... idiot
What a fucking disgusting thread.
And you are.
Open file 4.17 MB, 1024x576
Open file 2.14 MB, 788x540
Open file 1.90 MB, 540x960
more of Nina please
download (33).mp4
Open file 3.54 MB, 720x1280
download (36).mp4
Open file 1.12 MB, 720x1280
Sarah Duany (15).mp4
Open file 12.69 MB, 640x352
>What a fucking disgusting thread.
i agree. nothing but perverts here.

just do a search of the title. it's available at many sites but the links are pay. need to learn how to premium leach.
Open file 24.82 MB, 1920x1080
love halter tops.
cant really wear a bra with em.
Damn.. right on time again
sexy lolita bust 2.mp4
Open file 24.99 MB, 720x960
this girl new the guy was filming her.
she loved the attention and gave him a show.
show me your tits #3
some scenes from #2 and a bunch more.
edited to remove any touching

should comply with rules as they are just exposed breasts. nothing sexual no touching. but probably get deleted anyway.
get it fast.
Oh yeah, fucking awesome!
Fucking great, hey?
Essas garotas são lindas
Open file 10.36 KB, 350x350
>like that in front of the stove

This'll be my first waifu I think.
Always thought she'd be younger but..wew
I might convert many of these into little gifs, if you don't mind.

These unedited on darkweb?

Need more


>>9546 sorry but no, the recently revised rules here have become suffocating.
More Sarah >>9603
>All the Sarah


@Nipsey: any chance you would know these two and if there's more?

Looking for the 2 Asian girls kissing too. Link?
Do anyone have the video of two girls acting slutty while one of them moaning "you're fucking us"? It was a little gem.
Mari is so sezy for a 8yo...

>sexy for a 8yo

8yo's always sexy bro
I posted edited videos of Showstars mari, Alina Jenny Hanna and Oxi with NO nudity but still great videos and they were taken down so yes there is no consistency just like YouTube where one gets taken down but two others with more nudity stay
Full vid anywhere?
Full vid of 8935?
Sigh, taken down. Nipsey, you're still my god!
From my reading of the rules, clips or pix from porn are verboeten, even if they are NN. CG seems to permit non-sexual nudity (non-genital) which Showstars is not. Sucks, I know, but that's life since Trichan died.
Same ole same ole...
Cute, funny and erotic.
Is there an unedited version, without the loops?
Thanks! anon 143 , do you have the gymnastic competetions by newkidsart?
Open file 160.85 KB, 1125x998
as a long time Hebephile I now own (after paying an enormous amount of money)

It will be hosted in Sweden...

Should be open in a month or so...

@Nipsey... Playground, 144, we know each other, I'll hope to see you there...
anymore of this ? atleast full video maybe?
this one i mean
plz teach how to premium leach
Anyone have that video of a brazilian girl on a hoverboard?
Open file 18.88 MB, 720x1280
This one?
Barbie Girl.mp4
Open file 13.16 MB, 640x360
yeah that's ok but...

I cannot believe no one has posted this all-time great yet...!!!!
After her smile you can see that she knows what it's all associated with.
I know right...
Bella had the most seductive looks to the camera I have ever seen.
Not even to mention the greatest cameltoe ever
Open file 492.27 KB, 1000x1400
She is wonderful. I found myself smiling at myself. Even as an adult woman, she is beautiful, although she could eat less donuts.
Sarah (4).mp4
Open file 9.70 MB, 640x352
Sarah (5).mp4
Open file 11.99 MB, 640x352
Sarah (12).mp4
Open file 13.36 MB, 640x352
Sarah (13).mp4
Open file 6.65 MB, 640x352
Sarah (38).mp4
Open file 9.86 MB, 352x640
>I might convert many of these into little gifs
knock yourself out brother. but they will get deleted.
boobs are not allowed here despite what the rules say.
available on clear web mrvine, jbcaps, dozens of sites.

more Sarah

don't know of any more.

two versions on aiw.

only clip i have of her.

>>9952 >>10123
not my edit. all i have.
got it at thecandidzone.

why do the Sarah vids aspect ratio display the wrong way on first four?
they all 352x640. not 640x352
if they don't work someone say something and i'll try to fix it.
last clip i can post from Koak sisters.
everything that can be posted has.
the topless kissing gets deleted even though it doesn't break the rules. a bare breast not being touched by anyone is considered Child Porn here.
>despite what the rules say
Please read the rules again and try to understand them this time
Open file 26.13 MB, 1920x1080
water jet massage
one jet hits that belly
one jet hits that light switch on and off

60% chance of deletion.
get it while you can
what did i miss on the kissing vids?

what about the other kissing vids still here?
>60% chance of deletion
Stop posting stuff you think will get deleted or you will be banned.

Lesbian videos from softcore studios such as Fantasia or Showstars are not allowed. I think the rule banning cp should be pretty clear but I guess not smh.
Edited last time on 12/01/2019 17:52:03.
Open file 36.79 MB, 1920x1080
>Lesbian videos from softcore studios such as Fantasia or Showstars are not allowed.
thanks for the clarification.
didn't know those studios were considered softcore.

