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How to Make A Proper /pgt/ For Dummies (Part 1)...... Roo#Kanga2y.iI 09/12/2019 06:16:22 No. 389
Open file 39.89 KB, 852x480
Open file 59.82 KB, 308x308
Or...., How to NOT trigger Roo's OCD & autism with a malformed /pgt/---lol.

The purpose of this is to give the board staff here a break from the burden of have to create new /pgt/'s & to provide a convenient, easy to use template for making a proper /pgt/ that is pre-formatted (boldface, spacing, etc.) for CutieGarden/Lynxchan & which can, essentially, simply be copy/pasted into the New Thread creation postbox, as is, while only needing to edit/change a couple of items before you post.
From now on, no users here can say "I don't know how" or "I'm afraid I'll fuck it up"...., all you can say is "I'm lazy & don't feel like it".

1. Always wait until the existing current /pgt/ reaches at least 500 posts before actually posting a new one...., but you can & should prepare shortly beforehand.
2. The OP of any new /pgt/, as well as the 'New Thread' post at the end of the current/previous /pgt/, should always be posted as "Anonymous"....., so, be sure to clear the New Thread creation postbox 'Name' field before posting anything if you are usually a namefag/tripfag.

Some of what follows here is intentionally written for newbies, so many of you can just skip straight down to the copypasta template in Part 2...., but here we go---
1. Decide on an appropriate theme/topic that you want to use.
2. Pick 2-5 theme-related images/videos to use for the new /pgt/ OP...., using 3 or 4 files usually works best (depending on their dimensions/orientations) for looking nice & clean on the main board index page.
3. Pick 1 theme-related image to use for the 'New Thread' post at the end of the current/previous /pgt/.
4. Pick at least 1 theme-related 'Thread Song' to use for the new /pgt/ OP...., YouTube search is an easy source, or you can upload your own MP3 or video to someplace like or any other decent filehost which allows you to directly hotlink to it.
In addition to the 'Thread Song', you can also add a 'Thread Video' to the template below (using the same formatting shown & double-spaced down from the 'Thread Song') if you so desire, but don't go link crazy in the new /pgt/ OP...., that will fuck up its appearance on the main board index page.

(Continued in Part 2 because 4096 character limit)
Open file 923.72 KB, 1152x769
Open file 755.71 KB, 800x1200

Now you are ready to create the new /pgt/...., copy & paste the following ('code' text), as is, into the appropriate New Thread creation postbox fields:

1. Name:
(Or blank)

2. Subject:
/pgt/ - Pedo General Thread

3. Comment:
'''[___Insert Theme/Topic___]''' Edition

> No CP
> Friendly Discussion
> Occasional Autism
> No Spam
> [___Insert Clever/Ironic Theme-Related Rule (Optional)___]

'''Thread Song:'''
[___Insert SSL Link to Thread Song___]

'''Previous Thread:'''
>>[___Insert Post Number of Current/Previous /pgt/___]

4. Being careful to leave all of the formatting tags, such as the triple quotes, in place...., edit the the 'Comment' field that you just pasted by replacing only the bracketed ([__]) sections with the applicable corresponding text as is indicated.
Also remove the brackets themselves, obviously.

5. Add the files that you chose earlier (Preparation Step #2 above) for the OP & post your new /pgt/ thread...., be sure to take note of the post number from the new /pgt/'s OP, as you will need it in the next step.

6. Return to the existing current/previous (now extinct) /pgt/ & make an Anonymous post with the image that you chose earlier (Preparation Step #3 above) & using the following template for the 'Comment' field in the same manner described in Step #4 above:
>>[___Insert Post Number of NEW /pgt/___]
>>[___Insert Post Number of NEW /pgt/___]
>>[___Insert Post Number of NEW /pgt/___]
>>[___Insert Post Number of NEW /pgt/___]

7. (Optional) Maybe be a nice person by using the report button to privately & politely inform the based board staff here that they now need to lock the old, extinct /pgt/ because there is a new one...., so that the old thread does not start to get abused by antis posting CP trying to get us shut down or get abused by spammers, because that happens sometimes, we all need to participate in keeping this site alive & our staff cannot humanly be aware of everything that happens every minute without our help, no matter how diligent they are.

There...., now everyone can fairly easily make a proper, new /pgt/ anytime & can't say they don't know how anymore.
/Roo Autism
didnt read
>How to Make A Proper /pgt/ For Dummies

aka Reasons Why No One Should EVER Attempt To Start A /pgt/ Thread Due To Severe Complexity Involved
jesus christ
The /pgt/ format from libre is the only contribution I've made to the pedo community and I'm proud UwU
>from libre

It started on 8chan.
No, it was the official pedo thread there
Same format, different name.
The format wasn't even similar to this one one but ok
>no cp
>friendly discussion
>occasional autism
>thread song

All this literally began on 8chan. Your memory must be scrambled.

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