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Anonymous 06/18/2019 22:05:19 No. 80
Open file 54.25 KB, 1019x1073
Why does the site keep going offline so much?
A better question is why is it ever coming back online.
Because it's gorgeous, hypocrite. The real question is why the normal net is not full of this stuff, almost everyone would be into it, as much as anything else (even if they don't know it yet), plus a bunch of hypocrites.
well the thing is, the net IS full of this stuff, but majority of pedos don't need sites like this to find it
Open file 106.30 KB, 511x511
When you start a new imageboard, it does not work properly right off the bat, vichan and lynx far from perfect. It has to be tweaked, modified, configured and fix. Much of the features are literally broken, as many of you may have experienced. Which can take a lot of time because of the complexity of the engine; and problems arise that were not previously known. It just takes time. >_<

This is a normal process for new imageboards and actually the rate at which it comes back online is not that bad.
Have you guys ever heard of a test bench?

You can literally make a local one on your own PC or buy a droplet from digitalocean etc...

Then you only need to keep the site offline for the duration of patching of the engine files..
The longer outages have not been because of updates. Changing the engine code only takes the server offline for a couple seconds.
Whats going on them?
Nothing anymore. We had issues with Lynxchan workers crashing every 50-100k downloads. It was caused by lack of error handling in the Lynx engine. I made a quick fix last week and we've been running without issues for the last 5 or so days now
tolles mädchen, in der wär ich gern mal

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