>Stop posting stuff you think will get deleted or you will be banned
i don't think anything i posted should've been deleted.
not trying to make work for the mods. just trying to understand the rules.
i believe this clip fits the parameters.
btw banning doesn't work when you permit tor, vpn, proxy, etc.

last clip today.
more water jet massage.
Open file 414.98 KB, 2500x1666
will be banned
Where are these from
Thank you so much for these twerking videos Nipsey, these are absolutely the best! please don't hesitate to share more!
Where the hell are these videos taking place at? it seems like no one even cares that these girls are wearing skimpy clothing and dancing so sexily and that it's even encouraged. as we can see, some of them even take place in public around other adults and they don't even bat an eye! it's like an LG heaven
Anyone have the link to Bella wearing those sexy blue shorts, colered striped socks bouncing on a silver or grey ball. Maybe an extended video. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
tis a gift.gif
Open file 7.99 MB, 600x248
Oh look.
Early xmas
I've seen ya before Nipsey lol on the Chan's I sure do love them Brazilian videos ya be uploading. I know ya got naked videos too😂😂😂😂
In the last video uploaded with the bitch in the pool, did you hear that fart? That butthole was wet😂😂😂😂😂
Open file 1.53 MB, 1800x1200

Is this the one?
VIP Bella07
Da eto ona

bella... what a beauty...
I'm looking for a Japanese Idol (?) video of a girl riding a massage machine, or something similar
Not sure what type of machine it was, but it was nice
>>10593 How to get to those websites?
Just give me one minute with her
Open file 30.41 MB, 1280x720
toe ahoy
Anyone remember Miss Polina
...believe it or not, what got them removed (one of the times) was asking for donations for vids like this
…and because our file size limit is larger
Credit to both the Russian Federation as well as Czech Republic
Yesss. Thats the one. Found it in a thread here. Simply delicious.
Do you have the rest of the polina videos, in particular the one where she tries on the gym shoes?
>Do you have the rest of the polina videos, in particular the one where she tries on the gym shoes?
I didn't save them all. Those channels constantly changing, I wished I had. I don't recall gym shoes. I do have one more but it's a bit too big and only has 1 'good' scene.
All glory and merit to the genius who reedited the soundtrack into a perfect match, and to that other who saved this masterpiece from extinction using vk.
How I see good videos
>How I see good videos
I would try some new glasses tbh.

She really sells those leotards!
That dance wear makes her too sexy not to pound.
She is seriously sexy
*moderator edit*
no models that contain any nudity whatsoever
See Global Rules
>Both nipples and butts in a non-commercial, non-sexual context are ok. Commercial in this context means NN for profit
Edited last time on 12/05/2019 05:50:11.
Great to see more of LauraB

Laura B is a huge pedo maker. Her videos should come with a warning.
Like a disclaimer.
LOL! The Nipsey edition.
>Laura B is a huge pedo maker
As if.... there is literally a million of equal or greater hotness out there ... even if they haven't been discovered yet --- al off which could easily be classified 'pedo maker'
>>11044 What other CandyDoll girl has video like this? I never knew existed.
better thumb for video No2
Open file 5.53 MB, 960x540
>What other CandyDoll girl has video like this?
All of them
>>11061 All have slips? Please post more slips.
>Please post more slips
I'll post within the rules, thank you... Here's a couple more quick edits of CDTV cuties, one in particular that is waaayyy cuter than Laura B
Edited last time on 12/05/2019 05:53:47.
No they don't. That studio never have slips. That's a rare one. Thanx Nips.
>That studio never have slips.
I wasn't referring to the 'slips' - That was largely against the rules and he's been warned by the Board Owner and Global Moderator numerous times.

I was referring to the post that claims Laura B is a 'pedo maker'
More Please :O

I am largely hebe. but laura b makes me cross to the pedo side.
deleted bae.jpg
Open file 86.61 KB, 529x935
Fk me I missed somethin good from Laura BubbleButt B

Ah well, least I was able to snag the other vid of this girl from the previous thread
pass: LittleGirlHeaven
Plsss moaaar
More more More
Mais vídeos dá mc bioneca
Hanna F-19.mp4
Open file 12.55 MB, 852x480
a random CDTV that happened to be in the correct format already for this site
Fuck ya thnx for the Hanna upload
Since that one was liked, here's a few more
BellaK07 VIP.mp4
Open file 48.94 MB, 960x540
Ayy bringin the thiccness
BellaK knows what she wants
Ei tem vídeos dá dudinha 8484 em dela e show viu
Open file 1.24 MB, 1536x2048
Tem dá dudinha Martins 8484 em
Nipsey where's the video of flashing
Nipsey go look at lolifox!
What a the password for video
Open file 7.91 MB, 1920x1080
11414 what's the password ???


