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Hosting Anonymous 06/20/2019 03:17:00 No. 86
Open file 367.38 KB, 800x450
Hello! HVC from Libreland here. I was wondering if you could refer me to wherever you're getting your hosting, because it looks like we've been kicked off another host. It would be really helpful. If you don't want to post it public ally in fear of reports then just email me at
[email protected]
And yes, I know its Quasi Network, but I'm not sure where I can actually buy that.
ecatel rebranded to novogara at some point

also there's a few vps reseller

just google
Open file 47.17 KB, 1257x386
Has anyone tested out the content policy of LibertyVPS? Are they legitimate?
looking at a forum post from 2013-2015 they resell ecatel servers and reply to bad costumer experiences with the following "If you like to trash our sales go ahead" instead of helping and offering a solution

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