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Anonymous 08/11/2019 08:21:40 No. 337
Open file 480.00 B, 128x128
When browsing the site randomly stops working stating secure connection fail, hop web browsers and it's fine. wtf is happening
Open file 11.13 KB, 500x333
..... and why has this site become so slow lately, I feel as though I've been transported back to the dial-up days!
You don't happen to have the exact error message?

Not entirely sure. The site has been under very heavy load the last couple days. Feels like we're being ddosed but I don't see anything obvious in any logs. I put the site on Cloudflare as a test and it does seem that it's quite a bit faster now
Open file 76.54 KB, 648x646
Fix site pls.
so slow..
is kill.
>>340 I also noticed that many good posts from 8-11 to 8-17 disappeared when the new server failed, were those irretrievably lost or will they eventually be restored?
Open file 17.33 KB, 977x375
Sorry for taking forever, this is the error. When I change web browsers when this happens one works while the other continues to work. Every web browser eventually gives a secure connection error though. It typically happens when I try to open a video
I am able to open a few videos before then though, and the site goes back to normal temporarily after a few minutes.
Unfortunately the posts are gone

That is strange. I can't reproduce the error on my browsers. Are you using the same VPN on all?
NordVPN desktop app
Just so you know...., today's "fix" did, in fact, break the (You)'s---lol.
They don't work or show-up anymore by themselves if you have the thread set to "Auto Update".
The (You)'s only appear now if you physically/manually refresh/reload (Ctrl+R) the thread page each time there is a new post.
Ooopsie...., noble effort, though.
>It typically happens when I try to open a video
Today I noticed that some videos here cause Chrome to give an ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR and stop loading the site until I flush the sockets. Clicking the vid causes it every time. I wonder if the issues are related. I'll have to do some further research

Oh, I missed this post but I think I fixed it already

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