Tons more videos at
Kissing Asian girls??
Vcs não tem vídeos de ninas trepando na e
#1 was posted a few months ago but disappeared, maybe during the rollback.
So glad you saved this! Could you upload in better quality please?
Do you have fullvid of the bottom one
Such a little tease. Wonder if there's any microseconds we catch a glimpse of her delicious cheeks. Anyone investiagted?

derp. found it.
>>11286 thanks for that. didn't know they were back.
Zippyshare not letting me download. Help?
>>8782 is there a full video to this?
>>11901 ei gente vcs não coloca mais vídeos de meninas nua não é
anyone got moar of her?? >>806
Vcs não tem mais vídeos de meninas dançar fank não é gente
Open file 21.67 MB, 406x720
Vídeos de meninas negrinhas
Mas vídeos
Open file 276.41 KB, 972x1296

literally 90% of men's dream girl.
Open file 24.43 MB, 1920x1080


Pretty sure that's Carol and Fernanda.
Goldmine of a post on Kohlchan.
For those who like cinematic lolis.
Open file 38.44 MB, 1280x720
Open file 38.44 MB, 1280x720
bro re-up
moe typo.mp4
Open file 38.44 MB, 1280x720
Open file 697.17 KB, 1280x720
Open file 814.41 KB, 1280x720
Open file 823.45 KB, 1280x720
Anymore of her?!
If it were a gold mine, then it wouldn't show legs less than I can find with War Room. The only one that's of any interest is the one with Raffey Cassidy. Why even have pedo sites if they're not even going to try to narrow down the girls' stuff to the useful parts?
ffs you can find a higher percentage of useful content from Dream Studios' new sites
Open file 24.47 MB, 1280x720
Open file 32.34 MB, 1280x720
Open file 2.54 MB, 1280x720
Open file 2.19 MB, 1280x720
Open file 1.77 MB, 1280x720
funny & sweet
Anyone out there who can help me i'll help everyone on this page please reply
I have access to some real shit but I can't get to it it's a link 2 144 the page that went down but the links are still good you in or no

they went orion no?

also im searchin for a good link grabber
12 de fevereiro [...].mp4
Open file 15.10 MB, 1080x1920
1491 videos saved, not one topless... what's the youtube come to when a bloke can't sit and watch some russian lolis

Thanks though, still a great collection. Stay safe, many people who make these playlist get removed from YT. I used to visit a few YT channels just like you, one inparticular has zombie in the name, he refused to go down but finally did.

Try this one:
(don't get it removed please)

not the right place to talk about that, youse, for one this is video thread and two I don't think you'll find a page that actually works as they had come here to tell us it's finally over after a good fight.
See >>9050
I personally don't dig through spammy ads, and would not advise anyone to do so.

>saved yt quality content
best is mp4 format or webm, no bigger 50MB
>(don't get it removed please)
It's usually not a good idea to post Youtube links. They will get removed. I'm sure we have plenty of people browsing who will report every vid posted here. Playlists make it super convenient for someone to do some mass reporting
The vast majority are way too young and I wouldn't miss them, I can't even tell whether they'll be attractive when they're the right age. The reason I started telling people not to talk about the girls in the first place was because I saw what girls like makeupbymandy24, missbethanybaby and elenanicole07 were becoming, and the community was (and still is) mentally ill and believes that the girls appreciate their attention and the girls don't react this way instead like I've been saying all along . The girls purposefully cover up to avoid that attention, but all the newfags think they're doing it for them and they keep flooding in and sharing the girls' accounts. That's not even counting what the antis do, but unless they backraid the girls (I haven't seen that for a long time) they're hardly anything relative to unwanted male attention.
Much the same thing can be said about the retards that "molest" a girl and not even dig out a dungeon for them or anything. The vast majority of the content on these sites is representative of unrealistic expectations from girls. The only thing that separates underage from adult is less fat and wrinkles, and either way, they're still going to hate getting fucked, and they're definitely not going to be interested in the boring non-fucking behavior alluded to on these sites.
So FukkenSaved, the difference in the degree of development of the genitals is irrelevant to vaginal intercourse?
I have access to an HTML link from 144 but I can't access any of the videos if you can help me I can help you get me access to these videos I'll help you with the link scratch my back I'll scratch yours
Take no notice of him. He`s off his rocker ranting on for years now. (Can be profound at times though tbh)
Hey can help me
shes gonna catch this dick if shes not careful
Hey can you help me

Come to 8 channel .net pedo board everyone is anon, no tripfag jerks.

I didn’t consider being removed by YT for sharing my playlist. At one time I had a public playlist called “[email protected]” and was getting subs to my channel on the daily (obviously lg lovers), lasted 4 or 5 months before being booted. If you could remove that link from your post when you get a chance. I’d like to preserve my hard work. Thx
Holy shit, goldmine!
Open file 37.31 MB, 1280x720
Open file 8.18 MB, 608x1080
Thanks for removing my dumb dupes.

Here is another of gorgeous girl.
yea candyhub .ga too

Bitch this is cp too dumbass

Dude thank you so much for uploading this. I lost this video in a previous hard drive crash. Any source for it? Any more videos of this particular girl? Would really appreciate it

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